King Craftmen Build One-of-Kind Cabins From Scratch

Pat 'Tuffy' Bakaitis and Paul 'Paulie' Dimeo construct new cabins from old materials on NatGeo's hit show, "Building Wild."
3:50 | 04/21/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for King Craftmen Build One-of-Kind Cabins From Scratch
That's how I own it. Think you are crafty, a weekend Home Depot warrior, but trust me you have got nothing on these days. Here is my "Nightline" coanchor Byron Pitts. Reporter: King craftsmen of the northeast. I have taken more stuff out of a dumpster than I have thrown in a dumpster. Reporter: He has an uncanny knack for making just about anything out of just about anything. That's a hornet's nest. You find them in the trees in the fall. Reporter: He is one half of the duo behind the cabins featured on building wild. I can't afford a 60-foot deck. We can't afford to launch this and have it tip over in a lake. Reporter: Together they make up the cabin kings. He has what I don't have and I have what he doesn't have. You put the two of us together and we're inconvinceable. We're one person. We're complete. In each episode the team has five days to build a cabin for their clients. No running water, very little electricity. They are built using old material found on the owner's property, making for truly one of a kind cabins. Very rewarding to see the tears from the homeowner to make their dream come true. It's a lifetime experience. I like them fact we are able to help out those folks and give them that vacation. Reporter: It is not fun and games when they are on the clock it is a business. You are in a dangerous situation to be hollering right now. I'm going to get my partner a chill bill pill. Reporter: When they see eye to eye, the outcome an absolute original. He is self taught. I went to the school of hard knocks. Whatever it takes to survive in the world. Reporter: He came from meager beginnings and made do with whatever he could find. Their ideas always aren't always conventional. This is great. How often do you build with a plane. Reporter: There is a method that madness. They save clients time and money on every cabin imaginable. A hill top cabin. Bed. Nice. This is crazy. Reporter: A floating get away. This is so cool. Reporter: And this maple sugar shack. Oh, wow. Holy -- This doesn't look like the thing we left. Reporter: We wanted to get a look at the most outrageous cabins so we traveled to Vermont, heart of cabin country. We snowmobiled our way through winding back woods, braved sub zero temperatures and climbed 1200 feet above sea level to check out, this the waterfall cabin. What do you think when you see all ofthis? I see no stress and relaxation. That's what I see. Reporter: It's not just the view that makes the cabin special. The cabin kings named it miracle mountain. Reporter: A coffee table turned glass floor. In the show you can see how spectacular the view is. And there's more. The master bedroom is made out of a refrigerator box truck and toilet like no other. Step up in there. All right. Don't have to use it. Just try it out. Oh, my god. Out of control. Oh, my lord. I took a spin inside the 360-degree restroom. Wow, look at that. For the family, the outcome better than they dreamed. Shut the hell up. Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Tough to call it a million dollar view, this is like a $10 million view. Nope. Can't put a price tag on it and probably never be for sale so I guess it won't matter what it is worth. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Byron Pitts in Vermont. You can watch "Building wild" tomorrow at 9:00 eastern on the national geographic channel.

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{"id":30463550,"title":"King Craftmen Build One-of-Kind Cabins From Scratch","duration":"3:50","description":"Pat 'Tuffy' Bakaitis and Paul 'Paulie' Dimeo construct new cabins from old materials on NatGeo's hit show, \"Building Wild.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/king-craftmen-build-kind-cabins-scratch-30463550","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}