A look at life inside Putin's Russia

ABC News' "Nightline" co-anchor Dan Harris visited Russia, and saw inside a troll factory, protests and life on the ground.
5:55 | 07/17/18

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Transcript for A look at life inside Putin's Russia
These are the riot police with the bons andhe masks. Is is part their sho of force. Reporter: If you want T get a sen of the harshness of vladimputin's leadership style I Russia, go to an anti-govnment protest. You've got this group of protesters H complety surrounded by riot police. Oks like they're getting ready to doomethinghere. They're yelling T this is a unauthorized ING peopl to the corner. Protesting in russiaas real consequenc. Possible arrest. Possibiolence athe hands of police. The police aren't wadin intohe crowd we're told they're sending in instigators to stir up trouble. Are they trying to start fight? Yes. Reporte here we go. This kind of thing in Amer people prote government all the time. They have for years. Here it is a ral weidn't see anyone get hurt at this protest in October. Much wo win sight of the Kremlin we te to an ert activt who Waser. Despite his B vlar Putin is intenseop here in russia.he'siewed a having restored the country's status as abal WER after the humiliation of the Colee soviet union. Intelligence agencies say part of tin's plan for doing S to try to destabilize perceived adversars sucas the united States by meddling our elections. Notwitnding hisontinued denials. Ranslator: The Russian STA hanever interfered and ot ING to interfere INT internal am affairs, including the electioncess. Reporter: While today president trump appears to have sideh Putin -- not Russia. I way this. I don't see any reason W I would be. Orter: America's intelligence agencies confirmed that the Russian governme notnly hacked the democrs but als led a massive disinforon ahf the 2016 ec during our trip we went to a called tll factory, where fakeews is allegedlycr I'mm abcews in the ited states. Turn off the camera! Reporter:arelyake it pahe front door. Ths the epicr of Russia's propaganda war. Somethingy clearly don't to se inside we're told dozens of tenet tro are endeavoring to exploit America's divisions. These a justof the thousands of ads T posted online during the 2016 president election that reached 126 million Americans on Facebook alone. We did make I inside. Where are we? Reporter: But we're now on our way meet someone who says she D. She lives way out he Reporter: Ludmila savchuk is a journalist who went undercov in 2015 working at factory for about $700 a she says she and some other ex-trolls shoheseercover videos inside the showinght security and rows of trollyping away. Russia's heavy extended beyots borders inore tangible ways as we. In 2014 armed menzed airports and regional governmenbuildings in crimea, a region ofukraine. Backed by Russian military vehicles and helicopters. The mov brought international condemnation a sanctions. We traveled to rostov-o just 70 miles from the ukraini border, where we encounter a scene ofrban warfare. Thousands of Russian volunteers haveeamed over the Ukraine border T volunteer in civil war there. These guys denyhey're part of that effort. Reporter: None of this is real. It's ting put on by a Dennis ryazov is an officer in the Russian miry reserves tht training leader here. Rehardcore. Kind of clo contact. Again, not exactly what I'd agine you'de training for in a civiliansituation. This guy is really fast. Yeah. Reporter:ns O lt year the U.S. Governmented ryazov in itsanctions saying he helped train fighters for that invasi of crimea. Although ryazov denies that's what they're tin for. Is what you'reching here, is thislicable toelf-defense or more like being in a war zone? So to be clear, you are not trainieoplet in Ukraine? He denies training and sending ae into conflict, saying that WOU billegal. Throughout our ten days on the ground in russia las year we discovered overwhelming port for Vladimir pun. D after today'sting with president trump one teems clear, Putin's HOL WER, both in Russia and sound the worlday be moreecure than fsh. Ever. And 'll be rigack.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"ABC News' \"Nightline\" co-anchor Dan Harris visited Russia, and saw inside a troll factory, protests and life on the ground.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"56634925","title":"A look at life inside Putin's Russia","url":"/Nightline/video/life-inside-putins-russia-56634925"}