Kavanaugh under fire: Second accuser comes forward against Supreme Court nominee

Christine Blasey Ford said she will not let fear "hold me back from testifying" against Brett Kavanaugh, who denies the allegations against him.
8:11 | 09/25/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kavanaugh under fire: Second accuser comes forward against Supreme Court nominee
I've NER sexually assaulted T inigh school, not Rorter: Supme court minee judrett kavangh respng to around of new of sexual mionduct on Fox News. Iot G letalse accusati drive usut of this ess. Reporter: Seatedt to his wife Ashley who conyed her support for her husband. He's decent. He's kind. Good. Brett. Youon't S aupreme C nominee K pubicall other than inside a confmation roo it refct the peril THA this nomination isn Reporter: It's been a filled wit tuoi We believe Dr. Fo! Eporte onitol hill angry protesters filled rotundand hlways calling for the end toanaugh's on.eisrupters apprehend and rerained by police usi zip marchedon, fists air to the supreme court. T sh survivors. Reporter:llegation seem deepen the political vide. Olitical pssure is boiling over here on capitol hi morehan20 prote arrested today. Ey are demding that several key senators vote N O judge Kavanaugh's nominee sucourt. Reporter: Democrats renge an FBI investigation. How do Yo GE truth ifon't eve an investigation? Wh allegations that I think the judicia coit should hr hand hear lly. Reporter: A chorus of publicans C Thi wave a smear campaign. It's sme shameful smear campaign. Reportend president trump remaining steadfast in hi support. Hs a fin man with an unpast, these hi you be substantiated state. Jue kavan I an outstanding rs I am im all the way. Reporter: Rep of more allegations against kavanau surfacedunnight, this after a week ofup over allegations firstro forth Christine blasey Ford. Sunday the "Yorker" a former classmate of judge kavanaugo AEG kavanahosedo her at party O cs. She says she remembers a penis Bein front of her facend other students around her ING her T kiss it. His reporting. Want to stress this Teing of this matter riously. The number witnesses told at the time is strong. It's inxcess what have we typically so in this kind inigativ reporting. Reporter: The "New Yorker" acknowle it could no could put kavgh T pty and thatamirez at first not sur kaugh who exposed himself. Judge Kavanaugh and thete use Ed statements in response the "New Yo" article. Kavanadelaim saying in part this alleged years ago N happeneople who knew kno did not happen and have said so. This is a smear, P and simp W does S morality and personal conductatter herekns someone who is going to be in jgment in hug impnt cases and issuing rul thaave consequences for every person in this country. Reporter: The examination of H's personaldu first te Jge kavanah,l you testify? First we want to bin with the algation agast court nomineett kaugh. Predent trums supremeinee inrm Reporter: When Christine blasey Ford steppedrd in "Washington post" interviewng thatav asulted her while they were in school about 35 years ago, to testify in a open hearing onday aookt a letter felt tt thisas something that a citiz could not do. I a confidential manner prior to mine being Sele. She clearly considers this attempted rape. It wasn't about politic in her mind this is about being treated fairly inpublic forum for one thatas seen the limelight of washgt, hasn'tad appear cameras ever beforeorter: Blasey Ford says she 'tvanaugh wl en they attended teenagerckn the '80s. Ey fordlaimsgh a friend WER stumblingnk when theyocked her in a bedroom and turned O ldusic and says vanaugh'sri watched as the nowominee pinnedo aed and groped her hand when she tried to scream Kavanaugh put her hand over her mouth accor to "The Washington post." He was tryingoremove M clothing and ihoughteht Ed a Vermont ily kill M E managed to escape and fled the house. Decadeat she told ariage ert and her husndbout an incident in 2012. Story for.shen a polygraph. E' credible per these are serious allegations, aneye addressed Rorter: A of this alreadytoll. Dr. Blasey Ford's attorney releasing thin saying in part she's currently G Hom and is receiving in to her a her family's safety. E to belieull non-partisan investion of latter is needed, and she is willing to coopete committee judge Kavanaugh said in a statemt a cetely false allen. I have N don anything like what the ACC describes her anyone. Because this never happened have N whoaking this accusa until she identified herself yeerday. H's hotly contested confirm hearings began onth. Day two he entered no a heated excnge with senator mahirono fro Hawaii. Her questio which ask every nomin cost prescient. Since you became a legal adult have you committed any or first harassment or as O aal nature? No. Have youredscipline or entered into element related to this KINT? . Eporter: Was ao asked Abt his time in hoy sg Hool? Did over get trouble? Were you more of a John boy Walton type or Aris bueller type? At school. Iad a lots. I talk lot to my friend. You left out the tled part. That' encompassed up the nds. And now ente LE is coming upped scrutiny, Thi joke from 2015 in-examined. What happens at georgn prep stays at georgetownp. Een all of, I think. This intense foc I weighing heavily on this entire kava family. Family hav Baken throu isthey have been by media reque H threats against their lives accordo judgeavanaugh. Been a difficult od. America I fairne, and hearing from both sides and it D ts or anything resembli this. These are- this wrong. Reporter: It's monday, is already at a fever pitch Washington streams ahead to Thursday. Who knows whals will hpen between now and then. An epic showdown and N in ayp Partin way. Dr. Ford,ho is making clear her, attempted to her morehan years ago andttgh says I was never there. Who is tellinghe who isredible a whose story S off ashe tthful one. Repor for "Nht lipo"m rry Moran washing washiton.

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{"duration":"8:11","description":"Christine Blasey Ford said she will not let fear \"hold me back from testifying\" against Brett Kavanaugh, who denies the allegations against him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"58060119","title":"Kavanaugh under fire: Second accuser comes forward against Supreme Court nominee","url":"/Nightline/video/kavanaugh-fire-accuser-forward-supreme-court-nominee-58060119"}