The Harrowing Ride Down World's Tallest Waterslide

ABC's Matt Gutman bravely takes on Kansas City's Verruckt, standing at 168 feet tall.
3:10 | 07/10/14

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Transcript for The Harrowing Ride Down World's Tallest Waterslide
There is a water slide in Kansas that's no joke. 17 stories high. Think statue of liberty high. The tallest in the world. And arguably the most dangerous. So who is brave enough to give it a go? ABC's Matt Gutman gets a heart-pounding peek. Reporter: The 264 steps up give you time to think or maybe worry. This is literally not for the faint of heart. Ahead the insane, world's tallest and undoubtedly most dangerous water slide. Should you be worried there are lifeguard up there. If they're nervous. Are you nervous? A little nervous. Feels like I'm about to be dropped off a cliff. Making matters worse, an array of cameras provided by Garmon capturing every angle. They strapped a heart monitor on me. The slide is higher than lady liberty toe to torch. It drops a rider down a chute of water and tests those capable of 70 miles an hour with formula one type acceleration. Now amusement park rides are supposed to offer just the illusion of danger to send your heart rate humming. Up here the danger was no illusion. Pretty tight. Every time someone goes up, a park official has to read the two page waiver out loud. There is a risk inherent -- Reporter: A serial killer of sandbags during the year of testing. Captured by the travel channel, showing extreme water parks. Testing may be over. The construction not so much. Should I be concerned they're using jack hammers and saws on this ride right now. Reporter: So dangerous the grand opening was delayed again and again. They're doing their due diligence in making sure the ride is safe. Reporter: Some times it was the weather and some times the darn flying sandbags. That's not too bad. You see, we're neck deep in a Walt water slide arms race. There are nine slide hyperthan 100 feet. And two hyperthan the statue of liberty, the gold standard for water sliding height. The co-owner Jeff Henry is an eccentric wizard of the wet. Rickly. My partner John some times an idiot. Reporter: And maybe just a little mad. Truth is the water slide was so fast they had to slow it down to a zippy 45 miles an hour. Hen reap was involved in every aspect from the design to the construction to yes, the testing, or crash testing. Henry first built an 80-foot mockup in Texas earlier this year. Rafts launching into orbit again and again. But there are human crash test dummies. And Henry is their chief. As challenging as the the ride is so was construction. Like a Lego set with pieces that had to fit with laser-like perfection. It didn't always happen. How much over budget and how late? We are way over budget. Reporter: There is one more person about to get his walter slide face on yet again.

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{"id":24499922,"title":"The Harrowing Ride Down World's Tallest Waterslide","duration":"3:10","description":"ABC's Matt Gutman bravely takes on Kansas City's Verruckt, standing at 168 feet tall.","url":"/Nightline/video/harrowing-ride-worlds-tallest-waterslide-24499922","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}