Justin Bieber explains why he unexpectedly canceled tour

The 23-year-old pop star posted a lengthy statement on Instagram, saying he needed to take time to become "sustainable."
6:39 | 08/04/17

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Transcript for Justin Bieber explains why he unexpectedly canceled tour
about Xiidra. Cc1 Test message The biebs explaining why he is stepping out of spotlight for a while. He left millions of fans asking, and sorry for the pun here, where are you now? ??? Where are you now that I need you ??? After he cancelled his worldwide tour last week, he finally gave an answer. Posting this lengthy letter on Instagram saying he needs time the reflect on his life. Me taking this time right now is me saying I want to be sustainable. I want my career to be sustainable. I also want my mind, heart and soul to be sustainable. There's nothing more trying and intense and needing of stamina that I can think of than being a torn musician. It is just absolutely constant. You're on the road, it seems unsustainable unless you have the right team of people around you. You're really grounded. You have positive influences in your life and you're taking care of yourself. With his remix of Desposito at number one, Bieber already performed in 150 countries but he recently scrammed the final 14 shows at the time citing, unforeseen circumstances. Today's post hinting at the spiritual I'm reminded of how blessed I am to have a voice in this world. The he is taking a time out, I think it needs to be to rejuvenate himself emotionally and spiritually. A recent TMZ report stating it may have had something to do with this man. We speak salvation in your house. Nicknamed the rock star pastor whose hip millennial conversation called hillsong has included kiley and Kendall gender Jenner. TMZ writing the decision came after Bieber decided to rededicate his life to Christ and after long talks with him, said to be a trusted spiritual adviser. We heard from sources that it was because he was exhausted and he just really wanted to focus on himself and was spending time with his church friends and his pastor and focusing on his spirituality. Bieber appeared to be a true believer during this interview. Hillsong dies having a role in his decision making staying recent announcement by Justin Bieber about his tour does not involve hillsong church. We wish Justin the best for his future. Bieber has lived a long life in the spotlight, discovered YouTube at the age of 12. In 2010, "Nightline" went behind the scenes at the budding star at a soldout concert in Hollywood. Backstage, he shared a quick prayer with his team. His career has been closely managed by his mom Patty, cancelling this latest tour may be a lesson learned early on. I feel like there's too much pressure on him. We scale back and we cancel some things. Take it one day at a time and try to get proper rest. Now 23 years old, Justin Bieber has grown up since that interview, reflecting in Instagram, I let my broken relationships dictate the way I acted toward people. I let bitterness, jealousy and fear run my livest now appears to be looking to the future, stating, I want to be the man I want to be, the husband I eventually want to be and the father I want to be. The pressures of fame have been known to take a toll, especially for stars who have grown up in the spotlight. From Miley Cyrus to demi Lovato to Britney spears. She came on the scene at 16 years old. She was a kid. She became a super star in no time. But we witnessed her breakdown. A grueling tour schedule can also take a toll. Last year, Kanye west after what was described as a debilitating medical condition, cancelled the remaining 21 shows on his St. Pablo tour. Get ready. The show is over. Abruptly ending the show after learning mid performance that his wife had been robbed in Paris. That was just a few weeks after the rap super star pulled the plug on another show after officially cancelling the tour, he was hospitalized for eight days in a neuro psychiatric hospital. Just this week, west sued his insurance company saying they're refusing to pay $10 million in damages from money lost on the cancelled tour. Also last year, the pop star Selena Gomez, his former girlfriend, cancelled. She halted to take care of herself. In an interview for the September issue of in style magazine, Gomez talked about her decision saying, quote, last year I cancelled my tour and went away for 90 days and it was the best thing I ever could have done. I had no phone. Nothing and I was scared. Gomez would spend three months in a Tennessee treatment center for depression and anxiety. I think it is really easy to criticize the celebrities. They seem to have it all. They have tremendous pressure and they've been working since they're children and they work really, really hard. The singer has been struggling with lupus and autoimmune disease for several years. She opened up about that battle saying she had stopped undergoing kilo therapy. I've been through stuff and I think it has been able to test me as a person. She said she wants to tour again. When she's ready, she'll come is that get it. ??? When you're ready come and get it ??? Everybody should take a mental health day and take a time-out in order to take care of themselves. And I think it is really great that some of these celebrities are so vocal and honest about some of the medical difficulties and challenges that they're coping with. Because it's not really anyone's business. So this shows that they have a connection and respect of their audience. See in concert this summer. His fans are hoping a better Bieber will be back on stage soon enough.

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"The 23-year-old pop star posted a lengthy statement on Instagram, saying he needed to take time to become \"sustainable.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"49027324","title":"Justin Bieber explains why he unexpectedly canceled tour","url":"/Nightline/video/justin-bieber-explains-unexpectedly-canceled-tour-49027324"}