John McCain's lighter side, 'SNL' cameos, family man

Though McCain was honored for his 60 years of service, he was known to have a comedic side, making movie and TV cameos.
6:50 | 08/28/18

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Transcript for John McCain's lighter side, 'SNL' cameos, family man
We thank you for the gift of senator johnidccain. Reporter: Today in the senate wheren McCain serve F over 30 years the chaplain offered a solemn prayer. May his consequent to leave the world better than we found . Reporte his empty desk draped in black, a vase of white rosesn top. Back in histown inzo weea McCain's own parting RDS, a final T. Nkor the prige of serving you and the rewarding life that service in uniform and public off has allowed me T lead. Reporter: In a farew letter addressed to fellow Americans and read by long-time K Davis McCain proclaimed tatotismha was at T core of his remarkable life. I lived and a proud American. We areizens of erld's greatest republic, a nation ideals, noblood and soil. Repor those ringing id McCain lived almo out fashion now and issued a warningbout , about T dangers of this dive political moment. Weea our greatness when we confuse our patriot with tribal R that have sown resentment andatred and violence in all the cor of the globe. He kind of CSS McCain straight talk that made him known as one of test san senats in washin. His friendship reflected thattoo. We have a fun and we joke back and forth and enjoy each other' company. Reporter: McCain publicanator Lindsey graham and former demoic senator Joe Lieberman were close pals they were famously dubbed the three Amos my colleague Dan Harris recently spoke with senator leeban T their uni friendshipwas aing to really get kno John as I have and to be able to worth him. And as I sa work across party lines on a lot different arch party discourages therom doing too much toer. Reporter: But McCain and eberman didn't play by rules. I'md to be joined by my senator Joe liman. The idea of people opposite parties coming together to T to build coalitions and dises on things, that is aost and dying Spent four years in ninth ade. Yeah, myavade. Rr: The third of the os republinator LI graham McCain campaigned B the new hampire primary in 2014. I W respectfully ask your consideration despite poor gr Senator John mccain!eporter: Senator McCain the come. He loved a good had aatural comic touch, as he heguest-starredn aturday nigh" in 20 Ty asked president bush to do it, apparently he doesn't like Tok on weekends. Reporte in 2008 as presidentialhopefu Good evening, my fellow americans.I'ccain. And you know, I'm just Sarah Palin. Reporter: That wit made him gst on latnight. I didn't realize this. S in town.he's been at the events a she'ee having some Jell-O shotdown in the hotel bar. Reporter: There were als appears movs like his cagside Christo Walken in"wng crashers." Congrations. Thank you so much. Reporter: In the farewell letter release today McCain also wrote about his Bel ly. Onean has never had are loving wife or chin he was prouder of than I am O mine. Reporter: To his famjohn McCain was first a husband a father. Married to firste Carol in 1965, he adopted her two sons, ug and Andrew. A baby when McCain was held a P.O.W. In nar more than five something he spoke about with C in 2008. Did it cost you your marriage I think I think -- but that's, again, my responsibility. Hie separated for a long, long time. And Carol a wonderful loving person aonderful parent. It just -- wet grew apart. Hard enough. Thenou met Cindy. Yeah. Who ped whom? Think I pursued her. I don'hi there's any doubt abthat. Reporter: Wed in80, the couple had four children. Meghan, jackjimmothe their dad ser in military. The mccainsdoptedir youngest daughter Bridget in 1991 F bangla. Happy to note that we are adoptive parents a enriched ourlives, ande hope that will also encourage others to do the same. Don't know if I been a good father or not, but io th verhard, mainly because of Cindy, to spend a LE withur children, and so they've turned out pre well and I'm proud of them. R: In one of his final public apprances McCain joined his HT mn as a guest on "Thview" to celebrate her birthday. T's -- we hiked inona were -- I'm it's really special. On topthe mountain- love you so much. Reporter: Aftere died I is thanks tohim. Now that he is gon theask of my lifetime is to LIV up to his ple, his expectations a love." A life that John always sought to learn from. I'veed to serve our country honorably. I'vee mistakes. But I hope for America will be weighed favorably against them People were as hon about their mistakes as John ccain. Talked about his during the0 campaign, when he came I support of the Carolina stateol. His decision to pick Sarah pals his running mate. He's never apologize for . Reporter: Morhan anything, John McCain lived his lif with gusto, looking ahead, eve optimi about the country he so loved. Joyfndesilient and gratefulor it all to the end. The luckies guy on Earth. I have ser America's cause, the cause O our security and the S O O friends, the cause ofom and equal justice. And I've enjoyed it. Every single day of it. Next here, bow

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{"duration":"6:50","description":"Though McCain was honored for his 60 years of service, he was known to have a comedic side, making movie and TV cameos. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57442892","title":"John McCain's lighter side, 'SNL' cameos, family man","url":"/Nightline/video/john-mccains-lighter-side-snl-wedding-crashers-57442892"}