Jodi Arias Can't Remember Stabbing Ex-Boyfriend

Accused murderer testifies that she remembers a gun being fired accidentally.
6:08 | 02/21/13

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Transcript for Jodi Arias Can't Remember Stabbing Ex-Boyfriend
Well today brought another cliffhanger moment and -- murder trial full of twists and turns -- -- the Arizona woman now facing death row for shooting. Stabbing and slashing her onetime boyfriend. Tearfully told the court she acted in self defense and that she can't remember everything that happened that fateful night here's ABC's. -- -- for our serious crime and punishment. The gun went off. I didn't mean to shoot him or anything. I didn't think I was holding news. The -- From the mouth of the killer today the jury heard -- areas his version of what happened the day she took these pictures of her ex boyfriend Travis Alexander in the shower. I'm taking pictures of him. We were trying out different poses. It was a little where his background listening to upgrade the water was okay. Then seconds later butchered the Mormon businessman in the bathroom of his Mesa, Arizona home. She says she dropped Alexander's camera any flew into a rage -- Picked me up last coaching but he -- -- -- -- as he's bringing guns is stupid idiot. And -- body slam me again -- tile. She claimed she ran into his closet and grabbed his gun I ran out of the closet he was chasing me. I turned around her in the middle and back through. Point that it would both agree I thought that it Stockton but he just kept running this is planning -- -- And I didn't notice shot. Is it went off. But remember on June 4 2008 her thirty year old former boyfriend wasn't just shot in the head. He was stabbed 27 times including nine in the back. And his throat was slit nearly to the appointed. Out of that game that I don't remember. There -- a lot of gaps. That's right it is a woman who has spent eight days on the stand recounting details from nearly a decade ago. And I'm like I'm I wonder anytime a person which I kind of didn't leave because he was content in California. It's pulling tractors and -- Within almost photographic memory -- draws a blank on the crime. What do you remember it's almost nothing for a long time there are some things that come back three years. But nothing I don't know those things that I'm thinking and and before her or if it's that day and it's confusing. Is like -- huge gap. Like I don't know -- had blacked out -- -- yesterday on the stand me she spent hours detailing her sordid sex life with the victim he pressed. He's kind -- gives me. -- -- about us yes today she breezed through his brutal killing in less than a half hour. A distant -- let -- happen and I can take anything back when it just happened and then there's like. I didn't. 3:1 o'clock. Travis Alexander's family sat stunned listening to her story of self defense the most clear memory that I had. After that point is striking. She remembers so much. And yet when it comes to the most important thing in this case which is how did -- end up with these throat slashed -- -- Doesn't remember -- an elementary student. Claiming you have -- selectively photographic memory. Is it -- -- to a jury. The prosecutor says her story on the stand is just one more fabrication. He we'll get his chance to cross examine areas beginning in the morning. Expect fireworks. He says she murdered her acts in a jealous rage planned every detail and lied to cover her tracks. The prosecutor played these interrogation tapes from right after her arrest first she told the detective. She wasn't there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then she was there when two intruders broke in and slaughtered Alexander in front of her but -- her life. Pictures and I heard as well bringing. Jodi -- his web of lies has led some to call her a monster who will say anything to -- -- again. She is not a monster she is -- love being caring intelligent. Articulate. Funny person. And Campbell and Donovan -- our friends of -- areas they talk to and visit her in jail almost daily. -- -- the young woman who won a jailhouse Christmas caroling contest. Just as sweet as her voice leave my -- Okay. It had to be something. Terrible for her to snap because in the -- -- -- visitor I've never seen her get angry loser town. -- -- -- -- -- he says there's not one counts of her life it's not out there that's not open to the public. It's humiliating. Donovan who has been in court nearly every day met areas in jail she was there for being an accessory to arson. Sheehan and say they've received death threats for supporting their friends I know this is a difficult question to answer as her friends. But what do you think should happen to her. I don't want to see is the definitely tell us your other I don't want -- -- your diet. But of course that's not up to her -- -- his fate rests in the hands of an Arizona jury. A few years ago areas told the show inside edition she wasn't worried. -- -- is going to convict me. One because I'm innocent and you can mark my words -- -- know -- -- convict me. This jury has seen that clip and now they've heard her version of what happened the day she killed her ex boyfriend he's grabbing him close and then got ahead. And he -- to screening angry. And after I broke away and he's. And -- days. At least a little she said she can remember. Hi Brian Owens for Nightline in Phoenix.

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{"id":18553730,"title":"Jodi Arias Can't Remember Stabbing Ex-Boyfriend","duration":"6:08","description":"Accused murderer testifies that she remembers a gun being fired accidentally. ","url":"/Nightline/video/jodi-arias-remember-stabbing-boyfriend-18553730","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}