The Lil' Poopy Controversy

Riding in Ferraris and wooing women, all before fifth grade? Some critics are crying foul.
3:00 | 06/18/13

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Transcript for The Lil' Poopy Controversy
Tonight with fame and help kids all over the world dream of becoming the stars they admire but. Not many take a real life step into the limelight and even fewer spend their days amidst a hip hop culture rife with sex and flash. But -- ABC's Chris -- finds ten year old little port city. Is no ordinary child. The grade school -- with the swagger of an original gangster. A ten year old kid -- feel that line -- blue. You know unannounced. -- land reform -- -- -- how many girls and you can. -- -- -- -- Career of this kind -- hip hop sensation from Brockton mass incidents. May be taking -- but critics are again. Asking why is this ten year old doing in some very adult situations. Or as the local paper put it who is looking out for the sport. Well he would -- be sponsored Lewis Rivera senior. -- had to come up -- his name. You're gonna tell. The he brings the Pope a lot. -- changes W pool below my handwritten. Now movies earning a reported 7500 dollars -- -- were sharing the stage with adult Bradford. And they're not exactly fourth grade lyrics. It's good who -- breaks a solar. Like the. I'm doing hot and to a -- Angeles times -- -- -- what to look dream means. And my niece and the man me a more recent rules though she -- -- in -- Not exactly call me maybe -- this. -- -- to the that the fans with this video. Imagery giving up its -- of people apoplectic. Things did this at this. Especially this. Leading to the Brockton enterprise condemning what gets home. An orgy of outrageous behavior what kinds of things that they get upset about. Rules -- -- behind. Why was his -- recommend girls -- entertainment news -- -- and just like any other Hollywood to a -- -- Then -- be well not quite like this shocking sequence got the -- -- from YouTube. -- Brockton police to take actions -- officers felt it appropriate to refer this matter to the department of children channels. The cops report known as a 51 -- kick started an investigation. Infuriating the Rivera's lawyer. The standard for 51 -- investigation is there has to be an imminent risk. Of significant and substantial physical or emotional. Injury to the child and absolutely outrageous claim under these circumstances. We've yet to do over again would you say you maybe we shouldn't do that. Little over -- you would -- anything. Even his mother who lives apart from -- she's hot admitted this time to be had gone too far if -- -- there. When he was doing that would do said. Aaron. I wouldn't tell them not to. Why anything they got upset about that time they found really durable and what we really doing -- acting. This is a good kid this was almost a spoof on adult rap video. Groupies -- insists it's all just pretend. Postings were affected the hip hop tradition and that -- real -- -- he's just a normal kid looked after with parental love and care. Playing sports town. We're finding ATP is Dan. We will -- school year or in the -- -- score a -- or apple can't score becomes permits before apple. Still it's hard decreased rocking the Mike with great -- -- charisma. And attracting attention from the -- stopped the leak was -- -- when his nine years old. And you're flying to Miami to new video with city. For any -- because. Harmful to rule the world filled envelope a little before elected -- human. What you look like a -- -- -- -- It got real all over again a few weeks ago after midnight on a weekend. Family friend -- -- for Bryant's legs saying he was driving was -- home after a long evening at a recording studio. When -- cop pulled them over. Little movies 1 in the morning -- around with someone. Who's under the influence of drugs. -- holidays two and yells a young guy child services on along this one. Cops searched -- car but found no marijuana. But cops did submit another 51 day launching and -- child services inquiry. When we talked before about the first time the police got involved you told me they're just doing their job no hard feelings -- What are your feelings now -- Totally different now. Just like the press on against the child services did sit down again with ruby's father -- I guess hope that when it turned out. When a man in that tournament noise and -- -- I feel bad for the draft though the environment you -- the child services -- -- are. Aren't you worried they might take your -- away from -- for well who wouldn't amount enemies. -- we're gonna see about that apparently. Last Wednesday cops arrested Rivera and an outstanding battery war and for possession of marijuana -- lawyer calls the arrest police harassment. Rivera asserts he's been cleared by child services in both investigations. Slated to appear in court tomorrow. But before his arrest he wasn't all the fines admitting that his son won't be staying out that late anymore without him. The fees will mean cameo. As long as long. With somebody else -- and I love my son known you know you talk about how you'd feel. If he was taken away from you -- it do to him. We want to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm Chris Connolly for Nightline in Brockton Massachusetts.

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{"id":19433090,"title":"The Lil' Poopy Controversy","duration":"3:00","description":"Riding in Ferraris and wooing women, all before fifth grade? Some critics are crying foul.","url":"/Nightline/video/lil-poopy-controversy-19433090","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}