Investigation continues in attempted hit on David Ortiz in the Dominican Republic

Police said seven suspects stalked the Red Sox legend in a coordinated effort to kill him and collect a nearly $8,000 bounty.
7:23 | 06/14/19

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Transcript for Investigation continues in attempted hit on David Ortiz in the Dominican Republic
It only takes a few seconds to see how close baseball legend David Ortiz came to dying. What makes this so shocking is that David Ortiz is used to walking these streets. Reporter: A would-be assassin closing in, firing one shot into Ortiz' back. He's used to being in these bars, being in these environments as if he's anybody walking around the Dominican Republic. Reporter: Customers scatter as the former Boston red sox slugger goes down, bleeding on the ground. And so when you see this happen, it's such a shock. He's sitting there with some someone walks up behind him, and bang! Shoots him. Reporter: The alleged gunman takes off, too, caught on multiple surveillance cameras. The suspects were first cornered by furious citizens. Four days later, the accused shooter, ralphie Cruz behind bars and late tonight word of three more arrests and one more suspect is on the run. And a man loved by millions left in intensive care. The outrage and heartbreak felt far and wide. My colleague, ABC's Tom llamas speaking with fans outside Fenway stadium in Boston. I was shocked. Something I wouldn't expect. You have to understand who David Ortiz is. He's not just a ball player, this man is larger than life. He's big guy, big smile. One of the most famous baseball players ever to come out of the Dominican Republic. Reporter: But Ortiz's path to greatness was a rocky one. They took a chance on the obscure first baseman who had just been released from the Minnesota twins, and a come back for the books. Into the corner, it is fair, and a three-run home run. Reporter: He would lead the red sox to their first world series championship in 86 years. And the rest was history. Nicknamed big Papi, he would lead the sox to two more championships. The slugger hitting more than 500 career home runs. Joining the ranks of baseball legends like babe Ruth, Mickey mantle and Reggie Jackson. My boy, big Papi. Reporter: Earning endorsements from Dunkin' doughnuts and turbo tax, even going undercover as a Lyft driver. David Ortiz? Reporter: Surprising fans in Boston. I'm David Ortiz. Reporter: He also became a recurring bit on snl portrayed by Kenan Thompson. Big Papi personified Boston strong after the marathon bombings. This Jersey that we wear today doesn't say red sox. It say Boston. Reporter: In a defining moment, he helped pull the city back together. This is our City. And nobody going to dictate our freedom. Reporter: In 2016 after is 4 seasons with the red sox, Ortiz retired from baseball. In a Sayre mope, the city would rename a street after him. This city means a lot to me. Reporter: A legend in Boston, but in his home country a hero, known for helping more than 800 children get life-saving heart surgery. It's his humility that shines through. Don't forget where you come from. I love going back to my hometown, and you go down there, and you say that you know me. You know, some ball players become rich and famous and don't go home anymore. That's not David Ortiz. He takes pride in being from the Dominican Republic. He walks the streets. He knows the people, they know Reporter: That familiarity strikingly visible in the surveillance video where Ortiz appears relaxed with no security guards and his back to the street. I will not sit anywhere with my back to the door. Reporter: Former NYPD detective Bo dietle. If it can happen to him, it can happen to them. Reporter: Assassins agreed to kill big Papi for less than $8,000. Maybe you can convince a group of at least a half-dozen people to pull off a hit on one of the highest profile people in the Dominican Republic for less than $8,000. Reporter: The alleged plan involved these two Hyundais parked in front of one noir, one man getting out of the cars, a motorcycle nearby. The motorcycle the alleged get away vehicle shown later with two men on it driving down the street. Salvador rushed Ortiz to the hospital. Reporter: Police this morning displaying the handgun they say was used in the attempted hit So far the authorities in the Dominican Republic have arrested six people, including the suspected shooter. Turns out he is also wanted in passaic county, New Jersey. Reporter: This evening five of the six suspects appeared in court, but little is known about why the group targeted Ortiz. The big mystery in all of this is the motive. We know that these men or at least one of the men was paid to shoot David Ortiz. But what we don't know is the motive. Why did they do this? We may never really know how this attempted hit on David Ortiz was coordinated. Reporter: Ortiz is not the first sports star to be attacked in recent years. Paul pierce from the Celtics survived being stabbed 11 times in 2000 and Sean Taylor was shot and killed. Now that you saw what happened with this baseball player, it will definitely increase. Reporter: Tonight Ortiz is in recovery. His daughter posting this photo of her family to Instagram and writing, I would like to formally thank everyone who has reached out so kindly to feed us, transport us and support us. And we are sending our best to big Papi and his family.

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{"duration":"7:23","description":"Police said seven suspects stalked the Red Sox legend in a coordinated effort to kill him and collect a nearly $8,000 bounty.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"63706742","title":"Investigation continues in attempted hit on David Ortiz in the Dominican Republic ","url":"/Nightline/video/investigation-continues-attempted-hit-david-ortiz-dominican-republic-63706742"}