Hillary Clinton Defends Obama Administration on Syria

Part 2: In her final TV interview as Secretary of State, Clinton talks about leaving her post.
3:00 | 01/29/13

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton Defends Obama Administration on Syria
Good time not silver line -- when Hillary Clinton was seen as one of the most divisive figures in American politics but after serving forty years as secretary of state under her former rival Barack Obama. First home and that seems to be changing we were turned out of my interview with her today in the Jefferson room at the State Department. She exits the public stage for now anyway secretary of state Hillary Clinton is basking in an approval rating at 66%. A lifetime high ago and that's not to say she's without her critics. Among other things the administration's handling of the ongoing bloodbath in Syria remains highly controversial and it's time for -- to get out of the way the united. States believes. That present -- should step away. The world will not waiver aside must go you've repeatedly said the president aside needs to. Right starting two years ago right. And yet 60000. Syrians -- dead and he is still an -- right what does it take for America to intervene. Well I think we have -- very actively involved. Until recently there was no credible opposition coalition and I cannot stress strongly enough how important that is you cannot. Even attempt a political solution if you don't have a recognized. Force to counter the Asad regime secretary Panetta recently told my colleague Martha Raddatz that. President -- had chemical weapons ready to go locked and loaded ready to go. The Red Line used to be when he moved -- those chemical weapons and now. With the US actually permit him to use them you know now -- and president Obama's been very clear about that. We've laid down the Red Line on chemical weapons because that could have. Far reaching effects beyond even -- street to street to fighting that is so terrible to watch. And it could also affect other countries the administration's been criticized by some for having what has been referred to was an ad hoc. Foreign policy of sort of whack a mole what is the Obama doctrine. As you understand it. Reassert American leadership. Politically and economically. In the face of a very severe crisis that we inherited and which called into question American leadership. Look for every way you can to bring together coalitions. So that yes America will and must lead it is and it the indispensable nation. But other countries have to step up and start taking responsibility and they are beginning to do that so there's no daylight between the Obama doctrine and Hillary Clinton -- well I've been a major part of helping to shape it and to implement -- and I think it's. It will stand the test of time. As we sat down to talk this afternoon the nomination of John Forbes Kerry of Massachusetts to be our new secretary of state. Is confirmed. Senator Kerry has just been confirmed yes I'm thrilled by that does that feel to you start to feel. Do I do what do you wish you'd known for years ago that you could pass on to him I don't see how you do this job without traveling. A lot. Condi Rice traveled a million miles. And I traveled nearly that and went to more countries than anybody has gone too. And why we do that is it because -- -- for punishment no because the United States has to show pop. Nothing substitutes for demonstrating that the United States of America cares enough to be there. To be at that meeting to represent our values but as -- Friday that will be John -- responsibility. Saturday morning. Yes what happened -- up a lot I hope I get to sleep in effect backed up. I -- not thinking about that because it will be the first time in many years when I've got no office ago to. Those scheduled to keep no work to do that will probably -- a few days and then I will be. Up in going with my new projects thank you so much for talking thank -- Cynthia good to talk to you. As Jefferson looks over shoulder to I would only point out was secretary of state who went on to become -- if I've heard that it got -- I think you.

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{"id":18350615,"title":"Hillary Clinton Defends Obama Administration on Syria","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 2: In her final TV interview as Secretary of State, Clinton talks about leaving her post.","url":"/Nightline/video/hillarys-chapter-family-future-18350615","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}