Kenya Mall Massacre: Witnesses Recount Horror

Al-Shabab, the group claiming responsibility for the deadly attack, has links to al Qaeda.
3:00 | 09/24/13

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Transcript for Kenya Mall Massacre: Witnesses Recount Horror
In other words designer tax you might picture the feline version of elaborate -- bred to match the -- sense of style. But there is a -- market out there for custom cat lovers who want more king of the jungle. Then cute on the couch we're talking big cities but the kind of fierce primal urges that have them banned in several states. Who would pay tens of thousands of dollars to such -- pat and should you worry if they move in next door. Here's ABC's -- cut. -- he's in new obsession clawing its way into American life exotic cats. From designer breeds like the toy maybe they're sultan -- increasingly popular with pet owners. Across the country to -- wildcats. Proceeded from cheap lines and Savannah it's a hybrid of the circle. To host cat. They're proud owners display -- all -- -- future. That whose exotic cats can be controversial. Some say the aggressive ones and killed. And kiddies they can grow two to three times larger than analysts. Dredging sand -- pretty good sign of how closely related circles are to their beat -- cousins. And I just want to ask everybody to try and stay three feet away from McCain to Carol -- is the founder of big cat rescue -- Tampa Florida. He's actually got to -- this guy Kelly's part bobcat we think that the other parties may be careful. It's a sanctuary for can't speak and small. Those abandoned or abused or retired from -- And after a few minutes here. Begin to understand why these circles might have been -- banded. -- -- thirty pounds of pure why -- How bad it is a temperament and Alex it's -- cat that could take down a deer it's a Catholic could take down your child your pets -- neighbors' pets and children. And they sprayed bucket loads of year and all over -- and springer and yes -- -- -- -- -- -- in the eat your children doesn't word spread that these -- probably the best animals to have in your house pets people want to have something different. They want to have the -- against the baddest than most exotic. Remember that crunch. He -- his -- treats more than a thousand pounds of pressure per square rich compare that to a human which jumps down at about a hundred pounds per square inch. Three feet right. Yes. This senior animal keeper Gail -- -- bucket he struggles delicacy role will mean she can next. Quote nice catch are they anymore dangerous than the other animals we have here -- All equally dangerous some. On the more on the hillsides and -- science some are more dangerous in the killed in the main -- -- the lessons would you prefer remaining to killing personally. I stay far enough away that I don't have to worry about that now it's my turn. Beat cats. Beat teeth. And -- cost. If you want to turn you going to come to me. -- -- hybrid -- designed to display eight tigers distinct stripes. Cute little package and -- to wait in toll in this is as favorite spot that some of the cat -- opens our designs here -- BBC California fix as much as a car. So this is a little girl won't -- designer -- like this are so popular there are waiting lists to get it. Sometimes dozens of people -- Lasting months are supporting a -- munition -- -- what -- And I don't they came only from Chicago through your kidneys are -- -- right now was our expects seven sets of customers three available -- -- -- market still hot the seller can afford to be taking. We can afford to look at every last person who only bring point one -- -- here you can see already know -- it. Among the cats most invoked these days because Savannah. Eight tell -- -- between historical like frosty. And he regular house cat like attack that is will -- -- two and a half times larger than any regular house -- Eight states have banned -- -- while others require permits just last. Monthly 25 counts of that it can't spent roaming the streets of Detroit kept residents -- on rich. It even made headlines in the Detroit Free Press -- look at -- -- as the -- and -- -- -- Hot off of that thing -- -- right behind it -- Sandy just four days later the paper reported the search for this event it was over he was found shot dead and thrown in the garbage -- Carol Baskin started out breeding exotic big chance but soon enough once that was kittens turned into wildcats. -- started returning them and the breeder eventually opened her sanctuary. To meet one of the biggest problems isn't. What happens to that family but what happens to that cat so -- -- -- person wants to get rid of the animal. If they take them to the shelter the shelter knows this -- -- we'll never find it at home -- -- its liabilities that they have to euthanize. And some of the tiger and lions their Acadia. It's only because they had been raised together they -- Purposefully bread and put together to create like -- A -- yet there's that to the king of the cross streets we thought we'd have to travel deep into an exotic jungle to find one. We found this one right here Myrtle Beach, South Carolina come -- -- -- You are ready you must be one hungry -- Who have good boisterous -- out out out out of. Fitting name for a kid whose father is a -- -- and mother to beat tiger with a leg of the Hercules trainer -- scheduled points out. He's got -- stripes and spots of young lions. But doesn't have a main. At 922. Pounds he's just been in the world's largest living cat by the Guinness book of records. These mixes happened naturally says doc doesn't use artificial insemination. But they almost never happened in the wild even sell -- defends his creation from those who think. This might not fit the natural order of things hybrids have a place in present -- they're real place is awe and wonder. Which I hope leads to an interest in the natural world and those who -- -- these hybrids considered their creations perfect. I'm Matt Gutman for Nightline in Tampa.

This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

{"id":20352753,"title":"Kenya Mall Massacre: Witnesses Recount Horror","duration":"3:00","description":"Al-Shabab, the group claiming responsibility for the deadly attack, has links to al Qaeda.","url":"/Nightline/video/kenya-mall-massacre-witnesses-recount-horror-20352753","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}