Inside the life of international superstar DJ Tiesto

At age 49, the Grammy award-winning DJ/producer has gone from "underground" to certified platinum without ever having "that commercial appeal," he said.
7:02 | 05/31/18

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Transcript for Inside the life of international superstar DJ Tiesto
Are yeady to party? Reporter: On aaty afternoon in Las Vegas, this is the mood. Thousands of people leaving their problemin under the desert and they're all here for this guy. He goesyto. For them, he's somethiike a god. The crowd is always wild sotimes they are really wild. It's like next level. And then you see water splag. There's different levels of here in Vegas. Reporter: His beats drop Barrie and peoe call ate relus experience, and forthers, it's out of bounds. Our cameras were granted all access. Inside the life and times of a celebritej. Salud! Here in Las Vegas ilay probably 30 weekends a year. Ant's Nev the same. Every week, there's people from alr the world. They alle different vibe with them. Wheny all come together and mix toer, it's a great cocktail. Repter: At 49 years G, not a dayeyond H prime, the my award-winning dy and producer is an international superstar. Making the orbes" list of highest-paid brities, banking $39 million year alone. Overast two decades tiesto has R from underground O underdog to certified platinum doing the electronic charts withs like "Wa." ??? I like us better when we're sted ??? reporter: And "Red lights." ???Ed lights ??? You refer yrself as a commercial underground deejay, know I mean? You're flyprivate,man, I don't knowif you can you're underground. I feel like I'm a commercial ground deejay because I never had that cia appeal, L to have top 10 hits. But all my music is known in subcre it's KWN in colleges or Dan ivals. Everybody knows tiesto. But iever had like 20s like Beyonce had, for pl order: He became a force in the U.S. B remixing classic ballads into dance anthems. Sarah mclalan. ??? Silence Reporter: To John legend's "All of " whiould earn him a grammy. ??? Allf M loves all of ??? order: Today redefining the dance music genre wit a new wave of collins. Like this one, "Boom" featuring Gucci man. Hadhe instrumental. I approdim if he wanted to do aeature on it. And he was . ?????? with post Malone. I personally discered him before he hadse hits. It's been ea It's a special moment, we're seeingferent collations in a way maybe weaven't seen in the past. But haven't beenhy a maybe your concern that the genre isered down if it's not doneght? Ye you coulasily lose your identity. You think -- I feel like forme, it's always importanto stay dance music noter what. Becauset's what I am. I me, dance music forever. It's in my I alws try to make M that S foot to their. Have you got it all timed out? All timed out. 55 seconds. And I walk right out E. Begin counting. ?????? Go! Let's go. You got this. Tae. ?????? Reporter: Tiesto is like a psychologiithout the ph.d. The lab his process revolves around the crowd a their connection. Curathe vibe and then almost effortles cuts them free. I see you do your thing, I feel L you really have strong kind O emotional inteen you ow what the crowd is feeling and you have a vision for W you want to take them. Yeah, absolute so it starts off really kind of hard. Like get the energy out becau erybody's excited. Then iry to slow it down and bring ore emotiomusic in. Wanna kick you Jackie Chan ??? Rter: One the byproducts of his success, including aesidency a mgm's nitclub, it's allowed him open doors and lift up the next Jen ration of deejays. Theyl you the goher. Yeah. Ho you process that? I noticed when I older and social media opene up, I really stated to have more connecti with different deejays. Repor he's a good judge of tone and potential. He discover a 15-year-old marlingaricks on Twitter I was in my bedom making mu D out of nowhere I see tiesis followi you. What? He sends, I love your trick. E talking on Skype about feedback F the so. Orter: At this point his recordak for himself. Early on he dropped a banger "Anils." The tune that would propel him onto the global same. I started making musnd fell in love with electro music because I saw to in thempics. Afterwards helayed olympics before, full LE. E texted me on theday, Ryan, I'm proud of you. Eporter: A nons no-sleep schedule. The weekend's getting started. Just hours after the afternoon party at wetrepublic, he's off to heaine this year's electric Daisy carnival. It's special to play in of 120,000 LE. That never gets ol Rter: Tonight performing a tribute to his friend and understudy avicci, who died last Mont Hs so loved by everybody. As one of the guys that made danceusic but also cre a whole N genre by himself. Eporter: T tragic loss leaving an undeniable void the edm world, the larger music community, and perhaps inhe man who saw avicci's potential early on. How do you find balance in your fe? I always live in the prt. I live by the day. That's the only way I can stay sane, actual Reporten the moment it's there. You get a sense there's a mindset, aentality that keeps him on top. All gas, no brake. I have a list of people I would love to work with. Kanye Wes on that list. A lot of other people.buts just -- yeah it hap in T moment. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Zachary kiesch in las ve Next, the

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{"duration":"7:02","description":"At age 49, the Grammy award-winning DJ/producer has gone from \"underground\" to certified platinum without ever having \"that commercial appeal,\" he said. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"55553385","title":"Inside the life of international superstar DJ Tiesto","url":"/Nightline/video/inside-life-international-superstar-dj-tiesto-55553385"}