Does Jennifer Lopez Have a Crush on David Gandy?

A closer look at the model, who appears in Lopez's steamy new video for her song "First Love."
2:47 | 06/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Does Jennifer Lopez Have a Crush on David Gandy?
What happens when one of the top pop stars in the world picks one of the top models in the world to star in her music video? Well, certainly you get a smoking hot video. But is there more to Jennifer Lopez's latest crush? Here's ABC's Amy robach. Reporter: It's the steamiest song of the summer. But the question on everyone's mind, who is that guy? He plays j-lo's first love in her latest music video. The chemistry is undeniable. If I had a celebrity crush, it would be him. Reporter: Jennifer's new crush happens to be one of the hottest and highest paid male models in the world. After her split with her boyfriend, everyone wants to know is gandy more than just a crush. I mean, this guy, he's almost perfect. He's almost perfect. It's not that he's perfect, he's got a big nose, but he's perfect. Reporter: We spoke with him last year about his success and what it's like to be a top male model. You now have the title richest male model in the world. Something like that. Reporter: It's a nice title to have. Yeah. Reporter: His face and body are everywhere. He works the runway just as well as those rugged lucky jeans. And he's eye catching. But j-lo's new music video has given gandy celebrity status and instant name recognition. With his masculine physique, it was difficult for him at first. But in 2006, they took a chance. Millions of people saw David gandy in those tiny white trunks. It changed the industry. That's not easy to do. Reporter: His success keeps him on the road constantly. What is it like in terms of relationships within the fashion world? Do you make a point to not date other models? How do you balance that? There's two ways of thought. You're half naked and believe me, there's a big tug boat and 20 Italians fishing behind me, but it's not romantic. I don't know. Reporter: You haven't figured it out yet. If anyone has the answers, please send them to me. Reporter: Whatever advice they may have for his love life, few would argue the connection he and j-lo has in the video is about as hot as it gets. As j-lo would say, perfect. I'm Amy robach in New York.

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{"id":24226087,"title":"Does Jennifer Lopez Have a Crush on David Gandy?","duration":"2:47","description":"A closer look at the model, who appears in Lopez's steamy new video for her song \"First Love.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/jennifer-lopez-crush-david-gandy-24226087","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}