Mariano Rivera Remembers Moment Yankees Called

Retired New York Yankees star talks with ABC's Robin Roberts about breaking into the major leagues.
2:33 | 05/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mariano Rivera Remembers Moment Yankees Called
They call him simply the closer. Perhaps the best closer in baseball history. And now, the hall of fame shoo-in starts his second career. ABC's robin Roberts caught up with Mariano Riviera to find out the incredible story behind the making of a legend. A 13-time all-star, five-time world champion and major league baseball's all-time saves and E.R.A. Leader. But the greatest closer in major league history grew of in Panama with little. He worked on a fishing boat, the captain his father. Riviera hoped maybe to go to mechanics school. But fate intervened one day. When he was playing baseball for an adult league. You weren't even a pitcher. I wasn't supposed to be pitching in that game. I wasn't supposed to pitch period. There is a remarkable story. Mariano lays it all out in his mome memoir" the closer." You signed for $2,000. That's it. When he made his way to the U.S. To pursue a dream he didn't even speak English. What was it like getting that call to the big leagues? Look at you light up thinking about it again? I was jumping in bed. Jumping on top of the bed like a little kid. I will never forget that moment. And he never looked back. Becoming not only a transcendent pitcher and beloved teammate. The final game, when you saw them coming out to get you what was going through your mind? Wow, this is it. Hit me like a ton of brick. You know I was strong for the whole year. The teammates who had been his family helping him say good-bye. But his real family waiting at home with open arms. And the person that has been with you -- every step of your journey, Clara. Clara. We were in first grade. We grew up together. No surprise at all she is by his side for the next chapter of his life. Clara is the pastor at the church in new row shell, new York. You have gone from saving games to saving souls. Hable always be the great Mariano Riviera, New York Yankee extraordinaire, but in his heart he will always be humble servant to help others.

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{"id":23666216,"title":"Mariano Rivera Remembers Moment Yankees Called","duration":"2:33","description":"Retired New York Yankees star talks with ABC's Robin Roberts about breaking into the major leagues.","url":"/Nightline/video/mariano-rivera-remembers-moment-yankees-called-23666216","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}