Lululemon Recalls Luon Pants, Expects Shortage

Clothing line goes into crisis mode after recalling yoga pants for their "sheerness."
3:00 | 03/20/13

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Transcript for Lululemon Recalls Luon Pants, Expects Shortage
For a lot of people going to the gym is as much about looking good as getting in shape. And high status brands like lululemon -- amassed a die hard group of fashion followers who pay big for work out gear that. Nips and tucks and all the right places sell. What happens when the Mecca of sweaty but sexy apparel has a yoga pants shortage. As ABC's Neal Karlinsky finds out it's chaos in the studio. It was the fashion -- -- heard round the world. At least -- upscale women with extra cash who like to look good working out part of the world. There's a shortage of yoga -- It sounds like a joke -- for white people it is an Advil. The seventies had its gasoline shortage. The island nation of Cyprus -- dealing with a cash flow shortage and -- in the land of the label conscious women are coming to grips over a new crisis. Lululemon super trendy stretchy black pants shortage problem some of lululemon -- popular black workout pants are a bit too revealing as -- You can see right through them. I sit back -- -- that was -- we can't. Yeah. It's no joke for a brand fortune named this sixth fastest growing company at 2012. Profit growth has been a staggering 81%. Over the last three years despite a price tag of nearly a hundred dollars or more just for a -- -- work -- pants. In trendy LA's Runyon canyon blue moon landing gear practically sprouts like wild flowers people willing to pay not from your clothing. But a lifestyle. It's ninety Michael just my parents. -- -- -- -- To close trying to sell themselves that's more about the lifestyle that lululemon support you know if you're you're -- downward die you don't -- your pants to -- -- Someone is still hurt you are -- they're really not concentrating and -- glad. That. The company is now in full PR crisis knows no cameras and stores no interviews and a fact sheet that read like an investigators dossier. We have not yet determined the cause of the -- -- Their timeline offers few clues to the unfolding mystery Monday march 11 we first began to understand the extent did the issue. It gets worse they determined that certain shipments which have been on the shelf since all the way back to march 1. Do not need our technical specifications. Which seems like a nice way of saying private parts could be exposed. By the weekend of march 16 a critical decision we pulled all of the affected black -- one women's bottoms from our stores. Then this afternoon a senior executive tries to calm the fury with this statement. We're doing everything we can to fix the problem and replace these key items as quickly as possible. The pun worthy shortages dealing up painfully serious blow to the company which says it will shed a reported. Twenty million dollars in future earnings over the mess -- -- -- can enjoy the journey back to downward facing dog apparently when it comes to looking good while working out. Money is no object as long as your clothes off for at least a shred. Of modesty. And your comments and for Nightline. In Seattle.

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{"id":18777953,"title":"Lululemon Recalls Luon Pants, Expects Shortage","duration":"3:00","description":"Clothing line goes into crisis mode after recalling yoga pants for their \"sheerness.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/lululemon-recalls-luon-pants-expects-shortage-18777953","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}