'Good Guy' Congressman Caught Kissing Apologizes

Rep. Vance McAllister, R-La., says he's "very sorry" after being caught kissing a woman who was not his wife.
1:30 | 04/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Good Guy' Congressman Caught Kissing Apologizes
A family values congressman is speaking out after being caught on camera kissing one of his staffers. So, what is he saying now to his wife, his children and his constituents? I'm Vance Mcallister, business owner, family man and proud son of this community. Now this republican from Louisiana will add politician embroiled in scandal to the list. A married father. He was caught on surveillance video in his very first year inside his congressional office kissing a married staffer. Vance Mcallister emphasized his Christian values when running for office. I believe Louisiana values, faith, family, hard work are sorely missed in D.C. He promised voters could count on him. If you will trust me with your vote you can count on me to take the values to Washington, defend the Christian way of life, and be back here every Sunday to do the dishes. Sitting down with ak Mcallister, promised not to lose soogt of his values. I've had a dollar for every time they said you are a good guy. Don't let them chap J change you. The congressman is determined to run for re-election. Stating. There is no doubt I have fallen short. I am asking for forgiveness. As for the woman caught on tape with him. She resigned.

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{"id":23250648,"title":"'Good Guy' Congressman Caught Kissing Apologizes","duration":"1:30","description":"Rep. Vance McAllister, R-La., says he's \"very sorry\" after being caught kissing a woman who was not his wife.","url":"/Nightline/video/good-guy-congressman-caught-kissing-apologizes-23250648","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}