Guatemalan toddler who died after ICE detention subject of $60 million legal claim

Mariee Juarez's mother alleges the medical care she received at the Texas detention facility was "woefully inadequate, neglectful, and substandard."
8:24 | 12/13/18

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Transcript for Guatemalan toddler who died after ICE detention subject of $60 million legal claim
Table that curiosity. Everything in the world which you were little muddied Flores. It's gone. Me yet had many chances for her me choose my whole life. And she was born she was really beautifully and then she got older she inherited some aren't. Monday it was not even two years old. When her mother does mean made a decision that would change both their lives. To flee the dangerous impoverished Guatemalan city where she says she lived in fear of an abusive husband. Yet they are wrong if you thought the medicine I would ask her to forgive me Sonya I would say it her all you don't disservice. Your left is gonna change. In search of a better life he has been decided she would seek asylum in the United States. Enjoyed the tens of thousands of men women and children taking that dangerous journey north. And you know what their risk for her but I would tell myself. She's not the only one many children have crossed under the same conditions and air okay. Yes mean in my DA made the 15100 mile journey from wall mall look through Mexico any legally cross the Texas were safely. Only to face tragedy in the country she thought was her Finley salvation. What happened to them which shyness dark light on what critics say he's an overstressed system of medical care if immigration detention centers. Fourth Stanley detention means more vulnerable children in the same. Dangerous system. Upon crossing the Rio Grande on March 1 of this year yes Nina muddy ye were immediately detained by Border Patrol. And days later. Transfer to a failing detention center in dealing Texas. Talking about Marreese health at this point I would open my kids partying and she was normal she was happy. She was fleeing militants in her group. Medical records obtained by ABC news showed there was no indication that might he was sick when she entered the facility. But that all changed within days. Gotta look on opening day me I would touch her forehead and it was hot. Yea I felt she was coughing too much. There were so many people there so many sick kid it's me. Yeah has been too muddy aid to the facility's clinic where staff and medical care is provided by ice immigration and customs enforcement health services. A physician's assistant diagnosed the toddler with the upper respiratory infection prescribed Tylenol and honey packs and told does mean to follow up. In six months. The next Dave muddies temperature spiked to 100 Puerto Greece more coffee congestion and no diarrhea and comedy. There's been took her doomed daughter back to the clinic this time another physician's assistant. Diagnosed with an ear infection and broad Q lightest prescribing an antibiotic and fever reduce stores. Did you ever see a doctor at this point not now rule. You think dating care that your child was sick. Deputies I think that there was so many people there that it was hard for them to make time to see this little girl when that little blame. Him. Money is examined three more times and only once by a doctor but according to yeah as means of legal complaint but he keeps getting sicker. Yeah has been says she was making clinic's staff to take muggy to the hospital. But asking to be deported so she could take her daughter to law hospital backing Guatemala. You were so worried about your daughter who asked to be deported and a half hour. Reporters but the answer they gave means that I should wait on March 23 yeah as being got some good news according to her legal claim. A nurse told her that much it would see a doctor the next morning. But that never happened it. Instead they personally notify the or been released from detention to be sent to New Jersey to reunite with his means mother. A decision medical experts we spoke to say was inappropriate without a medical exam for clearance to travel. Nobody told you don't get on that airplane with your daughter Marla nobody nobody nobody nobody was there for us. It was a grueling nineteen hour troubled king yeah has been says along the way muddy it was listless and vomiting and when they arrived in New Jersey muddy it was finally taken to a hospital. Olivia we'll see your Federer and I ask god for forgiveness. For everything they did for having brought my DA here and begged him with my whole heart and I said tell me what to do when and will do it. So long as he saved my daughter money. But the respiratory infection had already taken its hold on her little longs. After six weeks every single day get a hospital. Where he died with her mother by her side. Doctors we shared my DA's medical records with caution that it's impossible to know if she would still be alive today if she had received better care. But they did tell us viral brought to light is doesn't have a cure. Usually it just has to run its course but they do say that money east care a dilly was troubling. Right now more than 42000. People or hold Dalian immigration detention centers some 141000. Are children. Watchdog groups say at times there being detained in unhealthy conditions with inadequate medical care and limited access to doctors. Regardless of what you think about illegal immigration. Once someone is detained by the US government that person is our responsibility. The moment you're detained members of the US government and comes responsible for your health care and ethically. We have to make sure we keep those people alive that's correct. For years doctor mark stern was a paid consultant for the Department of Homeland Security. Where he investigated allegations of insufficient or pore health care systems. If ice immigration detention facility is. Are you surprised people are dying I'm dismayed if people are dying it bothers me tremendously. It doesn't surprise me to the extent that the system is that I know I'm it exists is a broken system. And you get what you pay for if you design a system allows system to be. Bad then you get bad outcomes so from that standpoint no I'm not surprised that people are dying it is preventable. When you with the Department of Homeland Security did you see similar incidents I. Cannot talk about that and why is that high a signed a nondisclosure agreement so why would the Department of Homeland Security. Want to keep quiet about or medical practices. I don't know he would have to ask him. Doctor stern no volunteers his time reviewing medical records of those who died in detention for Human Rights Watch. According to the nonprofit there have been 81 distance 2010. Twellman this year alone so for Human Rights Watch has only been able to obtain medical records for 52 detainees who diets and 20%. And it says almost half of those deaths were linked to substandard care. We're seeing cases of people who have been in detention for days weeks sometimes years. And develop problems that are easily identifiable and fixable. Yeah as being says they're now seeking justice and have all the wonderful does claim seeking sixty million dollars from the federal government. They need any big big. Any guess mean calls the medical care provided by Ike's quote woefully inadequate neglect full and substandard. Ice says he can't comment on the death of money at war is because of ongoing litigation. But says it takes very seriously the health safety and welfare of those in. Our care rule of when we come back. Shocking allegations of what happened to the father of six. In detention I told the guard and he says that they only take them to the hospital when they're dying. And a former detention center employees speaks out. Did this cause a danger to the detainees my opinion absolutely. Stayed with.

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{"duration":"8:24","description":"Mariee Juarez's mother alleges the medical care she received at the Texas detention facility was \"woefully inadequate, neglectful, and substandard.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"59791719","title":"Guatemalan toddler who died after ICE detention subject of $60 million legal claim","url":"/Nightline/video/guatemalan-toddler-died-ice-detention-subject-60-million-59791719"}