Greek Island a Fountain of Youth

Residents of Ikaria are healthier and live longer than the rest of us -- so what's their secret?
9:16 | 07/27/13

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Transcript for Greek Island a Fountain of Youth
What if there was a place an idyllic island where residents don't cartoons don't take any sort of special pills are -- fad diets. And get a live longer and have a quality of life. Many far younger souls could only -- Certainly Hartley and fountain youths outside of college here movies. But then again it may also be hard to believe what -- Nightline co anchor Bill -- actually found. When he traveled to an amazing place in the AG -- C. We think of the good life -- -- Greek island. You might picture -- -- -- Hamels on the sand. We're live behind his -- the leading -- -- you. I told you there isn't another Greek island few people know about. Where -- party long pass tomorrow and well into their nineties. Place where they -- amazing food. Washing down home in Warren. And make love without the help put any little Blue Hills. Two times a week. That's impressive. -- -- placed Israel and it is cold because you. Point five mile stretch of mountains surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. And -- around 8000 already sold many of whom refuse to say where she many. Simply. -- -- But it's better. -- -- -- Dan -- here -- -- fellow with National Geographic and an expert on so called blue zones. Places like Okinawa Japan. Sardinia Italy places where people managed to outlive the rest of us by ten years or more this silent had ten times more siblings over ninety than anyplace else in the world. How many grapevine -- have when he first began investigating this place -- -- a guy named still might just more guidance and Korean who moved to the states as a young man. And stayed until age 66 when he was diagnosed with cancer. Given just a few months to live -- might this move back home planted a garden and waited -- die. Well. But -- -- it never came and 36 years later after he'd outlive all of his doctors he passed peacefully. -- -- You don't want to live 200 at the last twenty years your life you're disabled. In a -- here they -- a very long time. They tended died peacefully in their sleep. And occasionally after sacks they also have all their mental faculties in place Americans will spend about half a trillion dollars a year. By 2015 on dementia and here they have only a small traces of -- So in other words of living a long time in -- -- to the end are going hand in hand. So what's their secret here and can we steal it well it turns out that finding theories. This is -- -- -- spunky seniors. Like Evangeline. What is your secret. Video -- That's what it is you've got a friend upstairs. She's 97 years old -- yeah. And has the grip of a teenager when when you come to New York City dominant figure out the some nightclub. When she's not cleaning her old house. Yelling at -- -- lady she's playing the man -- and -- though apparently neither on demand. She didn't even. We try to trick -- into singing a few bars but she's -- The. But you're going to be -- -- -- And there is Constantine -- a century old and still shown up for work every day. Became helps with the wooden leg he lost the real -- fighting in World War II. And his secret -- home brew. So I'm not allowed to drink the entire bottle wine at one. Blinded -- wisdom. -- -- -- old. Greek. You still work. The stop. Let's say -- this Demetrius is just a baby at 78 but dwell on his way so what is this secrets. Terrific idea what. One you know -- yeah. You -- it. And living forever means giving up other vices meet -- -- Hundred years old. And a pack a day smoker and a better watch today and attention ladies. He is looking for love. I'll hold. You want to act like. Six it. You cradle robber. Until becomes obvious that these are people who maximize. Social engagement. And minimize stress the best way to do that. Is the throw away the clock. They have a very strange. Routine they intend to wake up late the work in the morning eat lunch but one -- -- taken now and in this summer. People stay up to 2:3 in the morning. That's my kind of dictated the rhythm. You get behind this schedule. What Ben Franklin came up -- -- early to bed early to rise. Obviously never been in Korea or -- guys like Greek chorus on some nights he'll be on the prowl until early morning. -- -- they were dancing naked. That otherwise done. What happens if you're good with its eight. I -- party and you. But be careful what you wish -- C -- Korea. Is named after a chorus remember the guy Greek mythology who flew too close and so -- crashed into the scene. Story blames -- -- wings but after an impromptu invitation from these kind strangers. I begin to suspect that's up to do with the local -- And that wind. -- -- -- That is not your typical bottle -- -- love that stuff is like fifteen -- now you can remove paint with. They very rarely. Drink wine by itself it's always. Consumed with a little bit of food it's consistent with France it's not something you come home after work and -- a couple glasses nobody -- -- alone. The rest of their diet is typical Mediterranean goodness fish and nuts and fruits a little -- they start every day with a big -- -- of -- -- flavored honey. To coat the digested track and they drink gallons of local herbal tea and natural diuretic which keeps inflammation. And there must be some -- aphrodisiac. In there do you give your -- for kids. -- Options -- -- girl. And despite the severe terrain there are no escalators -- -- wheelchair lanes shuttle buses mr. -- People move to live. And vice Versa. Our grandparents -- about five times as many calories in non exercise physical activity here these people move mindlessly. They burned 1000 calories and -- just doing everyday chores needing breads and gardening walking to their friends house I think that's a big secret for America. Nobody here tried to live to hundreds it and go on the -- diet they didn't try to exercise that way to help join a gym. Right take a supplement. It happened it was a result of their environments. When it comes to mental health. Here's another huge key old folks are treasured in this society the idea that they would. Warehouse -- seniors is is a vial -- yes. -- the idea of -- Your aging parent in a retirement home would bring shame to the family. There are seen as repository of wisdom. -- help with child care they help with the garden they feel like there. This -- sense of purpose they're not just told well you've worked for forty or fifty years and now. You know go down to Florida and retire all we know for sure is that people are living. Eight to ten years longer without dementia. They do so without depression without heart disease and cancer be killers in America they don't have any special genes there's some combination. Between the way they live. And their environment. That is -- extraordinary longevity. You're just getting stronger and stronger but if even Angelina gets her way scientists and reporters at least governed by her house for years to us. The secret to long and happy life. Yeah. It's. -- -- -- -- -- -- He secretly -- elements.

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{"duration":"9:16","description":"Residents of Ikaria are healthier and live longer than the rest of us -- so what's their secret?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19789935","title":"Greek Island a Fountain of Youth","url":"/Nightline/video/greek-island-fountain-youth-19789935"}