Why man says he's fighting to be allowed to post blueprints for 3-D printed guns

"These are the necessary consequences of ensuring the people's right to keep and bear arms," Cody Wilson told ABC News' "Nightline."
8:32 | 08/09/18

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Transcript for Why man says he's fighting to be allowed to post blueprints for 3-D printed guns
Re ABC's linsey Davis. Epra largely unregulated. No backgd check need r-15 wrote by a gun manuurer. Ment even know it exists. Know thathere's a culture war on for this. Reporhe center of that cre I Cody Wilson who's been calledf the St dangero people on the into. Like the image that many op U, tt you're this dangerousguy? I d'tike it, but it's more like amuse by entertning to me. Repor years Wilson hasighting toe his blueprintsle online. So THA anyone can make one at home. Simply using ad prter. Have terrified G control ad It's the ultimate gun loophole. F allow these plastic to B manufacture -- Reporter: And embroiled him in aongo legalattle W the federal government and wo dozen states. Lastonth therump administration cleared the way for him T publish the ts. This morning the plans for ghost guns are line. Will be to legally dnload 3D print theirly plastic gun. Reporter: But just lastweek, again a judge stopped at least teorarily. The next hearing is just weeks away. Stopd, then we Wil fd is a universe where their has plans to 3dnt a K of weapon anybodynts, with printers T make that credibly ear someone in only a few hours in their garage or living room. Reporter: We traveled T Aust, Texas, to meet the man behindheersy a tquarters of his company, defensedistributed. Machinehop overfl a L of tools to H component T makingright N I proceou know. A lot R mater that we've cut from stock. Eporter: Who isust 30 years olriginallyan be a lawyer. Whyou drop out of law had betterid. Could you make for guns? This is kind of where I a Ben? In a sense. Reporter: Back in2012, H D friends rehe rso 3D print ala gun which the called the liberator. Anywhere there's a computer, there's a on Reporte they shad the blueprint file on the intern. Ays it was downloaded more than 100,0 times the week. We will have the reality of a weapons system that can be O your dk. Reporter: That's when the government jumped inlaiming nts online violate ru exporting weapons road. Wilson rnded with wsuit. Is the at Al a similar feeling between when you're shoo a uploading the blueprint for how Toake on posting guns to the internet, od in these terms, know at general will sue, ATS it. That's where the Yo Not B First amendment issue?or endment? It's both. The way this had to beght for years in court was fiment clai I a gun is a piece O data, en you allowed to share it and call free spthat is the argument that defense distribn making for the last three year tired" writer Andy covering ce 2013. All headlines are about CI guns. For defense dibuted,d printing is a stand-in for any digital tool that allows you to download and a click Crea a G Thi your 3D printer here? Ait's kd of a relic. What you made the liberator that's why I keep it and, I'm sentimental. Rter: Wilson andompany have moved beyond printing and pl using M. This an ar-15 receiver being milled on the ghost Gunn Rorter: Wson developed this computeromng Mae, small eugn a desk, algal. This wl take twoours and doesn' require constant intersession. You're watching this sowh mesmeriz eporter:li G which sometimes malfunction, these metersus could be comparable to what you buy a a gunstore. As part research greenbg used Wils's machine to make an O the "Wired." They have a metal R but they're automated and require actually T mal chnology right now for homemade guncu all resent much more practical T than 3D printing Reporte homguns. Sometimes called ghost guns. They're nothing new, and in many ses, perfectly legal. S say Wilson hands LE who at allowed to ownfims, lik felons or the mentally Tare untraceable. We don H registryf T em, ohen they've been sold, how often they been in crime we've en ghost gunhootings the L S. Starting S out of lifornia -- Firetut the man -- Shogtars a they drove down the street turned one I saw my fathar. I I just ew. Reporter:aticia Franco still remembers that day F year agon a M opened fire with a gho gun inanta monica,il fivepeople, hope that day. My faith was TD. I felt like I didn't T go on anymore. Like, what was the point time?orter: Invtigation revealed the shooter had a history O mtal heal was denies. Stead, he ordered the gun parts only and assembled himsel eo this so other families't have G what my family W thh. Orter: This incident not at all connected T Cody lsbut Franco says she's afraid of E's doing. If I was speaking to Cody lson Y, I would him, providing this imation is wrong. He's also ethically response for wh other peoe do with this information. You provided these pe information that could poiaan tragedy. Reporter: Wilson ys he is aware of the potentialan of making access to ghost gun easier howoe P wrealize therere al-life couences tout so-called ghost guns in the hand peopl thaon't have the best intentions Thi just ke playing S on keybo right, on the internet. I'vead custom arrested, right? In otherstes, F owning guns when theydn't haveou know? Consequences of ensuring the people'sight to keep and bear ar I Reser the rht to change my mind, right? Mayb somehow it would deeply affect me and ildhoose discontinue the operation. Really? IST a possibility? A F reporter:or Wilson is stuck waiting T findut if the courts will allow him to thosebl but his files are actually alad the. I found these in like Nute. Eporter: Sred byth websites. The goveras essentlly failed, eve though they'veed tegal approach, ey have feed cenr this information. It'setting out E. Reporter: In the meant, codyson conespping outse milling machines. So T are all Rea to go? Ays the controversy is good for business. For the most rt, these will go to homeewheren the unitedes. Reporter: Despite all the legal besahead, Wilson says he refers back down. A is is then proj I'm actually giving people the means to power for I'm zeaus T do that, that's real F me. Powe butp side is innocent lives are lost. Power is powernd people can misuit. 'S all the same. A good a ev. eporter:or "Nightlin'm linsey dn Austin, Tes.

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{"duration":"8:32","description":"\"These are the necessary consequences of ensuring the people's right to keep and bear arms,\" Cody Wilson told ABC News' \"Nightline.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57119399","title":"Why man says he's fighting to be allowed to post blueprints for 3-D printed guns","url":"/Nightline/video/man-fighting-allowed-post-blueprints-printed-guns-57119399"}