Instagram playground: Inside the space created just for taking photos

ABC News' "Nightline" visited Refinery29's 29Rooms, where visitors could take photos in various backgrounds for the perfect Instagram post.
5:01 | 10/09/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Instagram playground: Inside the space created just for taking photos
Reporter: We're in downtown Brooklyn and I'm outside this warehouse which has been converted into 29 different rooms. ?????? a creative space tailor-made for millennials, designed by trendy up-and-coming artists, brands, and celebrities under the theme of expanding your reality. It smells like cherries. It's all part of refinery 29's immersive experience, "29 rooms." A new approach to creative installations in the digital age. Everybody wants to be like a little insta famous. Reporter: Geared toward creating gorgeous content for your social feed. From the ball pit to the disco to these guys. Fans are flocking, paying almost 40 bucks a pop for these picture-perfect backdrops that are sure to rack up the likes. It's a growing economy around Instagram playgrounds. Popups designed with the millennial mindset, like the museum of ice cream where you make snow angels with sprinkles, candytopia where you bring your sweet soothe to life. Designed for Instagram. Colorful, well lit, small. Take as much time as you need taking photos. Reporter: Last year the company said they reached half of all Instagram users worldwide, that's 400 million people. I think because of Instagram visual culture, more of these types of events are popping up, more events that are going on that are thinking about what is our Instagram moment? Reporter: The space showcasing celebrity designers who created their own rooms like Nicole Richie. Walk me through your creative process. It seems every little thing has been thought out. I need to represent California, where I'm from. I definitely want to represent the voices of the '70s. I knew what 29 rooms was because I saw it on Instagram. I'm technically a millennial, did you know that? In my room at the refinery 29 room -- Reporter: The "Black-ish" star using her room for social activism, getting the vote out for her campaign "18 by 18." Voter registration and voter education, figuring out how to register young voters, making sure we're armed with the information we need. Do we think we're seeing a shahidi for president any time soon? Shahidi for think tank? Yeah. Reporter: Another organization featured in 29 rooms, the aclu. Their camera-ready space also has a message. Instead of "The price is right," this is "Know your rights." Reporter: The spin on the classic game show. Let's see what we've got! Reporter: Hosted by "Dear white people" actress Logan browning. Dear white people, here's a list of acceptable Halloween costumes. Why is it important for organizations like the aclu to have representation here and have that sort of presence on social media? I just feel like people want to be involved, sometimes they don't know how to effect the change that they want to see. The aclu is a perfect organization to connect those dots for them. Young people are the future. Having a social media presence and a platform, to be able to connect to other people and other places, makes you feel that you matter more. Reporter: Beyond the activism, about one-third of these rooms are sponsored by major brands like Reebok and pantene. In addition to the artisan creators that help make a space like this possible you've got to make your money. They've partnered with about 10 brands like this, smirnoff, to create their own spaces for their own experiences with guests. Nauertists are thinking about, how are people going to take photos of this, share it on the internet? Friends want to be a part of that. Reporter: Despite the focus on Instagram, 29 rooms' creative director piera says they're working to get guests to put their phones down, even for a moment. We have a couple of phones that are phone-free. We have a blindfolded experience that's meant to tap into your senses. We want to do both. We think that for a lot of people coming through here, they love taking pictures, but we also want to really get people to be present and to have an experience in real life too. Reporter: One of the most popular rooms? Created by singer kal ugis. ??? Would you be a tyrant if I gave you power ??? Reporter: Reflecting her newest album "It's saying" and national pride. Colors red, yellow, blue? Primary colors, also the Colombian flag colors. It's important for us never to forget our culture, our roots. A celebration of culture, art, activism. The question still remains, what exactly are these spaces like 29 rooms? Are they immersive art? Marketing cash cows? Or literal Instagram exhibits spoon feeding content for our insatiable appetite for social media? It seems like all the above. And they're definitely the future. For "Nightline," I'm ashen Singh in a warehouse in Brooklyn.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"ABC News' \"Nightline\" visited Refinery29's 29Rooms, where visitors could take photos in various backgrounds for the perfect Instagram post.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"58376325","title":"Instagram playground: Inside the space created just for taking photos","url":"/Nightline/video/instagram-playground-inside-space-created-taking-photos-58376325"}