Jeffrey Epstein accuser Maria Farmer recounts 1st night of their meeting

“If the FBI had listened to me in 1996, there would of been no more victims,” Farmer said.
4:56 | 07/03/20

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Transcript for Jeffrey Epstein accuser Maria Farmer recounts 1st night of their meeting
To my knowledge, the first person to ever complain to law enforcement about Jeffrey Epstein was Maria. She did something, just nobody listened. I first met Jeffrey Epstein in 1995, so I'm 25 years old. I had just graduated from new York academy of art, and all the students have a show. He went to shake my hand, and he said you're so talented. I love your painting. This is the painting that Jeffrey Epstein purchased the night I met him. Marie was initially hired to collect art for Epstein, but that quickly morphs into a role where she's signing in in the front of the building. She started seeing concerning behavior. Gill lane Maxwell would go out on these drives to procure models. She would say, these are the new I need the new Biles. That was her word. She would bring them to Jeffrey Epstein's mansion. And they were just walked up, one at a time. And they had a certain amount of time upstairs, and then they were brought down. I knew something was wrong. I didn't know what was wrong. And one night, in Epstein's Ohio estate everything changed when she was called into EP Epstein's bedroom. And he was lying on the bed with socks and boxers, and he goes "Sit right here", and I thought, oh, my god. She say the they violently sexually assaulted her. I remember being in a lot of pain. They didn't get my clothes off. They tried. I was in an absolute panic, to the point where I was able to get myself up and get out of that room, and Ghislaine came after me. I literally took these big pieces of furniture and pushed them against the doors. After this alleged assault in Ohio, Maria's done with Epstein and Maxwell. She wants nothing more to do with them. But when she gets back to new York she begins to get threatening phone calls from Maxwell. She also claims that Epstein and Maxwell are harassing her and trying to ruin her art career. Way I've been treated made it very clear to me, there is something else going on. Maria files a police report against Jeffrey Epstein, and then Maria calls the FBI. And I said, are you taking me seriously? And he said, "Yes, I'm taking you seriously." If the FBI had listened to me in 1996, there would have been no more victims. The path to justice would take decades. Last year, he was arrested. According to the indictment, he sexually exploited and abused dozens of girls in New York, palm beach. It shocks the conscience. They conducted a raid on his $56 million home in Manhattan. They found hundreds if not thousands of female nude or partially-nude photographs. Some of the photographs seemingly showing underaged girls, and inside of a locked safe, compact discs, one labeled "Young miscellaneous nudes 1." He would plead not guilty to one count of sex trafficking and sex trafficking with conspiracy. Epstein was jailed and held without bail. We think he has every incentive to try and flee the jurisdiction. When you have two planes and live much of the year abroad, you know, we think that's a very real risk. Still facing charges of federal sex trafficking, one month later, Epstein would die of an apparent suicide in a Manhattan jail. Now nearly a year later, gill lane Maxwell is also heading to jail to await her trial. Ghislaine Maxwell was a very scary individual to many abuse survivors, and to have her in prison has brought them great peace. What do they see as justice for gill lane Maxwell? They see for Ghislaine Maxwell, her being behind bars for the reminder of her life. The arrest seems to signal to victims that they will be believed and that even someone as the FBI said living a life of privilege can be held to account.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"“If the FBI had listened to me in 1996, there would of been no more victims,” Farmer said. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"71590841","title":"Jeffrey Epstein accuser Maria Farmer recounts 1st night of their meeting","url":"/Nightline/video/jeffrey-epstein-accuser-maria-farmer-recounts-1st-night-71590841"}