Married to a Murderer

Wife of the man who shot and killed five girls in an Amish school speaks out.
6:10 | 10/01/13

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Transcript for Married to a Murderer
itd was a day like any other for marie. She dropped her kids off at the school bus with her husband and they went their separate ways. What he did next tortures her to this day. Her high school sweetheart committed a mass murder at a school. What drove him to open fire on innocent children? For the first time marie is opening up about what she thinks happened that day. Marie is still haunted by her last phone call with her first love. To hear the words from a man you have been married to for almost ten years and have him say I am not coming home, my brain was trying to prehend what he could mean. Just that morning everything seemed so routine. Charlie walked down to the bus stop that morning. He told him that he loved them. Did it seem unusual? Looking back on it, it was definitely a distinct moment. Now on the phone, suddenly she knew. I knew he was serious. He was telling me that it was too late. There has been another school shooting. Too late for marine to stop the horror of that day. She had no idea he would take others as well. It's been seven years since he stormed a one-room amish schoolhouse before he killed five and taking his own life. These victims were shot execution style in the head. Marine, the one person who may have an answer to why this had to happen spoke with me for the first time. It's a question that everybody has from the outside looking in is why. What I heard from charlie is about the loss of our first daughter. And in some way he felt like he was getting back at the lord for the loss that we had sustained. That's not rational. That's not a rational reason. People make choices and they don't always make good choices. Do you believe your husband was mentally ill? On that day he was absolutely mentally ill. I don't see how someone could do something like that and not be. But he planned it out? It was suggested to me that all of those years with undealt with depression resulted in a psychotic break. What were the days and weeks leading up to the shooting. There was heaviness the weekend before. You say what were the signs and how did I mess them and how did I not see any of them coming? I knew how distant our hearts had been. This completely surpasses them. Their innocence was gone. I was soaking in the moment of this could be the end of that sound. Of laughter? Of laughter. And what if I never hear it again? Did you struggle with the guilt of having your kids? I think the amish families spared me a lot of that. Their concern for us. The way that they came so quickly to make sure that they're all right. All right. Members of the amish community came to lift marie's guilty. I knew that was not coincidence. I couldn't hear the words that they were saying but I could see the exchange that was happening. I could see the way they laid their hands on my dad's shoulder. I could feel it. The forgiveness and concern. It said everything. At charlie's funeral, the amish formed a line to shield marie's family from the press, sacrificing their tradition against having their photos taken. It was one of those moments during the week where my breath was taken away but not because of the evil, but because of love. Maria started to pick up the pieces. Their children from previous marriages not part of their own family. The greatest difficulty is reconciling that the man she loved was also a murder. Tell me about the charlie you fell in love with. I loved the way he was so tender with them. To me that was a mark of somebody who had the potential to be a really good dad. What do you want people to know about charlie beyond what we know. It was almost like they were two entirely different people. The one I knew and loved and had a family with. Two completely different people. Forgiving that man she didn't know. Give charlie for him. I have to forgive him so that i can be whole. Marie wrote a book, one light still shining.

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{"id":20427994,"title":"Married to a Murderer","duration":"6:10","description":"Wife of the man who shot and killed five girls in an Amish school speaks out.","url":"/Nightline/video/married-murderer-20427994","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}