Independent Candidate Evan McMullin Could Make History This Election

McMullin has a real chance of willing his home state of Utah with courting votes from fellow Mormons who dislike both Trump and Clinton.
8:34 | 10/26/16

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Transcript for Independent Candidate Evan McMullin Could Make History This Election
Are you in both the never trump and never Hillary camps? Never fear, there is an independent presidential candidate whose issue-driven campaign is restoring faith to beleaguered voters. He might have a shot at winning several states. Here's presidential politics do it yourself style. Here's ABC's Terry Moran in our election countdown series "Inside the final 30." Here in Salt Lake City, it turns out that Utah is one of the most interesting stories in this election. In a campaign season so venomous -- Such a nasty woman. The basket of deplorables. Reporter: So full of sound and fury. GOP hands off me! Reporter: Divisive. The least of two evils. Lesser of two evils. Reporter: A lot of voters are asking, is this all there is? All that our democracy can offer? Well, no. Someone has to stand for principle in this race. No matter what. Reporter: There's another candidate, one you may not have even heard of. Evan Mcmullin. It's a horse race here. What makes Utah interesting this year is that the third candidate, who's only on the ballot in 11 states, is neck and neck with trump and Hillary. On a quiet street in Salt Lake City, we visited the modest headquarters of the Evan Mcmullin for president campaign. Nice to meet you. Very nice to meet you. We're early. Sorry, can we take a b-roll maybe? Reporter: A far cry from the party funded headquarters of trump or Clinton, this has a moment made feel to it. We're asking our volunteers to please use hash tags for Evan Mcmullin. I don't know much about Snapchat. Reporter: With little fanfare, there's the candidate. Only his running mate, Mindy Finn, by his side. No private jets here. So in terms of seating arrangements what's best for you? Cameraman in the front seat? This is how we roll, exactly. Actually, we use Uber a lot. That's probably a little different than the way trump and Hillary are getting around. It is. It works, keeps us light and flexible. Reporter: Mcmullin is 40 years old, born in Utah, spent ten years in the CIA where he says he hunted down Al Qaeda leaders in the Middle East. He was also an investment banker and a house Republican staffer. Now he's running for president. I'm here with the presidential candidate and the vice presidential candidate. No security. No big -- Oh, I think you're undervaluing these two guys here. They're tough. Why do you want to be president of the United States? Well, it's more actually about my belief that we just need better leaders in this country. We stand for the fact that we're the only conservatives in this race and that we stand for the fundamental ideals that have made this country special. What are we doing here? We're going to have lunch? Reporter: Hires big H burgers. Not a campaign stop, just burgers with some of the volunteers. Hey, how's it going? I'm Terry. I'm Deborah. Reporter: The backbone of this unlikely effort. This was not what we did, it's what they did. Also because of the candidates we've got. Most Americans polled show they're voting holding their noses. Absolutely. You don't have to with this guy. No we don't. We're so very happy, right? To be able to vote for somebody that I like. There's something Mr. Smith goes to Washington about all this. Isn't there? You know the Jimmy Stewart movie? To bring about a healthful life to the growing youth of this great and beautiful land. I'm happy with that comparison. Absolutely. We need a new era of civic engagement in which we no longer passively accept the leaders that the two major parties give us, but rather that we need to seek out leaders who are honest and wise and then promote them into office proactively. Andrew Jones wants to say hi. Nice to meet you. Very nice to meet you. Thank you so much. Reporter: Mcmullin is a bit of a rock star here. I can live with my conscience now with my vote. Good luck, man. We're behind you. Reporter: It feels like something is really happening in this state. Good seeing you. You're the one we need. Reporter: No handlers. No one to pay for his lunch. How goes the campaign? So far, so good. I love to hear it. Reporter: It's all sweet for sure, but president Evan Mcmullin? Thank at lot, appreciate it. Reporter: Well, yes. A long shot but not impossible. Evan Mcmullin cannot win outright but he still has a path to presidency. It starts with winning his home state of Utah. And those six electoral votes. And by doing that he needs to block both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump from getting 270 electoral votes and winning the presidency. The election would be tossed to the house of representatives where the Republican majority would have to pick a Mcmullin over Donald Trump. Reporter: Back in the Carmack mullen reflects on it all. Two months ago I had 130 Twitter followers. Then you have people stepping up and engaging online and otherwise to support this campaign. It's humbling. I'm Evan Mcmullin and I'm running for president. Reporter: Mcmullin is campaigning hard in Idaho and even taking aim at Wyoming. His slogan -- It is never too late to do the right thing. Reporter: In most ways, Evan Mcmullin is a staunch classic Republican conservative. We must abide by and honor the constitution which protects and secures the god-given rights of all Americans. Reporter: He opposes Obamacare, prefers tax cuts to tax hikes. He's a national security hawk and a pro-life candidate who would appoint supreme court justices to overturn roe versus wade. But he says he is more inclusionary. We're also offering the American people a new generation of leadership which I think is sorely needed. And also a new conservative movement. A conservative movement that welcomes people of different races and religions into the fold. Reporter: At a key constituency here, the Mormon vote, why mormons? In the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints there are specific teachings about the leaders one should search for in casting their ballot. In scripture you have the words, leaders who are good, wise and honest should be sought for and upheld. Reporter: Hal Boyd is the opinion editor of "The desert news." Latter-day saints grew up hearing about the Mormon pioneers and the persecution that they suffered. While they're neutral with regard to partisan politics, on the matter of religious liberty, they stand strong. Reporter: Draper, Utah. A booming Salt Lake suburb. Scene of the night's Evan Mcmullin rally. It's as big as a major candidate's rally. There's thousands of people here. Hi, hello. How are you? Go Evan! The national news coming out to cover this? We're excited. We're going to win Utah, that's going to be news in itself. That's for real. There's momentum going. Reporter: The crowd, a few hundred. Many enthusiastic for Mcmullin's message. You're tricked out with Evan Mcmullin swag. Why? He's the man. When he first came out with his presidential bid, we were looking for somebody. We weren't excited about anybody. Right from the get-go we liked Evan Mcmullin. For me I really look for character, vision, and competent. I think Evan Mcmullin is a triple threat. You guys are ringers, aren't you? No just groupies. We can change reports of our country's history in a very positive way. So thank you very much for your support. Utah, thank you! Reporter: They line up to get a picture with the candidate. For this political rock star in the making, these are potential voters. I didn't know a lot about them. I wanted to get a better feel and hear straight from his mouth what he's all about. And I'm leaving a lot more hopeful than when I came. So I'm actually pleasantly surprised. Reporter: Deep down inside every American there's a kind of longing, a sense that it's our birthright to have a do it yourself, homemade, barn-raising, direct democracy. Yet here in this high school gymnasium, say whatever you will about Evan Mcmullin and whether he can win or not, these people, they're doing it. And that's pretty exciting. We say good-bye. Nice to meet you. Thanks, nice to meet you too. Reporter: Head back out on the road feeling, I'll say it, a little bit better about America. For "Nightline," I'm Terry Moran in draper, Utah.

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{"duration":"8:34","description":"McMullin has a real chance of willing his home state of Utah with courting votes from fellow Mormons who dislike both Trump and Clinton.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"43063227","title":"Independent Candidate Evan McMullin Could Make History This Election","url":"/Nightline/video/independent-candidate-evan-mcmullin-make-history-election-43063227"}