Husband of NYPD cop accused of murder-for-hire plot reacts to being alleged target

Authorities say Valerie Cincinelli's boyfriend worked with the FBI after she allegedly wanted to him to hire someone to kill his teenage daughter and Cincinelli's estranged husband Isaiah Carvalho.
7:57 | 05/23/19

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Transcript for Husband of NYPD cop accused of murder-for-hire plot reacts to being alleged target
Tonight, the disturbing a veteran New York City police officer under arrest for allegedly hiring a hit man to kill her estranged husband. Authorities enlisting his help in an elaborate undercover sting operation. Here's T.J. Holmes. Reporter: This is a New York City police officer, tasked with protecting and serving, who according to the FBI went ot and tried to hire a hit man in order to kill her estranged husband and the daughter of her boyfriend. It's not something that you expect from any police officer. Reporter: At first look, 34-year-old Valerie is a role model, a 12-year decorated veteran of the NYPD and mother of two. But federal authorities say behind the scenes she was plotting murder for the past few months. Her story made headlines last Friday. A shocking story involving a NYPD officer. Accused of hiring a hit man to kill not only her estranged husband but her boyfriend's teenage daughter as well. I didn't want to believe it, but apparently, it's true. Reporter: What convinced you? When the feds staged my death. Reporter: Isaiah was supposed to be dead by now. If not for a botched murder for hire plot with two targets. Him and a teenaged girl. The alleged mastermind behind it all, once the love of his life. Does that sound anything like the woman you married is capable of? I didn't think she would be capable of it, but now I don't put anything past her. The authorities never explain why they think she allegedly went to these great lengths, but they say she was actively involved in the plot throughout. Reporter: Investigators say she asked her boyfriend to hire a hit man to kill him, but also her boyfriend's daughter. No one seems particularly savory here. But the boyfriend, according to court records, says I know a guy who can do it for $7,000. And the plot unfolds from there over several months' time. Reporter: Instead, investigators say her boyfriend turned to authorities and agreed to have his conversations with her recorded by the FBI. The couple met in 2012 when she saw a photo of him on his stepfather's desk at work. Then contacted him on Facebook. What were your first impressions of her? At first I just thought she was a single mother, and she seemed, she was a cop. So, you know, I thought she was a good person. Reporter: Had she ever been violent towards you in the past? Mentally. And emotionally, yes. Reporter: Not physically. Not physically. Reporter: He says the marriage went south when she found out she was pregnant with their son. The relationship did a turn. Very distant. It was very hard. Hard experience. Reporter: At one point, she took action against her husband. She has a restraining order against me and motions set forth for works of me having one as well. Reporter: She filed for divorce months ago. Hougly had things gotten? We were about to reach settlement, so I didn't think it was maybe as bad as she portrayed it to be. Reporter: According to a criminal complaint, in February she began plotting the murders, allegedly withdrawing $7,000 in cash and giving it to her boyfriend who converted it to gold coins, the hit man's preferred method of payment. There was a concern about bunching the two jobs together. And according to records, she said let's get the girl this weekend. So that's when the boyfriend says I don't know where she's going to be. She says let's track her on social media. Reporter: On may 13th her boyfriend says the hit man wants an extra $3,000 and that the hit man didn't want to carry out the daughter's murder near the school to which she responded, run her the blank over. How about that? Then just days later, last Friday, authorities break the news to him. They told me, we don't know how to tell you this, but your wife put a hit out on you. And my first response was where's my son? Reporter: Why was that your first thought? I was worried about him. Reporter: When you hear that the woman you loved and married wanted you murdered, how do you react to that? I was shocked. I'm completely appalled. That she would even attempt or think this up. Reporter: But that wasn't the only surprise the cops had for him. They're like, we need your help. We're going to need you to do something for us in order to further our investigation. They ended up taking me to an undisclosed location and had me fake my death. And took pictures of it. Reporter: What did they have you do that morning? They had me sit in my car. They put glass in the floor and all over me and had me hunch over into the passenger seat. Reporter: What was that lake for you? The craziest thing I ever had to experience in my life. Reporter: As part of the FBI sting, detectives went to the home to say her husband was murdered. And later FBI agents posing as the hit man text the fake death photos for her to see. She was arrested a short time later after allegedly discussing an alibi with her boyfriend. We've seen this before, that the authorities will want to stage a murder, when someone's trying to get someone killed. To be able to use that person's reaction against them in court. Reporter: The case, similar to the story of dahlia, the Florida woman caught on tape saying she was 5,000% sure she wanted a hit man to kill her husband. Is your husband Michael? Reporter: Police seemingly told her, her husband of since months was murdered. Turns out police duped her. The crime scene was faked. It was all part of a plan orchestrated by the police after her boyfriend tipped them off that she wanted her husband's money and condo and him out of the way. When people hear the name dahlia, what do you think comes to mind? Everything negative. All the headlines. The person they're describing, it's definitely not me. Reporter: She has maintained that she was acting in that video. The tape was, it was a show. It was a tape. That was the purpose of it. Reporter: Her effort for a fourth trial was denied when an appellate court upheld her conviction. She's slated for release from prison in 2032. Sentnellie also behind bars. The judge is not releasing her on bail, based on the strength of the evidence against her. Reporter: Her family has come to her defense. I guarantee you, my daughter is innocent of this. It will come out in court. This, this guy that she's involved with is a wacko psycho. This is the second time he's had her arrested. Reporter: He says his focus now is on his son, telling him only that his mom is on a military trip. Are you still fearful of your life in any way? Yes, I am. Reporter: What are you fearful of at this point? I heard that she was going and contacting other people. I'm scared to go to where I work. And put anybody in danger. Reporter: If or when you have an opportunity to speak to her again, what are you itchin' to say to her? Why? Reporter: Do you need answers from her? To be honest, I don't even think I want them. I guess I really didn't know

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{"duration":"7:57","description":"Authorities say Valerie Cincinelli's boyfriend worked with the FBI after she allegedly wanted to him to hire someone to kill his teenage daughter and Cincinelli's estranged husband Isaiah Carvalho.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"63220671","title":"Husband of NYPD cop accused of murder-for-hire plot reacts to being alleged target","url":"/Nightline/video/husband-nypd-cop-accused-murder-hire-plot-reacts-63220671"}