Iraq War: 10 Years Later

ABC's Bob Woodruff reports on U.S. war heroes' reflections on the Iraq War
1:35 | 03/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Iraq War: 10 Years Later
It was ten years ago tonight that the US invaded Iraq. Among the reporters who went in with the US troops was ABC's Bob Woodruff and tonight he takes account of the hole and the progress of that war. By the numbers. When US troops rolled into Iraq and march 20 2003. Few could imagine this sacrifice it would require. Whether one point five million Americans would serve. Of those killed 4378. Men 110 women. More than 100000 Iraqis were killed. All of it came with a 728. Billion dollar price tag there will likely reach into the trillions when you add the cost of caring for our injured veterans. In the square where Saddam statue was toppled. Not much has changed the pedestal stands empty. Other sites once guarded by US troops are decorated with campaign posters for Iraq's upcoming elections. Change in Iraq is undeniable. After the invasion unemployment was as high as 50%. Now it's below fifteen before the war a couple thousand Iraqis could access the Internet now there -- more than two million Iraqis on line. There are 21 million cellphones in -- -- -- from zero before the war. And in the very spot where suicide bombers once bloodied Baghdad streets shopping and commerce has returned. But just today a reminder that the violence is never far 65 dead and more than 200 wounded in a series of attacks. For Iraqis war still wages on. A decade later.

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{"id":18769197,"title":"Iraq War: 10 Years Later","duration":"1:35","description":"ABC's Bob Woodruff reports on U.S. war heroes' reflections on the Iraq War","url":"/Nightline/video/iraq-war-10-years-18769197","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}