Justin Bieber confirms engagement to model Hailey Baldwin

In a lengthy post shared to Instagram, the singer called Baldwin, "the love of my life" and gushed he "wouldn't want to spend it with anybody else."
5:19 | 07/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Justin Bieber confirms engagement to model Hailey Baldwin
For years Justin Bieber's fans ought Selena G was the one. Their relnship fling their music for almost a decade. Which is why his Instagram posts yesterdaft fans asking, wh do youean? ??? What do you mean ??? Baldwin after a whirlwind romance, wng to 101 million followers he was going to wait awhile to a mple, Halley, I am so I love with everything about born-again pop star on to say, god's timing really is literally perfecven quong the bible, he who finds a wife finds a good thind oains favor fromhe lord. The 21-year-old Baldwin, ugf actor STE ba posting a message of herwn O social mea tweeting, I am so utterly grateful to god for giving me an increder T sre my life with. Ses from this famous baldwinfamily, but she's also made a name fo here as a model. She's right up the with kel andigi and Bella in th new generation THA really harnessed the power of social media to get these huge contracts. Reporter: Their budding romance, like everything in Bieber's world, tabloid fodder for weeks werd from sources he really feels this the lighter energy with her. Shakes him happy. Reporter: Tm sparking headlines a first reporting the proposalappened overhe weekend at a resort in the Bahamas. Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are engaged. T's just-engaged Justin and Halley. Reporter: Theirlic tuation has fans asking, Elena taking the news? The agai off again couple Rece back the after her kidneytransp, but ended thingslier this year. They had alw bn plagued by these issues her problems, he had his problems together they just couldnake it work.they couldn't get past it. ??? Reporter: At times music andyrics H fans feeling as though they reading a diary, documenting the ups and of young love. Tearfully performing "Theeart wants what it want at the amas. Tell us about beibs and Selena. Seem to be serenad each ot over the years. Well, I thinkt you have and is that crucial developments in justibieber's career to have come after artbreak. And they seem to have come after hearak involving Selena Z. In 2015, after Justin and Selena had gotether and broken up andotten together a broken up and played ping pom with their hearts,long came these enormously successful, reallyreat pop songs. Reporter:e his multi-platinum hit "Sorry." ??? Is it too late now to S sorry ??? Reporter: And her chart-topping tune "Same old love." ??? I'm so sick of that same love ??? Selena and Justin seemed to be having a public conversation ab the kind of things most people talk aboutprate. This really see be a ct kind of cssional songwriting. Reporter: Jus talked about real-life inspirations on Zach sang" show a couple of years ago. I'm findingyself and talking about stuff I'm real goingthh. I'm talking about juseally personal STUF it becomoable. ??? B baby baby ??? Reporter: Over yea we'v watched Justin growup, from that babyfaced kid a teen who didn'ays make T smartest choices. Dabbledn drugs andalcohol, raced fast cars action went a little too far intois own Reporr:ore mature Bieber decided last year toe a break, reflect on his care cancelins "Purpose" tour, saying on stagram, I want my career to sustainable but I also mymind, heart, and soul to be sustainable so that ica the man want to be, the husband I eventually want to . His decision to slo may have been influenced by this theso-calledtor to the stars, karllentz. My "Nightline" Coan Byron pittssked about Justin's decision T cancel his tour. He toldwhat he's going to do. He S on his own behalfbout itetter than I could. I like I whenple make decisions for their sou first. Career, money, platform, sre second. Reporter: The hipster chill song has included the likes of Bieber's fiancee, Halley bold win. He invd ergy working on self improvement sms like he's found joyn his relationship with Halley. Reporter: Baldwin has been a believer since S a young girlee him on the red carp as a teenager. This isn't F marrying her teen idol. This is Mike an aniston/pitt nt. They're both celebrities. She's a Mo has a career O her own. Reporter: Who is he, writing you make Meo much better, we men each other so well, can't Wai for T best season of life yet. Nough to ve you believe until happily ever af

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"In a lengthy post shared to Instagram, the singer called Baldwin, \"the love of my life\" and gushed he \"wouldn't want to spend it with anybody else.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"56504276","title":"Justin Bieber confirms engagement to model Hailey Baldwin","url":"/Nightline/video/justin-bieber-confirms-engagement-model-hailey-baldwin-56504276"}