Kim Davis on Her Time in Jail, Her Newfound Notoriety

Exclusive interview with the Kentucky county clerk who started a firestorm with her refusal to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples.
7:51 | 09/23/15

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Transcript for Kim Davis on Her Time in Jail, Her Newfound Notoriety
Test Text1 italics Test Text1 plain okay. Okay. Okay. Mak som noise "Jiy Kimmel Li"! But Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis refusing. Turn now to that showdown in Kentucky. County clerk defying supreme court. Reporter: Her failure to comply with the supreme court's rule that allowed same-sex marriage became national news. It even landed her in jail. I'm not doing marriage licenses today. Pending an appeal. Under what authority? God's authority. I knew you would say that. Reporter: Through it all she has not granted any interviews until now. Do you believe that god told you to do this? I think god put me in the position where I'm at and I think god has prepared me for just this time. Is this about religious freedom or is this about conscie conscience? Well, they both go together. You can't separate them. If you've got a couldn't shuns and you love god, you know, those two go hand in hand just like hand and glove. According to this ruling she does not have the right to refuse us our license. Reporter: It started back in July when she refused to issue a marriage license to David Moore and his partner. He posted this video on youtube that garnered nearly 2 million views. You can put that away. Okay? This is not a house of god. It's the people's house. Reporter: She would eventually deny the couple four times. I'm asking you to leave. Some will say that this is discrimination. It's not religious liberty. Do you think this is discrimination? No, because I didn't issue license to anybody. To not discriminate. For me this whole situation has never been a gay or lesbian issue for me. What is it? It's all about upholding the word of god. How many acres do you have here? 35. Reporter: Little did she know that such a peaceful life would be disrupted this summer when the details of her personal history were released for all to know. You've been married four times. Uh-huh. You had children in Adu adulterous relationships. People call you a hypocrite, are you? No, I'm forgiven, washed clean. Reporter: She says she's since been saved by god's grace. I'm just a Normal person that's been touched by the grace of god and his mercy. I haven't always been a good person, Paula. When I didn't live for god, I didn't live for him, I was real good at living for the devil. And when god pulled me out of that pit of sin that I had created with my very own hands -- Reporter: Now back at work she still refusing to issue any marriage licenses. Her deputies like Brian mason have taken over that duty. There you go. Congratulations. Reporter: Finally David Moore and his partner able to get that wedding license they had a legally mandated right to. One of the voters who finally received a marriage license, he was in Good evening. We're going to start here tonight with exclusive. Kim Davis, that county clerk from Kentucky who made national headlines and did jailime for failing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Davis says she was simply upholding the word of god, but what about her own four marriages? ABC's Paula Farris with that exclusive interview. Kim Davis, you need to do your job. I am doing my job. Th 'S wathat I'm ting ryto do. You've seen the videos. Put your phone away. One man and one woman. I am pay salary. I pay you to discriminate against me right now. Reporter: Gay couples trying obtain marriage licenses, I can't -- it's really sad. Your name is not on those licenses. In your mind, are they still valid? They're not. I have given no authority to write a marriage licenses. They did not will my permission. If one of your voters came up to you, wanted to get married and said, why is your moral conscience more important than my happiness, what would you tell them? I'm here for a short while in preparation for an eternity. And my eternity, I mean, that's what we're here for. It's a heaven or hell issue for me. Reporter: That issue is what landed Davis in jail. What were those five days like for you behind bars? I had an opportunity to read my bible. I know they thought I was crazy. I would walk around and just raise my hands and just praise god. Did you get any sort of affirmation from god that you were doing the right thing? You know when the spirit of god checks you. You were checked? Reporter: She was released after six days, greeting the public in an emotional rally. Even getting the attention of presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee. They escort you on stage with Mike Huckabee. What was that moment like? Surreal. I was shaking all over. Just the power of god was, you know, overwhelming. Reporter: She's received encouragement from all over the world, by way of numerous handwritten notes, hand-made prayer shawls, and crosses. So, Kim, this is just a little bit of the mail that you've received? Yeah. This box here I haven't even had time to open up. Would you estimate maybe 20,000 pieces of correspondence? At least. Daily. Reporter: But the hate mail came, too. Very vulgar. You received death threats. Oh, yeah, yeah. E-mail death threats, phone call death threats. Had people call my office. What did they say they were going to do to you? They said they were going to burn our house down while we slept. What's hurt you most? What people say about me does not define who I am. I've been called hitler. I've been called hypocrite. I've been called homophobe. What probably hurts me the worst is when someone tells me that my god does not love me or that my god is not happy with me , that I am a hypocrite of a Christian. Reporter: Legally it's a long road ahead for Davis. She's hoping for legislation that allows an exemption for clerks who have moral and religious conscience objections to issuing these licenses. When it comes down to it, you you know, I will answer for my actions and my reactions. And so will everybody else. I'm prepared to pay my consequences. I'm prepared to stand in judgment. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Paula Farris in Moorhead, Kentucky.

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{"duration":"7:51","description":"Exclusive interview with the Kentucky county clerk who started a firestorm with her refusal to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"33967385","title":"Kim Davis on Her Time in Jail, Her Newfound Notoriety ","url":"/Nightline/video/kim-davis-time-jail-newfound-notoriety-33967385"}