'Lucha Libre' Wrestler: Crusader Against Illegal Immigration

Meet the unapologetic villain bringing the anti-illegal immigration battle to the ring.
3:00 | 01/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Lucha Libre' Wrestler: Crusader Against Illegal Immigration
He's -- he's mean and he's bringing is in your face battle against illegal immigration inside the wrestling ring. -- outrageous characters and trash talking a par for the course in pro wrestling the super villain you're about to meet known as RJ brewer is upping the ante. Seizing -- the white hot issue of undocumented immigrants to rile up almost entirely Hispanic crowd but. Is it all an act ABC's Lindsey Davis brings us a ring -- seat. Born gay brewer is -- metal and Malo. She bad guy in to -- -- USA. Series based on events ended on apologetic brewer is the loud mouth anti immigration crusader. In this Mexican -- US wrestling tour. -- -- -- He's become a metaphorical. Punching back. -- American Latino frustrated and outraged over immigration policy. Here the most popular entertainment spectacles in Mexico. -- chilly -- is known for its insane acrobatics and colorful masks the stars are typically unknown but. -- -- This is -- -- character for me you know obviously it's pro wrestling and I turn it up for the cameras but my messages real this is really how it -- It is my job is an American citizen to protect my country against enemies foreign and -- -- The brewers agenda and stage name resembles that of another border patrolling anti immigration advocate the your face finger pointing -- the president governor of Arizona Jan Brewer. Is the woman he pretends -- his mother. Jan -- in my opinion he's the only politician that has the -- -- Keller president hate. Secure the borders and do your job portraying himself as the son of Jan Brewer. Was. I guess -- stroke of genius that was kind of something that took the character from being a character that people -- a million times. To a character that had a little bit more depth to it. -- This kind of political spectacle in the ring is nothing new. -- WWS. Iron sheik in -- -- bull call famously laid off American fears of communism and is not their bouts of army heroes Sargent. Slaughter when they say RJ brewer and he's walking along a fence lines and behind in their three -- which -- climb the fence jumping over to the other side. Quite frankly I've not all that bothered by it defenses like this all across our country are going unprotected unsecured. And that's why don't you. -- general belief in wrestling. Is try anything. -- gone too far and fans stop going. Show that the fans haven't stopped. Sales were up 30% last year the while -- certainly lack the brawn and agility. To wrestle with -- like this. He agreed to square up with me outside the ring to -- On the order battle Royale so -- say that your anti immigration is probably a bit of an understatement. Yeah I'm anti illegal immigration -- -- if you don't have documentation if you don't have. Paperwork and if you don't go to the proper steps to get your work you shouldn't be here and that is a pretty simple statement and try to spread and I've been you know I've been deemed bigots because of the Sears and give nothing against Mexicans I have when your friends from Mexico. Perhaps his answer to be a bit more convincing one man. -- -- -- -- But -- insists he's not a big that he just wants people to follow senate -- 1070. The controversial immigration law in Arizona. Governor Jan brewer's brainchild. He's so passionate about SB 1070. He often sports it stitched on his tights. With SB 1070 right for no reason at all just because -- police officers suspicious of you they can stop you and say show me your paperwork -- you think that that's. Absolutely right. I do think it's not racial profiling no I don't think so at all I -- the constitution clearly states we the people for the so -- the people the United States not we the people Mexico's. Her real name is John -- -- -- 33 year old who made the leap from real estate to wrestling. -- he's from Boston about 2000 miles away from the Mexican border. -- a one man campaign with a platform based solely on building fences. Not bridges. During lunch of all places elude to the Mexican restaurant -- surrounded by the -- of his biggest competitors including his arch rival. Blue demon Jr. You know a couple times I beat him. All of the opinion of mass I pinned him a couple times -- -- and -- -- decision -- -- -- and then. He's the way and then. Unmasking. -- -- door of the -- is viewed as the final. Victory and ultimate humiliation. For the loser. It has special meaning for brewer. The -- in my opinion symbolizes evil in the United States political fund -- -- -- for one Halloween. For two to commit a crime so there's Matheny it represented greater damage to them. And maybe they're hiding their identity for a reason you know I don't know maybe there wanted somewhere for for a criminal charges -- -- I don't know there. You associate the mess with things from them. Absolutely yeah I do I'm really trying to decipher if this is really you. Or it's really employed -- the Celtics we'll let you know that's the -- you know pro wrestling is obviously theater we turn. How far are used for the camera so everything I say I Meehan everything I invited by saying come from here. But just liking wrestling it's hard to tell what's real it. And what's not. For Nightline I'm Lindsey Davis -- New York. Well governor Jan Brewer has declined to comment on RJ brewer in the past. And today she didn't return calls from ABC news thanks -- Lindsay for that.

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{"id":18340799,"title":"'Lucha Libre' Wrestler: Crusader Against Illegal Immigration","duration":"3:00","description":"Meet the unapologetic villain bringing the anti-illegal immigration battle to the ring.","url":"/Nightline/video/lucha-libre-wrestler-crusader-illegal-immigration-18340799","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}