Impeachment managers wrap case linking Trump to Capitol insurrection

Democrats used Donald Trump’s own words to argue the former president had a pattern of inciting violence and that on Jan. 6 his supporters carried out his orders. Trump’s defense will present next.
8:58 | 02/12/21

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Transcript for Impeachment managers wrap case linking Trump to Capitol insurrection
On January 6th, we know who lit the fuse. Donald Trump told these insurrectionists to come to the capitol. Reporter: One by one, the impeachment managers connecting the dots. Did he encourage the violence? Standing in that powder keg, did he light a match? He was trying to become king and rule over us. President trump not only failed to show remorse or take accountability, he made clear he is just beginning. Reporter: A reckoning laid at the feet of the U.S. Senate. Today after roughly ten hours of a meticulously detailed prosecution -- We're surrounded! They're behind all lines! Reporter: Featuring gut-wrenching video, the Democrats laid off their case of the second impeachment trial of former president Donald Trump. My dear colleagues, is there any political leader in this room who believes if he's ever allowed to get back into the oval office, Donald Trump would stop inciting violence to get his way? Would you bet the lives of more police officers on that? Would you bet the future of your democracy on that? I said I'd like to bang them -- Reporter: The point, to stop trump from ever running for office again. Impeachment is not to punish but to prevent. We are not here to punish Donald Trump. This must be our wake-up call. We must condemn it. Because the threat is not over. If Donald Trump is not held accountable for fomenting this insurrection, what will that do? I thought their future focus was the most compelling argument they made. Democrats are certainly prosecuting this like a criminal they want former president Donald Trump convicted. But then you also have the court of public opinion. And in a lot of ways, some Democrats are hoping that adds some pressure to some of these Republicans that might be on the fence. Reporter: With a single impeachment count of inciting the insurrection at the capitol, the democratic house managers presented exhibit after exhibit, tying trump to the violent mob, seeking to prove incitement. By using trump's own words. He knew they would jump to violence at any signal, at any sign from him that he needed them to fight. And we fight. We fight like hell. And if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a country anymore. That wasn't metaphorical. It wasn't rhetorical. He already made it perfectly clear that when he said fight, he meant it. Give us a sense of just how many extremist groups were there on January 6th. You hat oath keepers, neo-nazis, other militia groups. You also had the proud boys. They were fairly prominent in this effort. Did they make the case that were it not for president trump, those groups wouldn't have shown up that day? Absolutely. I think they made a strong case the commander, if you will, of their movement said, come to our city on January 6th and everybody heeded that. Reporter: The house managers using video of trump supporters themselves as evidence. We were invited here! We were invited! We were invited here! Reporter: Featured over the two days of arguments, never-before-seen video from inside the siege. They were not hiding. One rioter in a livestream at the capitol said, quote, he'll be happy, we're fighting for trump. Dude, dude, let's tell trump what's up. He'd be like, no, just say we love him, we love you, bro! He'll be happy, what do you mean? We're fight for trump! For senators watching it and for the country as a whole, it reopens a wound and deepened our sense that this is not one of those days you can just forget. This will live with our country in infamy forever. Reporter: Yesterday some of that newly released video revealing just how close the rioters came to the vice president. A security camera showing Mike pence and his family rushed away from the senate floor. As the rioters reached the top of the stairs, they were within 100 feet of where the vice president was sheltering with his family. They were talking about assassinating the vice president of the United States. I think one of the most effective things that the house managers did was focus on Mike pence and law enforcement. Those are arguments that should resonate with Republicans. Mike pence is their guy. They claim to be pro-law enforcement. Reporter: Democrats also showing capitol hill police officer Eugene Goodman, hailed as a hero for leading rioters away from the senate chamber. New security camera footage showing Goodman warning an unsuspecting Mitt Romney, rushing the Utah senator in the opposite direction away from the mob. Senator Mitt Romney said he had never seen that video before. He had no idea how close he was to the violent mob that was literally just steps away. And he said that he wanted to thank officer Eugene Goodman, who of course was back here at the capitol. Reporter: The managers unveiling body cam footage showing the outnumbered and overwhelmed police officers. Trump's mob verbally denigrated their patriotism, questioned their loyalty, and yelled racial slurs. They called them traitors, Nazis, unamerican, for protecting us. Stand up for America! Get the Out of here! Traitor! You're a Traitor! ! F'ing traitor. So much for backing the blue. Reporter: Appealing to their sense of decency and racial justice, highlighting the capitol staff. Then after all that, these same workers, many of them people of color, were forced to clean up the mess left by mobs of white nationalists. One member of the janitorial staff reflected how terrible he felt when he had to clean up feces that had been smeared on the wall, blood of a rioter who had died, broken glass and other objects strewn all over the floor. He said, "I felt bad, I felt degraded." So I ask you respectfully to consider them when you cast your vote. Today the house impeachment managers trying to make the case that trump showed no remorse in the days and the hours following the insurrection here on capitol hill. But they lost the attention of several Republicans in the room who were caught struggling to stay awake, some even seen closing their eyes. Reporter: Even trump lawyer David shone skipped part of the trial to talk with Fox News. I said from the start this trial should have never happened, if it happened, it should be as short as possible given the complete lack of evidence. Reporter: Shone also disclosing tonight the trump team will make their case in just three to four hours tomorrow. Will both sides agree on one thing,hey want this trial to be over with quickly. Reporter: One of the president's allies, senator Kevin Kramer, wasn't swayed by the managers' arguments. You look at the wholeness of president trump's four years, his rhetoric, his rallies, the use of words. Nobody foresaw, he certainly didn't foresee, that there would be violence as a part of it. Reporter: While another. Juror, senator bill Cassidy, remains undecided. There's a proverb. Your mind is persuaded but you should hear the other side. As a legal matter, the house managers have a pretty good case. They've got a pretty good factual case. And the trump team has a relatively weak legal case. But this isn't legal analysis. This is a political decision that will be made by these senators/jurors, who are also the judges. Reporter: While few believe enough Republicans will actually vote for conviction, the message may still resonate more in the larger court of public opinion. We humbly, humbly ask you to convict president trump for the crime for which he is overwhelmingly guilty of. Because if you don't, if we pretend this didn't happen, or worse, if we let it go unanswered, who's to say it won't happen again? -- And you can watch ABC news coverage of president trump's defense starting at noon eastern tomorrow.

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{"duration":"8:58","description":"Democrats used Donald Trump’s own words to argue the former president had a pattern of inciting violence and that on Jan. 6 his supporters carried out his orders. Trump’s defense will present next.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"75847468","title":"Impeachment managers wrap case linking Trump to Capitol insurrection ","url":"/Nightline/video/impeachment-managers-wrap-case-linking-trump-capitol-insurrection-75847468"}