Honeymoon Horrors

One couple's encounter with a great white shark nearly ended their South African honeymoon.
3:02 | 03/26/13

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Transcript for Honeymoon Horrors
-- we -- know honeymoons are supposed to be thrilling and surprising but not. Way it happened to one young couple cage diving with sharks off the coast of South Africa. Their first full day as man and -- will forever be associated. With terror. Here's ABC's -- Cage diving is supposed to be a safe way to see great whites like you've never seen them before just -- -- From you face this video shot off the coast of Mexico. Even if the shark gets a little curious at age we knew it -- bad parents killing machine. This just shot by tourists off the computers that Africa. Is never. -- -- -- Aren't going inside cages -- clean through that -- -- -- and on restricted the flow. The divert the honeymooners who just got married -- day before somehow survived without even a scratch. -- -- -- with Tedisco down and and avoids. You know when a shark had access to so. Yet very quick very quick thinking and has part cage diving is increasingly caught. Peter amongst adventure tourists thrill seekers and people like me trying to confront its great -- I dived a couple of years ago in the exact same waters off -- by South Africa where are lucky -- -- -- Here's how it works German blood -- thrown into shark infested waters in the fight. Passing whites tune ahead on the advent rules the charts with -- Speed of around fifty feet per second. Collision course with the divers hanging in the -- Aside from the it is. Amazing -- and fruit of that that far away if they do. -- -- Jim abernathy -- -- diving with sharks for years in the Caribbean and the Atlantic sometimes -- ages floral would act. Abernethy says it's I think it's -- -- PR because seeing such majesty up close might make humans appreciate and fight to say. This vulnerable species everybody wants to see. You know the biggest predators on the plan and cage diving. Allows anyone to see critics say shark attacks have increased as a result that sharks are being condition smaller boats to look to humans. -- -- We trained sharks to follow votes have we change their behavior absolutely not. I don't -- people in this -- 1600. People are attacked and bitten every single year by people. But we still interact with people making this video this near miss is good. Are basically okay proof that Charlotte really doesn't like to humans but the polls -- -- in there and remember our honeymoon and I don't -- a -- and I'm nick bought for Nightline in Los Angeles.

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{"id":18811339,"title":"Honeymoon Horrors","duration":"3:02","description":"One couple's encounter with a great white shark nearly ended their South African honeymoon.","url":"/Nightline/video/honeymoon-horrors-18811339","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}