Hillary Clinton Talks 2016, Health, Benghazi Testimony

Part 1: Secretary of State says she's "not focused" on another run for president.
3:00 | 01/29/13

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Talks 2016, Health, Benghazi Testimony
He hasn't met with world leaders 17100. Times in the past four years but as of Friday Hillary Clinton will no longer be secretary of state. Today Massachusetts Senator John Kerry was confirmed as her successor. Other new Secretary Clinton nearly a dozen times and I've never seen her so relaxed were upbeat we sat down for her last television interview in office. No topic was off limits from the most contentious global issues to the most intensely. Personal ones. She's defense secretary of state for four years visited -- 112 countries. More than any of her predecessor. -- almost a million miles. But it's where she's going yeah that has everybody talking. Let's just say this isn't the first time the question has come up in Moscow. Three years ago you told me. I have absolutely no interest in running for president non. You're never going to run -- -- I had absolutely. No interest in running for president again none none. Two years ago you said the exact same thing in Australia. You said talk about the future -- -- and not running for president when he twelve -- 2621. And yet in the past few days a pac called ready for Hillary. Has been locked he -- still say with a straight face that you have and that that. There's no way you would consider running for president. Sitting here right now that is certainly what I believe -- I. And you know still the secretary of state so I'm not in politics I'm going to be focusing on my. Philanthropy in my charity is my -- writing and speaking. So I I am looking forward to having something resembling kind of normal life again and yet how we up to maybe pick back up up. -- -- -- -- Very good -- -- Well of course of course I am flattered and honored I didn't even know about some of these things that are happening now I don't know how else to say it but I am going to. And get back in in my life again this is going to be new for me and -- that are react to it to be honest. When you conceded defeat in the primary you made -- famous speech in which she said that they -- eighteen million cracks in the class women. Shatter that highest hardest glass ceiling this time thanks to you. It's got about eighteen million tracks in its. It. If in the course of the next couple of years it appears as it does appear right now that you might be the person. Who could actually break through that -- -- to become the first female president this country. Would you -- certain obligation. To seize that mantle I do want to see that glass ceiling shattered I don't think it has to be any particular person but. -- There's never been a woman who really had a credible chance and it looks as if you might just be that person and I know how seriously you take commitment and obligation right. But I'm not making any commitments or applications because I do take them seriously. We do so in Clinton since her days in the senate -- -- weeks as a presidential candidate and Iowa. Federal way. That room accident and on to a new job took -- around the world. And over these years an evolution from grim determination. Often wooden in cautious I'm -- more reserved person today. Andy's in on the -- Comfortable batting practice much. -- But a recent series of medical problems have been no laughing matter. When an early December the high flying chief diplomat was grounded well it's good to see you looking so -- say thank you thank you -- it wasn't serious health scare. Well it was a big surprise to me because I've been so healthy for my entire life so. When I got sick and and fainted and you know hit my head. I was so surprised and I thought well I'll just get up and go to work and then you know thankfully I had very good medical care and doctors -- -- now we better do an MRI and we better do this we -- -- that. I'm I'm getting. Fully recovered and I will be back to full speed but I'm grateful for the excellent -- -- got so. And is one woman who wears glasses to another candidate but it. Okay what happens if I take mine -- -- can't -- my questions right if you take viewers' homes and right now and right. Well that would have been true even before a had a concussion if I take mine off. -- -- you know I've been near sighted since I was nine this -- seeing double thing is that true well I have I have some lingering effects from the concussion but you know they will dissipate. Over the next weeks and I'll be back to -- -- mile -- self a fit at. I know that there's no plans for future public service. But if they -- -- Would you feel comfortable making a pledge that you would release with the -- all of course that doesn't bother me I mean you know that's if something goes with the territory what else. Most of the territory something Clinton is certainly familiar -- Harsh criticism and tough questions. -- just -- before congress last week and grilled over what she has called the low point in her tenure. The security lapse in -- Gaza and Libya that led to the death of four Americans including ambassador Chris Stevens. In the first days the controversy reached a boiling point over this. There was a violent protests and violent protest outside of our embassy US ambassador for the UN Susan -- explanation that the murders were the result of an anti Muslim and video reacted with -- turned out to be all governments have it was a pre planned terrorist attack. In her testimony Clinton pulled no punches. They didn't know with all due respect the fact is we have four dead Americans what -- had a right protest it was a because of guys out for a walk -- -- decide they go kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we -- to prevent it from ever happening again senator. And today she doubled down -- -- -- you lost your temper at the hearing when someone tries to put into a partisan land is. When they focus not on the fact that we had. Such had a terrible event happening with that -- -- Americans but instead what it's somebody -- Sunday morning talk show. That's me is not in keeping with the seriousness. Of the issue and the obligation we all have -- public servants do you regret. What difference at this point does it make you know because I think that you know asking questions about talking points for a Sunday morning talk show. Is really missing the point. I believe in transparency I said you don't let the chips fall where they -- put it all out there. And I don't want that to be politicized so you stand by what she's absolutely.

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{"id":18350573,"title":"Hillary Clinton Talks 2016, Health, Benghazi Testimony","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 1: Secretary of State says she's \"not focused\" on another run for president. ","url":"/Nightline/video/hillary-clinton-talks-2016-stands-benghazi-testimony-18350573","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}