8 killed in mass shooting at Indianapolis FedEx facility, suspect was former employee

Several victims were also injured in the shooting before the suspect killed himself. Authorities are trying to determine a motive. It’s the latest in a series of recent high-profile mass shootings.
8:50 | 04/17/21

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Transcript for 8 killed in mass shooting at Indianapolis FedEx facility, suspect was former employee
violence in the months ahead. Last night, Indianapolis was revisited by the scourge of gun violence that has killed far too many in our community and in our country. Reporter: Yet again, America is facing the tragedy of another mass shooting, the 147th this year alone. No piece of information will restore the lives that were taken. Or the peace that was shattered. Reporter: Shattering the lives of eight families whose loved ones were killed at a fed ex facility in Indianapolis. Tonight we're learning their names. Fed ex releasing a statement reading in part, as we all mourn the tragic loss of eight team members killed in the senseless violence at our fed ex ground facility in Indianapolis, we want to again share our deepest condolences to the families, friends, and co-workers of the victims. Nobody should die like that. We're here to get a paycheck so then we can keep on living. Reporter: Authorities revealing the 19-year-old suspect was a former fed ex employee, armed with a rifle. So far, no motive has been determined. Police say the shooter died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound before officers arrived on scene. As investigators search for answers, a country on edge is left with one question -- why? The United States has more weapons than they do people.pthey have more assault rifles and weapons than any other developed country. And the sad reality is, it's no surprise that we have the most mass shootings. This cannot be our new normal. I have a female who's in the control room who advised the subjects are still shooting. She does not have a visual but can hear the shots. Reporter: Police responded to reports of shots fired at this fed ex ground facility near the airport. Suspect description, white male, dark-colored clothing, last seen in parking lot. Reporter: When officers arrived, they found eight killed, four outside the building, four inside. At least five others rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds. They found a very chaotic and active crime scene. They found several victims injured and several victims deceased. Reporter: According to law enforcement, witnesses say the suspect quickly started firing shots. The massacre lasting just one to two minutes. There was no confrontation with anyone that was there. There was no disturbance. There was no argument. He just appeared to randomly start shooting, and that began in the parking lot, and then he did go into the building, into the facility, for a brief period of time before he took his own life. Reporter: Timothy boyleette has worked at this facility for eight years and was working a double shift when he heard the commotion. We heard three more shots. Then my buddy Levi saw somebody running out of the building. Then more shots went off. Reporter: Roughly 100 employees in the vicinity of the facility at the time of the shooting. Overnight, as news of the shooting spread, families of those employees gathered at this nearby holiday inn hotel, desperately waiting for answers. This father emotional when he learned his son was safe today. He was in the other building when it happened. I'm so thankful. But my heart goes out to all the people affected. Reporter: As the investigation evolves, we're learning more about the suspect. 19-year-old Brandon Scott Holm. The FBI revealing there were warning signs. His mother reported her son to law enforcement in March 2020, worried he would commit suicide by cop. He was placed on a temporary mental health hold and a shotgun was seized from his residence. But no criminal violation was found. You can look at somebody and go, I'm really concerned about this person. But they don't really have -- law enforcement doesn't have much to work with to do anything at that point. That is the sad reality of sort of what law enforcement has to do. What am I really going to do with this kid that looks like at this point I can't do anything? Reporter: The nation already reeling after a seemingly endless series of mat shootings the past two months alone as we're emerging from the pandemic. A mass shooting is defined as four or more people killed or injured. Eight killed in Atlanta in March. Numerous gunshots coming from across the street. We do not have a witness who's alive that can tell house shot them. Reporter: Ten murdered in a Boulder, Colorado, grocery store six days later. I just started counting in between shots and listening to see what direction he was heading in. There's a shooter, active shooter, get away! Reporter: The following week, four more people, including a child, killed in an office building in California. And just last week, three adults and two children in south Carolina killed by a gunman who fatally shot himself. The very next day, this time in Texas, one killed, six wounded, at a cabinet-making plant. At least one mass shooting a week since March 16th. It is so important that we address some of these things that are known contributors to our violence epidemic. Guns, it's absolutely one of Reporter: Elizabeth Neumann is the former department of homeland security assistant secretary for counterterrorism for the trump administration. You describe this period as a heightened threat period, why? We're coming off of a very difficult year. A pandemic that increases the number of risk factors for individuals like loss of job, loss of loved one, any sort of sense that you lost control. The concern I have is that as we're reopening, we're creating more opportunities for mass gatherings. And those mass gatherings become targets of opportunity for an individual that is looking to strike out with violence. We just need to be vigilant. Reporter: Since 2018, the number of mass shootings has increased every year. I woke up this morning, and there was a moment of disbelief before a moment of complete and utter sadness. This is the third mass shooting this year in Indianapolis. And after the heartbreak, I got angry. Reporter: Indianapolis city-county councilor Allie brown represents 38,000 people. What are you hearing from your constituents after these shootings? People are nervous. People are scared. They don't know why people do this, they don't know how they can go about their day. I'm a mom of a 4-year-old boy. Dropping him off at school, I could see how scared everyone's faces were this morning. So when something like this happens, it shakes us to the core. Reporter: She's been fighting for gun control measures in her state. In your legislative session, there have been at least 18 bills related to gun control, and most of them were to expand gun rights. As someone fighting for tighter gun laws, what do you make of all that? It's really frustrating. When we as a city last year had a record amount of gun violence, a record amount of homicides, I've ridden with police officers in their cars who have told me, the issue is there's too many guns on our streets and it's too easy to get them. We need our state legislature to Reporter: Her calls for change echoing across the country. President Biden ordering flags to half staff for the third time this month, issuing a statement reading in part, gun violence is an epidemic in America, but we should not accept it, we must act. Last week, the president introducing limited executive actions on gun control. But called on congress for more sweeping change. Enough prayers. Time for some action. Reporter: Today in a joint press conference with the Japanese prime minister, president Biden addressing the issue again. I strongly support the universal background checks which I continue to push, but congress has to step up and act. The senate has to act. And I strongly support and continue and have never stopped supporting the ban on assault weapons and magazines that hold more than ten bullets. It's a national embarrassment and must come to an end. I was in eighth grade when columbine happened. I was in college, 14 years ago today, when Virginia tech happened. I was a teacher when Newtown happened. And now I'm a parent sending my kid into a school. This has been my whole life. And I don't want it to be an issue for my son. Reporter: As an outraged nation is looking for answers, Indianapolis is left to grieve and pick up the pieces. I think healing does depend on meaningful conversations between people about how we stop this cycle of violence that's driven by readily accessible guns. And I certainly intend to lead in that regard.

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{"duration":"8:50","description":"Several victims were also injured in the shooting before the suspect killed himself. Authorities are trying to determine a motive. It’s the latest in a series of recent high-profile mass shootings. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"77134020","title":"8 killed in mass shooting at Indianapolis FedEx facility, suspect was former employee","url":"/Nightline/video/killed-mass-shooting-indianapolis-fedex-facility-suspect-employee-77134020"}