Herbalife Investigation Part 2: The Whistleblower

ABC's Brian Ross speaks to former Herbalife executive being paid by Wall Street hedge fund manager.
3:44 | 04/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Herbalife Investigation Part 2: The Whistleblower
As our team went undercover for an investigation into the company herbalife, ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross met a potential crucial whistle blower but he also discovered there was more to the story. The people who blow the whistle on government and corporate wrongdoing are American legends. If you have vital insider stuff, the am scerican people. Reporter: Immortalized as heroes. Like watergate deep throat, mark felt. Nuclearen nuclearen -- nuclear industry whistle blower, Karen silkwood. Reporter: A former executive who left the controversial herbal life company in 2011, borquist was ready to put himself in jeopardy to reveal the ethical short comings of the nutrition products company. He told us his legal bills and travel were being paid by one of the company's Wall Street critics but wasn't receiving any other benefit. No. Reporter: Not at all? Nothing. I am not getting a benefit. Reporter: We learn there was something he did not tell us. This secret deal with herbalife Wall Street critic, a financial cushion, that could pay him as much as $250,000 a year for ten years, if he lost his new job for talking to the media or the government. With other benefits, a potential total value of $3.6 million. We're not paying him for what he has to say. Reporter: You did pay him? You don't think that is a problem. It is important it is disclosed an important fact. But they only disclosed the deal after questions were raised in this "The New York times" story about Ackman's financial ties to other critics of herbal life. In a meeting near his California home he told us his answers in our first interview were truthful because heap was not receiving payments at the time. He says he only asked for and began receiving the payments $20,000 a month. A few weeks after the ABC news interview. And at which point he said he lost his new job and his wife had lost her job too. So the far he has collected

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{"id":23449064,"title":"Herbalife Investigation Part 2: The Whistleblower","duration":"3:44","description":"ABC's Brian Ross speaks to former Herbalife executive being paid by Wall Street hedge fund manager. ","url":"/Nightline/video/herbalife-investigation-part-whistleblower-23449064","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}