Las Vegas shooting survivors describe running for their lives

A photographer who was on stage with Jason Aldean and a former Miss Las Vegas who was at the concert with her mother recall the horrors when the shooter opened fire.
8:31 | 10/04/17

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Transcript for Las Vegas shooting survivors describe running for their lives
This is Donny, the firefighter who was with your mother. This is the first time since that fateful night that she is seeing the man who helped save her mother's life. There's my angel. My mother is alive because of you. She is face timing with the firefighter don Matthews who happened to come across her and her family and told them they needed to go. I promised your daughters I would be there. And you kept your promise. I knew you would. Her mother shot in the torso. Matthews insisting that he stay with her instead of faith and her sister so they could flee for their lives. Just trying to do a small part. I really wanted your daughters out of there. Tonight the sisters are home with dad as their mom recovers from yet another surgery. It was a mother's day present. She's having the time of her life. The time of her life. The route 91 harvest festival was supposed to be a celebration. Just after 10:00 P.M. -- I got another text. The next thing I saw was omg. He unleashed gunfire on a crowd of 22,000. I saw that I was covered in blood. My first reaction was where is it coming from? And I looked over. And I saw a flap of my skin that had just exploded. But page said she didn't even feel the pain with a more terrifying responsibility. I looked around to see who was with me. My mom wasn't just laying there like we were. She was still in hface down in the grass. You grabbed my sister's sweater. Right and I put it over her shoulder to stop the bleeding. Her mother was eventually taken to the hospital by volunteers. And she is beginning to make recovery after two surgeries. These rethe faces of those we lost that night. People like this woman from las Vegas. A mother of three boys. Denise from West Virginia, married 32 years to her husband. She died in his arms. Stacee etcheber from San Francisco. Her husband was a police officer who told her to run. We have an active shooter. The country music fans trapped for about ten minutes of terror. That has so far left 59 dead and more than 530 injured. 22,000 people were gathered inside the barricades. And this made the effect of shooting fish in a barrel. In this newly released body camera footage -- Stay down! Law enforcement struggled to make sense of the chaos. And these the terrifying moments that play out in front of photographer Brenden o'neill's camera lens. You were filming as you were running for your life. He was backstage during the set and ran after hearing the gunfire. We ran around the stage and went around the cop car. Right then, bullets were coming right here. We had no idea. There were people in the convenient you've with guns. No one knew where it was coming from. You can their confusion. People not sure whether to run or hunker down. You have to go! . Stay down! Then a woman near them. Her friend is hysterical. Oh, my god, she's shot, she's shot. My friend and a couple other people picked her up. Brought her over to the police vehicle to get her out of harm's way. And she just wasn't moving. I don't think she made it. I don't know. You're getting emotional even thinking about it. Yeah. Las Vegas area hospitals would receive the hundreds of wounded including sunrise hospital. The veteran E.R. Doc led the triage effort. It was everywhere. Heads, neck, chest, abdomen, arms. Today we talked with Justin Burton and his wife Jay just after being discharged. He said his spinal injury is unhe said rabble. So would you have to bullets lodged. They said it would be more harm to remove the bullets. Increditably, list doctors said he'll make a full recovery and today he's going home. I'll going to do it. It is difficult for him to sit but this is a milestone he is eager to reach. The bullets were designed to do maximum damage. Something the shooter may have considered. The world has changed. Who would have ever imagined this situation. Authorities staying shooter sgheekd the mandalay bay resort last Thursday with an arsenal and an ar 15 seen through the battered doorway. That gun outfitted with the scope typically used for hunting and a bipod. I see the shots! Patrol officers he heard the shots, entered the stairwell and evacuated nearby guests. A brave security guard moved in closer. He was advancing toward the room. The suspect went in and struck him. As S.W.A.T. Teams approached the 32nd floor, the shooter may have had eyes on them. There were two cameras located in the hallway. So the suspect could watch as law enforcement or security approached his room. And there was another camera placed inside the room door people hole so co-see down the hallway. Flight on the service cart. Just tonight, ABC news obtained these images from the room after the shooting ended. There could have been over 1,000 rounds of ammunition in the room. In this chilling photo, the killer's lifeless body on the floor. Authorities naming his girlfriend as a person of interest. Especially after the discovery by police of so many womens. So much ammunition and explosives at this home they shared in Mesquite, Nevada. She had to know something. At the very least question him, where are these womeapons coming from? Why do you have them? She worked as a hostess on enter teenage high rollers like paddock who routinely gambled more than $40,000 at a time. What was still under clear, the killer's motive for committing now worst mass shooting in modern American history. With so many feeling so powerless, there have been tangible ways to help. Take a look at how many people are out here. It keeps going. Hundreds waiting for hours to donate blood. And a fundraising website to support victims raking in over $4 million in just one day. As the story from Sunday night continue to be said told, there's a common thread. Hero I in the wake of unspeakable terror. I saw a girl, hit in her leg. I helped her back up. As I was helping her, I got hid in my elbow and mid section. Then a hero saved me and threw me in and took care of me. Do you know his name? I wish I did. And he came all the way to the hospital with you. Yeah. He saved my life. If he's watching this, what do you want to say to him? I can't thank you enough myself gratitude is unmatched. And the whole hospital team as well. Saved my life, literally. Our thoughts are with all of

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{"id":50270692,"title":"Las Vegas shooting survivors describe running for their lives","duration":"8:31","description":"A photographer who was on stage with Jason Aldean and a former Miss Las Vegas who was at the concert with her mother recall the horrors when the shooter opened fire.","url":"/Nightline/video/las-vegas-shooting-survivors-describe-running-lives-50270692","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}