Grandmother after Trump commutes life sentence: 'This is a miracle day'

Alice Johnson spent 22 years in prison for a non-violent drug offense and was freed after Kim Kardashian West met with President Trump to advocate for a pardon on her behalf.
7:14 | 06/08/18

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Transcript for Grandmother after Trump commutes life sentence: 'This is a miracle day'
It's a ion more tn two cades in T making. Now mad whole. We gave never up! Never! Thank you Jesus! Eporter: 63-year-old Alice Marie john, grandmoer of six, sentenced toe iison withouparole. I'm feel nothing hands, ING on me. I'm free to hug my family. Eporter: She was convicted of money lauing and trficking in cocaine. Yesterda presidentrump federal pr I want to T presi Donald John trump. For giving me anoer chance at life.and storing me T my MI. Reporter: These are her first moments of F I nearly 22 S tst time she's been home. Marked love and embraces from family old and new. Scene O pure joy. Someg have seemed ssntil October last year when reality star K kardhian west this tweet with O 6 million herfollowers. This is ur, it read. Referrg this video, Alice sharintory behind bars, eated by theublication E." I'll never forget this. They told me that visit in prison is lik coming to visit a gravesite. I kne it was heartbreaking, my mouth and jaw were the floor when I first saw her K. I never predicted what W happen next. Reporter: After Jake Horowitz at E" hea Alice share her Y, he says he kn I could help illustrate a bigger problem. The purse of the story was hi light O a woman who has a heartbreaking story, but so shed lig a deeper sue, criminal justice reform. It's like an unexec sentence of death. Repr:ike created of Alice wvil, seen over 4 million times, incling Kim Kardashian west, whournednto jns's biggest supporter, hiring her own leg team to at ic se. Genuinely for month king behind the scenes to get Alice hnson released. Rte kardhian's determination bringing her to the O of the moment captured pho was surreal. A validatn of the amount of work Kim Kian west done. Reporter: Kardashian after her meeittrump. I really strongly believe that she iseone that has cotely rehabilitated herself. Eporter: And then Wednesday, the announcement comes. I mean, it C as a surprise to all of us. Eporter: Kardashian herself deliver the news tojohnson, describing the moment T CNN's van Jones. We C maybe on P for like three minutes right. LI eveone was just crying. Reporter:he preside chiming in this morning. Good luck to Alice Johnson, have a wonderfu life. Buven in th worlds of Hollywood andpohe response te to Alice's can enigma. Normall pardons take years tough the system. For president trump to take the meetinie jest T information, issue the pardon, for H to be released within a Cole of weeks, it has no precedentodern times. Reporter: It's not the F time president trump haslexed his presidential clemenc muscle. Last year trump pard rsial Sheff Joe arpa convicted of criminal coempt of court. He's nowunhe U.S. Sena Today as president I've issued an executive grant of clemency, a full Pardo posthumously, toohn art Jack Johnson - reporter:ate last month he pardoned the late Jack Johnson, former heavyweight boxing after a believe from advice store Stallone Tis iortant to my friend of a long time, S- People in positns of power have learned how to speak tr use the right combination of flatterynd celebri T inside his Gerald R. Ford -- Reporter: The power oth pardon isn't something prenhied away from using the past. -- Do GNT a full, free, and absolute pardon Oun T ric Nixon -- Presidentave used to this settleitical scores, toed is in messages, to do what I think founding fathers intended I to do, to correct individual instances of injustice in the system. Reporter: President Obama ted more than 1,700 stiff sentences, most for nonviolent drug crimes. President trump Haken a harder approach to those cr. When you catch a drug dealer, you got to put them away for a long time. Ter: In fact, is just last year thator general Jeff sessions rolled an Obama policy thatould have eased palties for nonviolent drug violaon like Johnson' noestrump's actions Johnson's case, surprisin se as diversions from policy. At someoi we're going to have to figure out exactly what this ministration'sosition O drug crimes and the sentences thathould be applicable Reporter: Before Alice's story caught the attention the world media, her case was just one of many takenn by themecan civil liberties N. Wn I talked to Alice, I knew instantlyhis wasomebody who did not belong prison. Reporter: For five years, Jennifer turner was one of th aclu's representatives on Alice's ca Ultimately we thought Alice going to die behind bars, til kimardashian stepped in. And said you know, what can I do T he epter: Despite the emoempathy, Alice's case is N thenly one. Jennifer H hundr of others who mayever have a celebrity dorsement. So here's alice'sle. She's just one of hundreds of people whose files W have are serving life without pole fo nonviolent fenses. Reporr: Jennifer says aclu's research shows that there are M than 3,200 people serving life witho possibility paroleor nonviolent ns near 80% of whom are drug-related . I hope that presi T is really bitten by T bug and I hope that he looks at other people like a W deserve a chance at life and should be reunited with their lies. Reporter: While so many other people like H spend another nightprison, Alice Marie Jon is living life as a free woman. Thankf while also sending the white house a message. I'dike to tell him that, please, please remrus, the others whoavn lt behi became there I so many. Were once counted by the minute I arison cell, now seem limitless. ??? I just can't give up now ??? order: A grandmother grant grace, form song says Y words. ???Obodyol me the road would be easy ???

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{"duration":"7:14","description":"Alice Johnson spent 22 years in prison for a non-violent drug offense and was freed after Kim Kardashian West met with President Trump to advocate for a pardon on her behalf.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"55741649","title":"Grandmother after Trump commutes life sentence: 'This is a miracle day'","url":"/Nightline/video/grandmother-trump-commutes-life-sentence-miracle-day-55741649"}