'Lunchtime Lipo': Does Lightning-Fast Procedure Work?

L.A. liposuction expert says his quick fat-zipping procedures can be done on a lunch break.
3:00 | 01/08/14

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Transcript for 'Lunchtime Lipo': Does Lightning-Fast Procedure Work?
CC1 Test message Test Text1 Good evening. It's tempted to be flooded with dissatisfaction with our body, which mie maiks the promise held out by dr. Aaron rollins so enticing. He's a lipo doctor to the stars and he says he can get you in and out during a lunch break, but does it really work? Tonight, we follow two women through this process and show us the before and the after. So this is your fat. Yes. Okay, all this. And we're going to make your arm today look like that. Blanco ramirez is about to get liposuction on her lunch break. In just 45 minute, this doctor promises to give her brand-new skinny arms. It's a trouble spot that's plagued her since childhood. No matter how much I diet or exercise, I feel that my arms just don't slim down. Two, one! Reporter: It's a familiar refrain this time of year, when all that holiday binging feeds a need for those guilty-ridden resolutions we wary keep. But what if there was a short cut? Any area of the body from head to toe. A magic wand you could make to make that holiday fat disappear. Better in the bucket than in your body is what I tell people. Reporter: Meet aaron rollins, lipo suction doctor to the stars. He says come awards season, the cebs flock to his office when they need fat removed fast. You can only fit the dress to the body so much and then you have to fit the body to the dress. Reporter: And business is booming. Who wouldn't want angelina jolie's arms or beyonce's, well, anything. He says he can make mere mortals like like starlets in sometimes mere hours. But is this quick fix too good to be true? He says his patent air brush laser lipo technique is safer and more precise than the crude fat extraction of years past. Usually when you get lipo with standard eck niques it looks like you got hit by a truck it's so minimally evasive that patients remain awake during the procedure and can even go back to work when it's over, earning its nickname, lunchtime lipo. See the tricep that's going to be coming out there? Yeah, going to be buff. She's actually one of dr. Rollins' regulars. He's carved her chin and lost fat from her tummy. What did your friends say? They thought I lost weight. Jimmy: W Reporter: What did you tell them? Yeah. This is 90% art and 10% medicine. Reporter: Dr. Rollins considers himself an artist. The human body his canvas. When someone asks micha michelang michelangelo, how did you create statue of david? He said I just removed the stone that didn't belong. And he's sketching out the next masterpiece on jamie stone's face. Jamie is a lipo virgin but she has always hated her chin. With my blog, I do more stuff on camera and I'm in more photos. I think with the rise in social media, you see yourself a lot more of course than you would have ten years ago. Reporter: And now that hur website has gotten more exposure, she's helping dr. Rollins can help enhance her on line profile. Pinch your fat. That's going to be 100% gone. The last time you pinch it. Excite, right? Yeah. Reporter: It's taken dr. Rollins over 5,000 procedures to perfect his technique and now he can comfortably work on just about any part of the body, stoma stomachs, thighs, tushies, you name it. Later this afternoon, I'm taking a woman's fat from her abdomen and putting it in her breasts to do a natural breast augmentation. Don't the breasts get lumpy? No, not at all. The fat that comes out of here is like frozen yogurt. Blanco's arm makeover is about to kick many to. But first a little laughing gas to take the edge off. Are you nervous? Just waiting for it to get over. Reporter: I think I'm feeling it more than you are. Finally, brings out the fat melting laser. This is moving about over 1,000 times a minute. Do you feel anything? Just like a vibration. You're looking at it come out. What do you think? It's nasty. It just disappears. s A YOU PINCH, YOUR PINCH GETS Smaller and smaller. That's crazy. Reporter: And he says instant fat removal has emotional benefit. How long have your arms bothered you? Since junior high. It's very encouraging and you want to go to the gym even though you're tired after work because you're excited about your results and you want more. Reporter: But why go to the gym if I could just have dr. Rollins do it for me in 20 minutes? It's not when I've seen. The better people look the better they want to look and the more motivated they are. We kn Reporter: We know how easy it looks, but is it safe? There's no such thing as ing something to the body without risk, especially a change like this. Reporter: But dr. Rollins says the risk is roughly the same as getting a tooth pulled. Critics warn, though, that it can carry a high risk of deformity. People have died from lipo sdux. Absolutely. The vast majority happened with older techniques. For example, under general anaesthesia, which has its own risk factors and complications. That sound you're hearing is the sound of empty arm. Reporter: This quick fix doesn't come cheap. He usually charges between 2k34rr, $3,000 and $10,000 for the procedure. You look great. Why did you do it? You're your own worst critic. I guess you're never happy, i don't know. Does that mean you're never going to be happy? Now I have my skinny parms now I'm done. Now just hitting the gym and sticking to my diet. Reporter: After a few minutes recovering, justice as advertised, she's back at her desk at a nearby doctor's office. She's a pro. What is that line? This is the no-fly zone. Reporter: But jamie has the first-time jitters. There's a nerve we don't want to touch. Reporter: Don't be nervous. This tells me where that nerve is. I want you to take the blue pill and put the white pill under your tongue. Does this hurt? No. Reporter: It looks like a more delicate surgery. It's definitely a more delicate surgery. Every millimeter counts. Okay. You can sit up. You can shake it, whatever you want to do. Reporter: After 20 minutes of mied dis comf mild discomfort, jamie is done. The worst part seems to be the chin strap she has to wear to manage swelling. My biggest concern now is going to the pharmacy. Reporter: Dr. Rollins assures her the swelling will go down. Just three weeks after surgery, tada, it's the new jamie. She's proudly posting pictures of her chin on facebook. They're all really excited for me and slightly jealous, too. Reporter: But will she be able to maintain her new sculpted jaw line over time? Month after month she's still flaunting her new chin on social media and just today we met up with her on her lunch break? It's by nine month since my surgery and I'm still really happy with the results. You know, as you can see, my chin is definitely smaller. And it's really everything i could have asked for. Reporter: Blanca seems equ equalequ equally pleased with her recovery. These are her new arms just weeks after surgery. There's not much more he can do with blanca, but dr. Rollins always seems to be on hunt for fresh meat. I try not to bring my work home with me. But occasionally when I'm driving, I see a double chin and I'm just like oh, please, i really just need you to come in and take care of that. Reporter: For "nightline" -- I've been keeping my jacket on. Don't look at my arm pms. Just for the record, her arms

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{"id":21457576,"title":"'Lunchtime Lipo': Does Lightning-Fast Procedure Work?","duration":"3:00","description":"L.A. liposuction expert says his quick fat-zipping procedures can be done on a lunch break. ","url":"/Nightline/video/lunchtime-lipo-lightning-fast-procedure-work-21457576","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}