Man vs. Croc: Who Is the Hunted?

One expert's dangerous mission to capture the largest crocodile on the planet.
3:00 | 01/18/13

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Transcript for Man vs. Croc: Who Is the Hunted?
Lethal leathery and armed with dozens of razor sharp teeth crocodiles make one formidable neighborhood past and when a remote village came across a monster of dinosaur era proportions they turn to a famous crocodile hunter helped track and down and capture him alive. Here's ABC's Tonya ribeiro. -- -- -- -- -- The planet's largest and deadliest reptiles. It has -- No natural creditor. And treats any animal within range as. -- Including humans. -- saltwater crocodiles sees people as food it's just one of their -- review. That's an apex predator looking to find that next meal and really anything that moves as a potential -- These -- salty are the subject of two new shows on Nat geo wild. One tracks a giant killer croc that terrorize as a small Filipino community. Brutally killing an eleven year old girl and a fisherman. Crocodiles and humans. Don't coexist perfectly. Because. How aggressive they can be. And so on there's the challenges now for how we make room for crocodiles in the modern world. Though the saltwater croc is often protected by the law it is still coveted for its valuable skin and is more have been killed by humans and vice Versa. Here in the infusion marsh where 70%. Of people make their living by fishing. Any creature that comes near the shore he is in mortal danger. And that's stealthy salty is the master of ambush. They're really. Perfectly adapted for being hunters they can just feel we have their -- break the surface and so they can get very close tech animal -- -- people without being noticed. And then they have tremendous strength literally -- -- their press. Strong jaws and then -- Go back right into the water. Not willing to wait -- the enormous -- strikes again. Villagers here turn to legendary croc hunter Ronnie Sue Miller to capture the killer -- life. The hunter becomes the hunted. But several attempts to -- it in the steel snare fail -- People are going to do Miller says -- -- -- has snapped I think we're dealing with a much bigger crop than we expected. Until finally not. -- -- This creature weighs over 2300. Pounds. Easily the largest -- they've ever seen. And a little boost his low long -- I'm my god at. I certainly hear it. Renowned -- expert doctor Adam Britain a rides to measure the giant for possible entry to the Guinness book of world records. A harrowing process. That first requires tranquilizing. The massive beast. He's got some really powerful muscles that run damaged -- and this is intra muscular sound just gonna I'm just gonna go between the scales they. It's like a big must -- Five they've not been the -- This is the first time anyone has measured a living crop of this magnitude. It's like night during a dinosaur it's just. Customizing. It stretches a whopping twenty feet three inches long. The largest so what -- crocodile in the world facility profit elf has got the strongest barked at an animal if we with a measure despite. He would be the strongest that -- ever been measured. But despite its record break and Scott the villagers are not convinced that -- they'd -- the long is the man killer they stopped. One who witnessed the attack -- -- an eleven year old -- release says this monster is simply too small. He believes the killer croc he saw was closer to forty feet long. And even though no more people have been killed since -- long's capture the villagers are still afraid. Because -- are not only chillingly patient hunter. They are often masters but survival. They can survive a long time what how -- dean they can even survive in certain cases drought by getting into the mind. And rented the sort of the descendants of animals that evolved even before the dinosaurs. And so many here worry the real monster is still out there watching. And waiting. I'm Tanya -- for Nightline in New York -- Crock invasion and monster -- on premiere Monday January 21 on Nat -- while.

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{"id":18254993,"title":"Man vs. Croc: Who Is the Hunted?","duration":"3:00","description":"One expert's dangerous mission to capture the largest crocodile on the planet.","url":"/Nightline/video/man-croc-hunted-18254993","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}