Images show Thai boys recovering in hospital after being rescued from cave

All 12 boys were recently evacuated from Tham Luang Nang Non, Thailand's longest cave, where they had been trapped inside with their soccer coach since June 23.
8:27 | 07/12/18

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Transcript for Images show Thai boys recovering in hospital after being rescued from cave
Reporter: This morning the first videofhe rescued soccer players. Moment so many hadyed for. Doctay the boys lost four pounds each onrage during their Al, will likely stay seven to ten days in the hospital under quarantine to prevent inions. That dt stop them from Wang "V" signs. Six fe away, behind glass windows, some parentlowed in fohe first time. Gazes at their children Ta the place ug and one day a the world watched, the lasur plars and their coachrged from thatoded cave. We are seeing the ac rescue for the first time. Video sho muddied rescuers Ng one of E players up on stretchers. Andarrowing details about how narrowly T team escaped the clutches ofeath with oxygen levels running alarmin low. Major Charles hodges, the mission commander in charge of U.S. Operations here, spoke th morninon "Goomorning America" about the challenges of the rescue. Even aer we got 4 for 4 on the second as well, the risk hadn't gone any at all. So I incredibly impressed withthe way that worked out, but the same time candidly, I was thinking itld woe results. Reporter: Reporter: This morning we learned that miracle mission washours away from carophe. Had you waited one more day, what do you thou end? I think that the Thi day would be very difficult for us bee T rains had come. The boys uld have H to have G over a mile underwater was there moment that you thought, we can't do this, maybe this isn possible? No, no. Never? We trie do our best. Because you know that 13 people arinside. And you find them Aly, you cannot put someone inside again. We have T tryur best to bring them O Repor in that exclusive interview with ABC news, the governor sayingyere racing the clock. Theps that had Sipho hundreds of millions O gallons of water over therevious T weeks failed. The cave returning to its natural state this timeear, stly submerged. Death-defying journeyut bega2 weeks ago. Happy excursion in. This indvideo wasen the day the 12 boys and assistant coach made th bike trekthis road toward the cave. Two members of the wild boars who didot make the trip tol us that team excursions into the cawere nothi unusual. Trar: I've gone inside four times. It takes about five or six S. Was it scary at all? When you went into the Translator: No. Because when W visit cave, we allo together and bring plenty of flashlits and food. Reporter: But it's the beginning oain Ohio season. And sureenough, W they're in the cave, outside it began raining. And raining hard. Transr: At the time, I felt nervous and worried becau the parents told me that the kids went missing and they couldn't reach them. Orter: Anxty turn to alarm when the team head coach learned of the team's excursion. He rushed to the site only to findir bikes, bags, and ccleats leftthe front entrance. Translator: I was stunned and shockedecause I know that cave. And if T water starts rising, E entrance is to get completely blocked off. Eporter: The team was trapped. Wo of the soccer team trapped in a cave spread.friends and family gathering at theouth of the cave blocked byraging floodwaters. They called out to the boy Translator: I startedouting fro the entrance. But myoice couldn' go through because the ter,t's goi up higher and higher. Reporter: 24 hours after the group disappeared, res workers started to make their way in. The boy remain trapped, unaware of the growing inteio efrt to find them. And pumps wng around the clock to drain the cave. Then nine days into the te ordeal,finally, sign of hope.ow many ofyou? 13. 13? Yes, 13. Brilliant. Ah,yeah. Reporter: All 12 long-los boys and their coach huddled together, extend, hungry, alive. Many people are Ming. Reporter: Now a mission. Getting them out before coming rains theeady submerged cavern. Of the many options coed the moiable one, having the ys swim O with the divers. But making a complex situ even worse, many of these boys dinow how to im, much less scuba dive. Toni for the first time we are seeing how the heroic rescue unfolded from inside THA . Through the water and through air W rescuers from around the. A U.S. Air force specit describing to the associa press a system rigged to W theoys across the cave'socky expanses. We had to basically set up rope systems and high lines to bee to, you know, safelyut themn harness and bring them ss large, open areas so they wouldn't to to go all the way down. Eporter: Before they went in, divems practicing in a swimming pool with local child. But look at the condition this diverappearingnto that murky R. Boys enduring divhat lasted up to half , unable T see. Their coach who helped keep his pls calm by meding selected the order in which they uld be bro to safety. Their coach and T boys all came together and discussed stay stay strong having that will to live, havthat will to survive. Reporter: T video showing ue carrying E of those soccer players out O a stretcher. The boy wrapped in Mylar blankets and carefully placed on the ground. The journey was tacherous for the child Thai prime minister now ring they were given anti-anxiety medication to avoid panicking. U.S. Military personnelere stationed in chamberumber three, helpifer the boys toting medics at the cave's entrance. Our group coned of para resc men, as well as support personnel. Have medical, communications, logistics, all hands WER on deck for this effort. Reporter: Medics moved in quickly, wor in the light of their headlamp it's a scene that would have pled O 13 times one by one boys and finallyhe coacere brought to safety. Just I the Nick of time. Remembert tub that had been siphoning out millions of gallons of water hadfailed, prompting the govr to call for an wake of the cavend forcing divers to leave behind most of their equipment and hundreds of aink The water got to chamber one. He Navy S.E.A.L.S to run out, right? Yes. Leave everything behind, we finished the mission. Reporter: Had it happened earlier, would have marooned the rescue team the final four boys and their coach. I think theld needs to know what wasplished W a one-in-a-lifetime rescue that I thinks never been done. We werexttunate that the outcome was the way it was. Rter: Tonight the players and their coach cone th recovery from the safety of their hospil beds, tal of their heroism areemerging. Many calling touch a hero, sharing hisat of food with his team, he wa reportedly in poor health W he was rescued. Sosling ABC news he was erg and seemingly suffering from thermia. 14-year-ol Salman played a crucial role, H speaks five languages, includingenglish, helping communicate with T first British dive history found . He beat the orders ,having escaped a region of his native mar known for dur guerilla warfarendg trafficking.returning to bter times, the boys haven'tt their spirit. "V" for victory we first saw the cave as they rescued, a nicenn the road ahead to cover. Matt Gutman in land. Far and how high Wil

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{"id":56531271,"title":"Images show Thai boys recovering in hospital after being rescued from cave","duration":"8:27","description":"All 12 boys were recently evacuated from Tham Luang Nang Non, Thailand's longest cave, where they had been trapped inside with their soccer coach since June 23.","url":"/Nightline/video/images-show-thai-boys-recovering-hospital-rescued-cave-56531271","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}