Massive Full-Size Version of Noah's Ark Comes to Life in Kentucky

Ken Ham had the ship built to match the dimensions in the Bible, but the $100 million project hasn't been without controversy.
6:38 | 06/24/16

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Transcript for Massive Full-Size Version of Noah's Ark Comes to Life in Kentucky
Deep in the heart of Kentucky, a man is building an arc. He doesn't think he's the new Noah, but he thinks the bible story may be factual, and he wants to open a theme park to make the case. Is there science and should taxpayers be funding it? Here's David Wright. Reporter: It's every kid's favorite bible story, genesis, chapter 6 to nine, the story of Noah and the flood and the ark he built to save all the animals two by two. An apocalypse renders kid friendly for Sunday school. ♪ I'm father Noah ♪ Reporter: This story like so many stories in the bible has big element things that are still leave questions in the world today. After Jesus and Moses, Noah probably has more Hollywood block busters than anyone else in the bible, which is why we found ourselves in an unlikely place. We're in williamstown, Kentucky. Population, not much by the looks of things, and where we're headed is supposed to be there. We turned a corner and low and behold. There she blows. Off in the distance is a large, wooden ship still under construction. Oh, my gosh. Noah's ark, right here in the American south. 510 feet long. 95 feet wide. 51 feet high. The dimensions set out cube it by cube it. The Noah of this ark -- It's huge. The closer you get -- It gets bigger and bigger. Reporter: His mission, to turn this bible story into a world class theme park straight out of the old testament. The message, it's making the bible come alive by building Noah's ark, we're saying this really happened. Reporter: When finished, he says his ark will be seven stories high and a football field and a half long. The longest timber frame structure in the world. Among the trconstruction workers building the ark, allish construction workers. The artists are believers. They are tasked with creating two of ere kind. Life like creatures, even if you might not remember them from Sunday school. This is not one that I recognize. Yeah. Reporter: Is this -- What are you making here? This is the hyena. This is the grandparent of modern apes. Reporter: He calls it answers in genesis. His creation museum a few miles away attracts nearly half a million visitors a year, teaching a young Earth theory of creation. The god created the Earth in six days and on the seventh day he rested just like it says in genesis. One problem with that approach, where exactly do dinosaurs fit in? Do you believe Noah put one of those in? The bible said two of each other. Reporter: It seemed like everything else might stay at home. If you ask me if his creation model is viable, I say no. Reporter: That concept is a deal breaker for bill nigh. Off my millions and millions of years. To teach young people were dinosaurs on the ark? No. They could not be on any boat anybody built 5,000 years ago. Reporter: Bottom line, nooi dismisses the exhibits as biblical propaganda, but hamm isn't alone in believing the Noah story could be based in fact. Almost every major religion has a flood story. And in this era of rising oceans and global warming, respected scientists search for evidence of an ancient flood. Among them, an underwater archaeologist. It's not a crazy thing to think the flood stories of the various cultures, including ours, are based upon true events. Reporter: It's why from the bottom of the sea to the top of a mountain, they search for re wreck of the ark. It was written down 30 centuries ago and we're still talking about it today. Reporter: This author follows the footsteps of relic hunters in his serious walking the bible. It gets at our deepest fears and hopes and desires. Reporter: But for hamm it's not a cautionary tale. He sees it as fact, and so does everyone who works for him. It's ha part of the hiring policy. They have to sign a statement of faith agreeing that the great flood of genesis was a historic event worldwide in its extent and effect. They also have to be straight, anti-abortion, and Christian. They have to be Christian. Reporter: Why? The people who believe in the book of genesis also include Jews and muslims. Why couldn't they? -- Well, we are a Christian organization. Reporter: Because of the controversial hiring policy, the state trying to block him from receiving public funding, but hamm took his case to the state supreme court and won, and now his $100 million project takes advantage of millions of dollars in tax breaks and tourism benefits. Christians pay taxes. We live in the world. Reporter: Hamm doesn't seem to be bothered by the critics. He has a mission like Noah did, he says. And we have these people who are actually stopping. There's lots of people that stop, and we get a lot of attacks by some of the aggressive people, and sometimes I feel a bit like Noah. Reporter: Hamm knows this ship can sail. He predicts it will attract 1 million to 2 million visitors in the first year alone. It has a field of dreams quality. If you build it, they will come. Yes. We do believe that if we build it, they will come. Reporter: David Wright for "Nightline" aboard Noah's ark in Kentucky. Our thanks to David and the ark encounter opens next month.

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{"id":40096982,"title":"Massive Full-Size Version of Noah's Ark Comes to Life in Kentucky","duration":"6:38","description":"Ken Ham had the ship built to match the dimensions in the Bible, but the $100 million project hasn't been without controversy. ","url":"/Nightline/video/massive-full-size-version-noahs-ark-life-kentucky-40096982","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}