'Man of Steel' Cast Talk Taking on Superman

Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon and others open up about the new Superman epic.
3:00 | 06/07/13

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Transcript for 'Man of Steel' Cast Talk Taking on Superman
They are modern day gods capturing our imagination. With super -- powers they can fly they can fight they save us from evil forces Superman ever the strong stoic good guy. Now cast in a new light tonight. We got an all access pass to the blockbuster movie of this summer and we meet the newest man of steel for what Hollywood hopes. Will be many years to come ABC's Chris Connolly reports. And this man of -- has the total package speed. Susan super strength. Also. He's ninth. You a classic character. Headlining one massively anticipated summer movie. We've got behind the scenes access that felt incredible with the all star cast my heart was racing -- get me goosebumps that -- happened. This superpowers and do good demeanor. That Kate rippling through the air -- made Superman a pop culture icon. It's a legacy that would daunting any. Especially on first hearing the news of his casting -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When he came out of Nazi for the first time as I gotta say this case you make this -- man. While start or obsessed comic book superheroes. When he first century box office gold. The straight arrow Superman has not statistically speaking it's still the safest -- -- track. The -- cool. -- -- Manning coup it doesn't get NICU -- I mean he's got all the cool super powers -- He -- cool I mean people say a case it matters not cool what because -- is the right thing of the times like how he's doing the right thing not a cool thing to do Superman is. Always -- the best and greatest superhero because he's kind of the most -- an apology of -- who clearly -- I admired. And yeah. Created -- depression era hey -- After that Jerry Siegel the -- things start of the million dollar collectible action comics number one. -- drugs Superman has seen 75 years that topped the superhero food chain. Ichiro got the -- -- dessert. The -- had stolid George Reeves a kid friendly titles but the late seventies and eighties it was Christopher Reeve. The movies inspiring filmmakers of this generation. -- -- -- -- -- I grew fortune Superman -- on amendments have been you know the trailer for the from the -- with her kids and it was. Moan -- and couldn't -- wouldn't have been used in the -- it's incredible -- -- have an -- quality to it that. Seem to to fit the character Michael. Produced by Nolan he of the billion dollar fat -- reinvention. Men of -- give Superman some depth contrasting his origins on the planet Krypton and his earthly upbringing. -- -- -- -- There's an answer to are we alone in the universe. I don't wanna be. Setting him up. For once serious identity crisis. I think of something that's often sort of overlooked about Superman video and -- from another world entirely. Surely because you can't control. You don't funeral. -- -- -- -- He wants the acceptance of his adoptive world that's really the journey that is -- Assigning yourself a secret urged as a child to conceal his -- this priest Superman Clark Kent is a drifter. But what an invasion by -- general's son puts Clark in the interplanetary cross hairs. The suit goes on from the street he did he get. News fight sequences that are epic. Do you like okay today were doing the punch. -- -- -- -- -- Get the contrary I wanted to find any violent. -- if you're Superman you do get somewhere. There was no room without actually go and he wouldn't just cruise overbearing. Minutes steals and who is strengthened by -- he was supporting cast Oscar winner Russell Crowe plays Superman's script Tony and father sure -- It was just something about the problem that -- places where they have to sacrifice the time -- has. With its own in order to study this some of that kind of affect me getting goosebumps and who decide which got lots -- lives. Do fox government have conflicts with the script bullets I think of but we've stated publicly. Hundreds upon books when he argues. You know I don't look for me -- a colorful committee is not going to be there. And handcuff you. Would be much for surrender fire resistant. Amy Adams plays Lois Lane as a hard charging journalists. Well Bob -- that get writer's block I'm not wearing a black Jack and. Drawn to the soon to be -- blessed by his strength and more by his vulnerability. -- fiesta and -- That's not us. -- my world it means so. Well here it's. An -- but -- no -- distress in this no no I'm not -- definitely get myself in situations that require safe and. But for all its well known stars high tech wiz -- and who MIA inner struggle -- Steele is resting its franchise potential. On the shoulders of a near total unknown thirty year old englishman Henry travel. And the -- after he's a great guy. He looks like Superman. But he also has this. There's an earnestness to him that quality showed up early on. As he sheepishly donned a replica of Christopher Reeve Superman suit during a final men of steel auditions. I wasn't physically ready for the suit. Mom and it's basically spandex outfit. And I distill as though I'm getting the throw I mean you can you can access to audit you on bet you contacts not -- Teased for his weight as a young teen in -- school mindful of the ruthlessness of the actor's life. Campbell connected with Clark Kent died about Clark can you talk about how we all can tap into that sense of loneliness that he feels -- that time in your life. Man -- -- again in boarding school is very I'm sick didn't have many bodies as have a very lonely that acting is -- and I. I'm not. Saying it's a bad thing it's a great life as well. Can be very hard work but it -- -- and to let mr. That loneliness may be a thing of the as men of steel -- Campbell is poised for a zero to sixty -- experienced. You have no. -- Superman. You won't be able to walk anywhere through the rest of your life people telling -- And Henry sun doesn't have a kind of being basic -- -- Yet Campbell nearly did just that well ended his career he was known more for the -- he almost played. Cedric figuring -- Harry Potter James Bond -- even been cast as Superman and it JJ Abrams written version that was never shot. How close did you ever come. -- -- saying this this isn't gonna happen. I came very close I was getting very close lot of jokes and not getting them and us sought to think. And you know the guy maybe I should leaving are joining forces get just being part of the double 07 conversation gave him the confidence to push on the phone's screen test came along fest and -- -- down -- second guy and I thought. You know what's. Maybe there's something in this and he we are years later standing room and as a model of -- -- -- -- -- Tom cook. Now for a new generation. He is the embodiment. Of a timeless superhero. I think. Trying to make doing the right thing. OK and cool is let's go to Superman's about it's gotta be surreal this despair that. It's incredibly surreal as. You know what it's mighty music mean months to process -- news to process but it's just great to be here enjoying the moment. I'm Chris -- for Nightline in Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon and others open up about the new Superman epic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19345016","title":"'Man of Steel' Cast Talk Taking on Superman","url":"/Nightline/video/man-steel-cast-talk-taking-superman-19345016"}