'Hot Mug Shot' Felon Lands Hollywood Agent, Modeling Gig

Jeremy Meeks was signed by Gina Rodriguez, who worked with the Lohans and Nadya "Octomom"
3:59 | 07/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Hot Mug Shot' Felon Lands Hollywood Agent, Modeling Gig
You probably saw it. It was the mugshot seen around the world. Or at least ogled over online. Tonight, one fine fellow has landed a Hollywood agent who thinks he could be wearing stripes on the runway. Here's ABC's Neal Karlinsky. Reporter: Even from behind bars, Jeremy Meeks, the convict, mugshot mcdreamy, seems to be stretching his 15 minutes of fame into overtime. I appreciate that everyone thinks I'm handsome. Reporter: He now has an agent, Gina Rodriguez, to go along with his viral mugshot, swooned over across the country since he was arrested on a felony weapons charge as part of a gang sweep in Stockton, California. Rodriguez told ABC news "Jeremy has an amazing look and has received international attention, which I feel can only help him flourish in the entertainment industry. In fact, soon, he might be able to add modeling to his rap sheet, allegedly in talks with agencies, saying he could make in where between $3,000 to $100,000 a month through endorsements and modeling. We're also speaking to several production companies about following his for ray into the entertainment industry. Rodriguez is no stranger to scandalous clientele. As she told us in 2011, that's exactly who she is after. What is this business? I'm managing the mistresses and all the people at scandal. Reporter: What does that mean exactly? I've taken these girls in evolved in these sex scandals and built them a career. I was watching the scandals happen one after another, all these cheating scandals. I saw there was a vacant space there and I grabbed them. Reporter: And grabbed them she has. A business she says was built on the backs of tiger woods' alleged mistresses, know includes a slew of TV housewives, and Donald sterling's former mistress, and Anthony Weiner's alleged former sexting partner Sidney leathers to name just a few. Of course, cashing in on infamy is no sure bet. Remember Michelle Magee who made headlines for breaking up Sandra bullock's marriage. Most people would say that having a tattoo of a swastika and breaking up Sandra bullock's marriage would not be a great path towards fame, riches, anything but being generally dishiked. I have being viewed as the villain, breaking up America's sweet heart marriage. Reporter: She told us it was the beginning of a whole new career for us. But a search today yielded barely a mention since 2011. Modeling agencies always want to take on the hottest, most talked about person in media. Reporter: Trend watcher Britney Lavigne says social media is creating stars in places no one would have dare looked a few short years ago. I never heard of agents actually having to comb through mug shots or look at mugshots to find their next big thing. I think because of social media and because everything is instantly catapulted out there, it makes sense for agents now to look am those things and want to be a part of it, too. Reporter: For Gina, it's just business. I try to monetize the entire situation from the beginning for them. And that's through their images, appearances, anything we can do for them. Reporter: Has it been lucrative for you? Very lucrative, yes. Reporter: Hard to say what kind of magic she can work for Jeremy weeks. I'm Neal Karlinsky for "Nightline" in Seattle. Just when you think you can't be shocked. Thanks for watching ABC news. "World news" now is coming up

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{"id":24408358,"title":"'Hot Mug Shot' Felon Lands Hollywood Agent, Modeling Gig","duration":"3:59","description":"Jeremy Meeks was signed by Gina Rodriguez, who worked with the Lohans and Nadya \"Octomom\" ","url":"/Nightline/video/hot-mug-shot-felon-lands-hollywood-agent-modeling-24408358","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}