Hollywood's Favorite Extra in GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad

Jesse Heiman has been a background extra in more than 100 TV shows and movies.
3:00 | 02/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hollywood's Favorite Extra in GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad
You don't know his name but you probably recognize his face and this Super Bowl Sunday he's landed the role of a lifetime making out with a supermodel. In front of a hundred million people it's that cherry on top of a resume that includes hundreds of bit parts. And ABC's nick watt met up with the world's most successful. Extra. Oh my goodness that is Barr Ralph -- making and -- -- vague he. Over 100 million people will scream and squirm when they see this Sunday night it's -- GoDaddy commercial airing during the Super Bowl. But who is that man behind the make well he's Jesse payment one of Hollywood's. More prolific and news. Old school American tied two. Austin Powers gold member. Spider-Man. Catch me -- can't leverage some money it's like I can't get it takes allowed to -- to expect my memory it at that. Jesse is an extra areas in the social network he's bull dogs he brags about him -- still just. The scene. Until that is some kind -- compiled where's -- style relay -- is great just it's hosted. You to. Apparently used -- Number one fan from Sweden and I didn't know I had any fans in Sweden well he does. Tight cost -- talented Jesse has a burgeoning cult following built up over twelve years 100 plus movies and -- -- wilder party liaison and 100 plus TV shows like My Name Is Earl and the -- -- com and -- project. He came to LA to get into the entertainment game. And he hands. I can stimulate a thirty day ultimatum -- find -- job or compact Texas. I went and signed up for the extra work and I I was working that night. And movie called rat raise. He's been working ever since he was even on -- got a long way right there could come away with every -- Jesse's I am DD credits include net -- number one. Guy. -- and -- US enthusiast. I'd done my fair share of speaking parts -- just. Not many people have seen them he is one of -- -- among. Who's going like this we think -- -- at some kind of signal but life. As a grand artist. Most shows they're the print niacin -- -- give you know what you go to. Get some food or something some shows when your -- and -- -- like you just cattle lurching or something you know they don't teach you. Burying -- mainly affect small intermission and -- -- The first to spot Jesse in this cougar club Clinton will win this signed Thursday tweet me what you again are site you can -- stuff. Anyone -- column anyway let's told coshow apparently Kevin Dillon -- 200 grand an episode for entourage. -- here Tuesday. -- -- -- 139 dollars -- days doing it plus overtime and about the greatest salary but it did you -- survive so far. And now laughter years on the big screen recognition on the tiny Sweeney -- YouTube may be that. His big right. I'm not making big bucks yet but you know it's it's it's getting you know looking like it could be on its way you know. Sank after on the back Brandon 78. Maybe next time they'll get equal billing it. On the -- -- -- that their content that. Prefer. And went back to that godaddy commercials Jesse's a pros that I -- he nailed that first time one -- Yeah right. Maybe like fourteenth spotlight. On the -- for Nightline. In -- sent --

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{"id":18383281,"title":"Hollywood's Favorite Extra in GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad","duration":"3:00","description":"Jesse Heiman has been a background extra in more than 100 TV shows and movies. ","url":"/Nightline/video/hollywoods-favorite-extra-godaddy-super-bowl-ad-18383281","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}