Man vs. Monster in the Amazon

ABC's Matt Gutman goes deep into the jungle with an adventurer on the hunt for mysterious predators.
3:00 | 11/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man vs. Monster in the Amazon
Did the stuff of -- movies and urban legend the most terrifying creatures mother nature has to offer. And one adventurer has made them his life's work here's ABC's Matt -- Blood -- -- that feed on human flesh. Aquatic concessions that -- -- to their -- miss you might say but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. That's where Richard Kerry comes in swashbuckling film maker survivalist it. -- product pitchman OK maybe not the last one but he could beat Richard is the host of Nat -- -- bad vs monster he travels the globe. To unravel the mysteries behind admits to under the truths about to move east and -- and most figured species exists in the wild. It's a great reason to -- find out the truth. To hear their stories. And try and one -- what's being was -- in front and the Richard will do what ever it takes to get to the bottom of these legends and these adventures are very real and very rough and ready. Richard is going to show me what it takes to survive a night. In the monster capital the world Amazon. Richard was. Investigating it mr. -- creature that was attacking local villagers. Including this young Tiago John it was in his -- he was fishing using nets. He had a splash news checking his list and as he was looking to see what he was he was -- from the water. Judge who didn't -- animal that attacked him but whatever it was -- its bite mark. An important clue it's Richard yet. CNN -- scratching around. He's got his first suspect the -- climb the world's largest freshwater fish weighing in at 400 pounds could this be the culprit. Don't have a mouth big -- But might not -- and -- -- leg. Meanwhile on our own monster quest we find plenty although admittedly of the miniature variety like these -- it's no -- -- Which deliver which it to be the world's most painful insect bite and fish catchers Reuters about where to put her night -- There -- are good -- but the worst this cloud of unidentified flying bugs that. Seem to follow us everywhere it -- the clothes fit especially my producer Alex water fields that minimizes the Soledad -- the -- To survive unique -- so we head -- back to the water to catch our dinner which suddenly we noticed red high school and a few feet away. Before we notre -- Samuel -- grabbed the little monster with his bare. And hold back on our boat and it's -- -- a relative of the crocodile locals eat young -- like this one. Don't payments have been known to eat the local. At this place. It's a distinctive black album -- this is a black came and they get serious contender to be the creature that's been attacking people. The closest I've -- yet. But it seems normal enough. To match one he could have been describing Richard search for the real monster will have to continue. But in the meantime my attempt to survive a night in the jungle now hinges on Samuels ability to catch our dinner. -- go here. There's bitter. And -- good. Eight investor monster hunter I'm not it's time to cut my losses and leave the jungle life to the pros. You know what they say when the going gets tough the tough on the nearest barbecue joint. Matt Gutman for Nightline in the Amazon. Thanks Matt well man -- monster is Friday's on Nat geo wild.

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{"id":17735249,"title":"Man vs. Monster in the Amazon","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Matt Gutman goes deep into the jungle with an adventurer on the hunt for mysterious predators.","url":"/Nightline/video/man-monster-amazon-17735249","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}