Inside Skymall

Who's behind this mile high shopping club?
4:28 | 07/03/13

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Transcript for Inside Skymall
Announcer: Now let's go shopping at the sky mall. Reporter: You forgot to bring a book and after a certain point, animal shaped clouds no longer entertain. So you enevident blee reach for the staple of the seat back and soon you're marveling at the sheer number of watches, foot remedies and wonder how the trickle of that statue might enhance the back yard or how the garden yetti might entertain the pool boy. Who picks the electric head massager and what exactly are they smoking? So I set out to find the mountain of eternal stuff and ended up in an office park right next to the phoenix airport. So this is sky mall. This is where it all happens. Christine aguilera is the president and when she's not hearing dumb jokes about her name she over sees sky mall. Seems like a lot of your customers have aging pets and foot problems. You would be surprised how many people have pets and foot problems. They tend to be very well educated and high disposable income. As far as a retailer and a consumer base it's probably one of the best ones out there. Really? It's the ivy leaguers going for back yard yetti? It began when phones on planes were the new rage and if you ordered something mid flight they would have it waiting at baggage claim which turned out to be a horrible idea. They loved the idea of shopping but who needs a set of patio furniture in baggage claim. The sky mall team tries to keep them happy about going to 25 trade shows a year rejecting 98% of what they find. What are your most popular items. The easy bed. All you have to do is plug it in, turn it on and it opens up. Here's the browny pan so you have edge everywhere you cut. Customers love those. What's that? It's a bracelet buddy, helps women put bracelets on. Is that the bug vacuum? Yes. I might get this for my wife. She hates advisors. What's the flare hair visor. I've seen people wearing them around town. This is my favorite product out of your catalog just based on the guy on the front who looks like he may be deceased. You blow that up? You do. Would you use that? I will fess up and tell you i don't have one of those, but I've been out and I've seen people using them. You have? Absolutely. Reporter: There are no overseas out sourcing centers. It's estimated this place sells over $100 million worth of stuff each year although not all are best sellers. We had an egyptian themed toilet seat. That one didn't take off. Reporter: IT'S BEEN A Couple years since our fascination took hold and since then they do not disappointment. Giant lips for your dog, a chew toy fake mustache. A got a squirrel head and shoulder straightening straps and big foot, the garden yetty now comes in three sizes, including the jumbo $2200 version so popular it is in the company lobby. If you go for the inflatable sky rest, get a peaceful progression wakeup clock at the same time. Otherwise you might just miss your flight.

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{"id":19575771,"title":"Inside Skymall ","duration":"4:28","description":"Who's behind this mile high shopping club?","url":"/Nightline/video/inside-skymall-19575771","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}