Kidnapped Cousins Sent to Out-of-State Truck Stop

Part 3 of 2008 "Primetime": Two Ohio cousins kidnapped and forced into prostitution.
5:06 | 05/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kidnapped Cousins Sent to Out-of-State Truck Stop
Two teenage cousins kidnapped in Ohio during -- eighteen Wheeler. Rumbling towards the Michigan State. -- for the past week to have sex with multiple stranger. And the missing nine games. -- hellish years. -- -- -- -- In -- I was there for average average it was never gonna end. The truck drivers 46 year old Richard Gordon his payment for the trip and sex with a fifteen year old Kimberly. Cousin -- the prostitute called Cashmere go to another truck and I had to do so went -- And. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The truck stops are unique and how they're used to market children they're isolated. They're out of the public -- They're traditionally out of law enforcement views -- each girl can -- give -- more than a thousand dollars a night these camps operate. Across the United States in what they do as they network with each other they will call each other and say the money is good today in New York. In the in pimps will go to that area as it heats up of law enforcement for the money is saturated. Then another -- called them to Florida. So part of the battle against the trafficking of teens for sex is taking place along the nation's highways. I don't wanna know -- don't ask don't -- I'm not a morning from -- We visited -- truck stop in Cumberland county Pennsylvania. Porter -- gave -- Where local law enforcement has mounted the -- when have terrorists out there are going to trial looms ahead are being you know. Police -- like Heather are given fake names -- -- she'll call herself cookie. She's wired and sent out. I had today first round -- analyse scene we can pick up any guys and their interest in any you know associating. A process it and I don't. Cookie stands on the CB immediately drivers seeking sex. And 55. Past 34. Of the round came. But the drivers this -- wearing. Now you. Be looking right. I'm sixteen. 125. -- -- -- -- -- This driver takes a -- Could finally -- unit to deal sex for money. -- -- -- -- -- -- The arrest is made the cargo -- truckload of shampoo and detergent is ceased. In there have trying to keep -- that's unlikely. Police called the trucking company and ask if they want a bailout not the driver. Of the truck some valuable contents. Because in his case the 425. Dollar fine. -- -- still may have some explaining to do to his life but officials say she's probably best power. That's -- that's -- up in Michigan it's 1 in the morning. Kimberly -- -- still suffering and scared. To announce supposed to expects with the -- lined up along with home talking room. And all the prostitutes operate on their own channel. So blossom may operate on channel twelve orgasm may. Operate on channel six -- -- -- ten -- nineteen and -- -- channel eleven. And so -- term they switch over into here playing against Libya itself. Then she will ask him what is your house report. House meaning the -- -- -- and you'll say I'm in the red house down towards the end and you will see. The prostitutes get out if she will go down potential service truck driver after treasure ever after -- Yeah. We Kimberly. It's almost too much to take his corner. Breakdown and I just one night you know. Dying. But then one driver notices some very young looking girls. And discussed it. Cult's beliefs. Over the and six. Could this be the great police finally need to rescue these two young and terrifying --

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{"id":19153068,"title":"Kidnapped Cousins Sent to Out-of-State Truck Stop","duration":"5:06","description":"Part 3 of 2008 \"Primetime\": Two Ohio cousins kidnapped and forced into prostitution.","url":"/Nightline/video/kidnapped-cousins-state-truck-stop-19153068","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}