What jail chaplain said to 'affluenza teen' day before release

Couch was released this week after spending two years in jail for violating his probation conditions for a 2013 fatal drunk-driving accident.
7:00 | 04/04/18

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Transcript for What jail chaplain said to 'affluenza teen' day before release
It was a legal defense that ignited national debate. Affluenza . Affluenza . Affluenza . The so called affluenza teen avoiding prison time with the defense arguing he was too rich to know right from wrong. Five years ago after a night of drinking crashed his supervised up pick truck series. Killed four. Pleaded guilty to manslaughter and served ten years The outrage was incredible from the community. That wasn't the last from couch after this surfaced of him violating probation and he was later arrested and extradited back to Texas and sentenced to 720 days behind bars. The outrage was initially directed towards the judge but then when he fled to Mexico with his mother there was a lot more outrage to go around. This week Ethan couch just days shy of his 21st birthday is a free man. Back under the glare of the media spotlight not making any statements as he made his way to the back of a Tesla. While the debate over couch's case continues to swirl around him little has been heard from the man at the center of this whirl winds. Tim Williams is one of the few people who has spoken to Ethan while in jail. At our first meeting I said really Ethan you got to understand that my connection to the whole event is that, you know, Brian and I grew up together. Brian was my best friend. Williams's best friend Brian is Brian Jennings, one of the victims killed by couch. But I just said this is what has occurred. I'm sure you have some things you might want the to discuss on your side so let's try to begin a minister. A minister, said his faith helped to forgive and reach out to couch. When I first met with him there was no indication he owned what he had done. He had just been caught and I found over the years a lot of people won't own what they did until they get caught and I shared with him, I said, look, you got some hope whether you know it or not because you didn't take the I'm not guilty route. Williams said he visited couch almost weekly over the course of the past two years their last meeting the day before Ethan couch was released. I asked him if he was remorseful. He's gotten a little bit upset with it because he is remorseful. We talk it through. I said why are you upset he said because I'm remorseful I don't know how to tell everybody this. It started on June 15, 2013, couch's blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit when he got behind the wheel after a night of partying and gunned it to 70 miles an hour and lost control and swerved into a ditch plowininto a group of people bodies scattered hundreds of feet. 15-year-old Lucas Mcconnell survived the crash. What do you remember? Glass breaking. Tiring screeching. Nailed the tree. His father pulled up to the crash scene moments later. It was chaos. There were people lying around injured, hurt, dead, people yelling, screaming help me. Couch walked away from that mangled truck. Once Ethan couch was found the story came together quickly. Not only was he drunk but traces of thc and valium and other drugs. Which are bad enough on their own but combined with alcohol just a recipe for disaster afterert. Rrd alp E rt was assistant attorney that came on to the case a day after the crash and charged Ethan with four counts of intoxication manslaughter. We were hoping for and asked for 20 years. But he tried as a juvenile and pled guilty and during the sentencing the curious term was dropped. Affluenza . And he was sentenced to ten years in probation and time in rehab. Fast forward to 2018 Ethan is seen partying in this Twitter video that would go viral. Sources saying that video prompted couch and his mother to flee to Mexico leading to an international man hunt. After a three week long search they are arrested in Puerto Vallarta and judge sentencing Ethan to 720 days in prison and tonight his mother in the same jail he walked out of after being arrested last week for a parole violation. There's still much debate over couch's new found freedom. Mother's against drunk driving releasing a statement saying in part the 720 days Ethan served shows that drunk driving homicides are not treated as the violent crimes that had he are. I've learned that my idea what the justice system is is not realistic. Victims don't always matter. And sometimes money speaks louder. Than the truth. As Ethan he may be free but will be shackled by reminders of his past. He is under really severe restrictions as conditions of his parole. He can't drink. Drugs. When he can leave the house. If he can drive. If he violates any of those now that he's an adult he could end zone up with 40 years behind bars. In a statement to ABC news -- went on to say -- Tim Williams says he plans to continue his relationship with couch. I think he's mature now. I think he is able to o[n and express things much better. Most of the time an apology is very healing to victims. I think that for at leastuite some time he's been ready to do that. And so I'm not sure why he's not doing it yet. For "Nightline" I'm Matt Gutman in Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"7:00","description":"Couch was released this week after spending two years in jail for violating his probation conditions for a 2013 fatal drunk-driving accident. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"54223442","title":"What jail chaplain said to 'affluenza teen' day before release","url":"/Nightline/video/jail-chaplain-affluenza-teen-day-release-54223442"}