Hurricane Dorian pummels the Bahamas

The storm is the most powerful ever to be recorded in the Bahamas.
5:40 | 09/03/19

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Transcript for Hurricane Dorian pummels the Bahamas
He's right I'm pleased right loved everyone please bring us. What it's like we. Category five hurricane. Dorian the most powerful storm ever in recorded history to hit the Bahamas making landfall Sunday. With wind gusts over 220. Miles an hour you can see what it's going inherent ad hominem stance. Yeah the winds so strong too dangerous for ABC's Marcus Moore and his team to stay out sign but about. Goals of the wind gusts that we have that we have seen. At that health officials have warned about this is absolutely. A mind blowing event that is unfolding right now. The monster storm inching along at times at just one mile an hour. Battering the islands for about 24 hour were straits I don't know how well you can see it. But I want you to listen. To the wind and the howl of the wind as it goes but we've seen large pieces of debris flying in the other direction. And. Lost power and the furious brain an intense storm surge flooding streets. After the eye of the storm arrived here you solve this torrent of water or rushing Finland. And it was just an incredible things. As the waters rose this is. Very deep water residents became trapped inside their own homes water is every real everything it's just. And Bruins one mother pleading for prayers live on face. And mom please write plus please. My babies don't think what we'll please pray for us yeah maintenance on this eyewitness right I'm houses less than being on the don't want it did send him. The roof ripped off for apartment building soon sheltering again with other families. Disown his singing plays sweet cookie great you know. Yeah yeah yeah our teen witnessed people practically swept away Hathaway. But rescued just in time partly I remember that on abaco islands one of the hardest hit areas very game. Bahamian parliament member era Lou is sending ABC news this video. We're getting a lot of us or persons. He's on high ground away from the storm search but the floodwaters trapped in his niece and her two young children. And mother inside their home. Yeah and in Freeport Grand Bahama private citizens springing into action like as Ray King. Who came to the rescue with his caterpillar tractor. Plucking people from their flooded homes and transporting them to shelters. And throughout the Abbott coast and apocalyptic. Scene homes reduced to piles of debris boats and cars littered across the island. Here's that they needed a building behind me the hell happened to good job on the ground about an applicant is content. The violent winds ripped off roofs toppling trees and a force for. Power and seltzer is down. So far at least five people have been killed with the hurricanes. The stalled churning of Dorian visible from outer space. As the eye wall now heads towards the southeastern coast of the United States. Our team spread out across the storm zone. ABC news did you see is in Jupiter beach fla. Do you see right here the people behind me surfing certainly the calm before the big part of the storm they are taking advantage a lot of folks just taking a look at what's happening. That this type of here this had been jedi. Will be covered with water there will be huge waves we're gonna have significant. Concerns even possible witness things staying. Some eighty plus miles away. Rob Marciano is in Melbourne beach Florida on the other side he's oddities barrier island you've got this big names. Big ocean and big waves you get a bigger surge but we also have these banks and it was outline its coastline sometimes 1520 feet high so favored tax. For the most part. But thousands of homes. That line he's barrier island. The eye of the storm still miles away with storm surge warnings already up for much of Florida's East Coast here you have Two Rivers that come together that separate the mainland. From Cape Canaveral and this causeway is the connection part of which will be underwater which is why. It'll be one of many that'll be shut down there in the heart of the storm. More than two million people have been ordered to evacuate from Florida. All the way to north Carolina's outer banks and the message from authorities is clean. If the roads get flooded. There's a way out if you think you're gonna have to evacuate I'd I'd start going GO but he says is in new Smyrna beach Florida. We've now made it more inland but just take a look even here business after business as just boarded up people are listening to those warnings at the ghost town here. Some are still boarding up along the way we met Lenny Glover who's not planning to evacuate just yet so right now you're just watching and waiting. Like everybody else and dilution having. But tonight many. Some businesses behind. It's right evaluation is our place is like your belongings make hated me shelter. In Boynton Beach police going door to door patients at hospitals and dozens of nursing homes are being moved in lived. Everyone bracing for what's to come.

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{"duration":"5:40","description":"The storm is the most powerful ever to be recorded in the Bahamas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"65354203","title":"Hurricane Dorian pummels the Bahamas ","url":"/Nightline/video/hurricane-dorian-pummels-bahamas-65354203"}