Lance Armstrong Admits to Doping

The American icon talks to Oprah Winfrey about the lies that cost him his reputation and millions.
3:00 | 01/17/13

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Transcript for Lance Armstrong Admits to Doping
Well cancer survivor wins the most grueling race in the -- seven times clean. It's kind of story we want to believe them right. Well tonight -- confirmation from Lance Armstrong that on the contrary he was really -- cheating lying bully who spent years destroying the lives of anyone. Who dared speak the truth about his fraudulent fame. There was a time when such a man would be put in stocks in the public square for neighbors to spit on but the modern version is a visit with Oprah. Anyone expecting explosive condemnation from her or contrite tears from him tonight was disappointed. Here's ABC's Neal Karlinsky. Even though we knew what was coming hearing Lance Armstrong see it out loud. Was surreal. Did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance yes. Did you ever blood dope or use blood transfusions to enhance -- cycling performance this. And all seven of -- Tour de France victories did you ever take banned substances -- plateau just. So why admit -- now Armstrong blamed the momentum of his own story and this is too late. It's too late for. Probably most people. And that's my -- You know him. I view this situation is. One big. But I repeated a lot of time. It is an admission -- more startling when you listen to that other Lance Armstrong. The icon who transcended sport. Hung around with movie stars and world leaders the one who told the world year after year that he was clean and anyone who said otherwise was just out to get him. I have never -- to have never taken performances in girl my best defenses I've never tested positive. He didn't just lie to reporters fans sponsors and even cancer survivors he lied under wrote to. How many times of this I'm just trying to make sure your testimony is clear. Well if it can't be clear that I've never taken drugs. Along the way Armstrong's great -- left a trail of human collateral damage people who went from friend to enemy the minute they threatened to expose them. It's a long time coming -- on I think it's it's a huge step Frankie injury it was Armstrong's best friend and closest teammate until he and his wife Betsy testified. They heard Armstrong admit to using drugs. In a civil case for a company that resisted paying Armstrong a -- years ago based on doping allegations. Armstrong went on the attack accusing Frankie and Betsy of -- What -- her deposition she hates you why would mr. Andrew. Say the same things. The funeral. Probably to support his -- After that -- injury you went from friend to -- out almost overnight. I go to events I know who and who my friend wasn't my fault was who would shake my hand who spit me discussed I got emails trader rat secondhand cyclist I mean just. Just ripped apart and -- also from you know the live strong supporters. The -- rays weren't alone fellow teammates Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton and former tour winner Greg LaMont old spoke up about Armstrong's drug use. And all were -- as jealous lighters trying to profit. Cover their own troubles or both. But -- wouldn't be denied speaking with investigators and eventually launching the investigation that brought Armstrong down. He talked about it in a Nightline exclusive in 2010. If I'm taking on Lance Armstrong then that should be evidence enough that there's a problem with the system because I'm sitting at a bunch people did it. Look at some point people have to tell -- kids Santa Claus isn't real I hate to be get a deal it -- It's just not real make people think that the real tipping point was Floyd Landis. And his decision -- come forward and confess had to do them. There was -- to pinpoint yeah. I might. I might back it up a little and talk about the -- I think to come back. Didn't so will Floyd. Armstrong has been accused of running up a doping bill investigators have pegged at more than a million dollars officials describe -- -- list of medical enhancements. Blood transfusions up to twice in three weeks during the tour along with EPO testosterone -- zone and an extract of cavs blog called. Act of -- -- to this moment. Hearing the admission was something unimaginable that the people who used to be -- -- Armstrong -- their lives shattered by him when they wouldn't lie Armstrong says he's tried to apologized to some like Betsy injury news -- time and time again in his interview tonight -- his words seemed hollow out a shred of contrition. -- seeking blew it I think he won about the whole thing wrong he called you to apologize he spoke. What was it like it was hard it was very emotional. Because you know separate cities cost trying to destroying me. My hand me. And then when you hear. The voice at the other end the flood of memories comes back the good times. But it's impossible to forget the bad. Armstrong now says he was caught up in a fairy tale of his own making. This story was so perfect for so long and and I mean that I just tried to myself out of the situation and I looked at it. He overcome the disease. You win the tour France sometimes submit a happy marriage you have children -- -- this. -- Perfect story. Lance Armstrong's biggest hope that tonight's interview will learning something he seems to be in their -- short supply of right now sympathy. But his performance. May not have helped. I'm Neal Karlinsky for Nightline in New York.

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{"id":18244667,"title":"Lance Armstrong Admits to Doping","duration":"3:00","description":"The American icon talks to Oprah Winfrey about the lies that cost him his reputation and millions.","url":"/Nightline/video/lance-armstrong-admits-doping-18244667","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}