What Meghan Markle's life was like before meeting her future husband Prince Harry

And just days before the wedding, Markle's father apparently told TMZ that he is no longer attending the wedding.
7:42 | 05/15/18

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Transcript for What Meghan Markle's life was like before meeting her future husband Prince Harry
Reporter: Just days before Meghan Markle says I do, prince Harry and his bride-to-be distraught after TMZ reports that Meghan's father will no longer be attending the royal wedding. I'm told she's devastated tonight, as you would expect her to be. And prince Harry obviously very sad too. Regardless of whether you're a future duchess, when you announce you want your father to be with you on your wedding day, and at the moment it looks as if that may not happen. Reporter: 73-year-old Thomas Markle Sr. Reportedly tells TMZ he suffered from a heart attack just six days ago and tonight TMZ reports he's suffering from new chest pain and will head back to the hospital. Meghan and Harry have in the last few days been increasingly very concerned about his health. Meghan would love for her dad to be here, to walk her up the aisle, but above all she is worried about him and his health. But with all eyes on Meghan and her family the couple is concerned about the pressure being too much. Allegedly, Markle says he doesn't want to embarrass his daughter any further after claims he staged these Paparazzi photos of himself preparing for the royal wedding, lifting weights, reading a book about Britain, trying on a suit. But according to the "Mail" on Sunday that tailor is actually a party store assistant. The photos reportedly netting nearly $140,000 for the photographer. Samantha Markle, she joins us live from Florida. Reporter: In an interview with itv's "Loose women," her half-sister Samantha Markle is taking the blame for the debacle, saying she was just trying to help their father's image. I am entirely the culprit. There's a lot of scrutiny that it was money motivated. It was not. It was my suggestion that to benefit him and to benefit the royal family. Reporter: The palace did not comment on the TMZ report that Markle's father won't attend the wedding but issued a statement asking that understanding and respect be extended to Mr. Markle in this difficult situation. Like prince Harry, her parents divorced when she was young. Congratulations. Reporter: Markle winning the heart of one of the most eligible bachelors in the world seems like a scene from a Hollywood movie. The California girl and her British prince falling in love despite growing up worlds apart. Well, Meghan is the world's most famous valley girl. I mean, she was brought up in a place called Woodland Hills. It's known as the valley. Reporter: Meghan and her mother, Doria Ragland, later lived here above this garage. She attended an all-girls private school, immaculate heart. She wanted to be the best that she could be on stage or wherever that career led her. Meghan grew up in a very comfortable family background. Her mother, Doria, was always about making sure that she knew she was lucky. Reporter: She went on to study at northwestern university, majoring in international studies and theater. While in college she landed her first role as a nurse on "General hospital." This is where she started. Her scenes were basically she was here behind the desk talking to a doctor giving him a message. Just one second. Reporter: It was Meghan's father, a lighting director in the show, who had introduced her to casting director mark teshner. You want anybody to find true love and it just feels very genuine. Reporter: Meghan would go on to get small parts in shows and movies, appearing in "CSI." You might need an extra set of hands. And "Horrible bosses." Can I help you? I'm good. He's just signing for these packages. Thank you. Reporter: But her big break came at 30 years old after she landed ae on the hit legal drama "Suits." Wow. You're pretty. Good. You've hit on me. We can get it out of the way that I'm not interested. No, I'm sorry, I wasn't hitting on you. She lived on a diet O one line here, two lines there, a pilot that went belly up over there. And the fact she got into "Suits" totally transformed her life and gave her the platform which she built on ever since. Meghan is groundbreaking. She's a self-made woman. She's also a self-made person. We've not really seen that in the royal family before. Reporter: The series, shot in Toronto, Canada, became Meghan's second home. She was often spotted at the city's bohemian shopping area, kensington market, and aty of the city's restaurants like bar Isabel. Meghan's a big foodie, and I've actually learned a lot about food through her. Reporter: Daniel martin is a makeup artist and a good friend rkle's. They met shortly after she began filming "Suits." What's so special about Meghan is that you always feel like you're the only one in the room with her. She really listens. She's very open. She's funny. She's a great cook. I think Harry is really fortunate to have her as his new wife. Reporter: And he will be at Windsor castle for her big day. I was really flattered to know that I was going to be a guest at the wedding. And to be able to share this incredible moment with her. Reporter: For those who witnessed her giving, they say Markle's compassion is evident. Meghan Markle herself was actually in Thi working. This very same kitchen. Reporter: A committed humanitarian while in Toronto, Markle volunteered here at St. Felix center feeding the hungry. She was referred to us through a friend of hers that had been volunteering with us, and then she came down to help redistribute some of the leftover food from the set. She was here in Toronto working on "Suits." We're very excited to see with this extended platform what other good works that she's going to do. She's always made time for philanthropic endeavors. It could be one day helping at a charity event, and it could be an entire trip that she's told nobody about to go help people in India. Reporter: "True blood" actress javina navanka says she and Meghan have been friends for 15 years. She'll be the the wedding as well. She knows exactly what she wants to put into this world and who she wants to be, and she would be doing of this whether anybody was watching or not. Reporter: Prince Harry and Meghan were set up on a blind date in 2016. Her first marriage ended in divorce three years earlier. We went and met for a drink and then I think very quickly into that we said, what are we doing tomorrow? We should meet again. Reporter: The relationship quickly became serious. I managed to persuade her to come and join me in Botswana, and we camped out with each other under the stars. You know, they were staying in a tent with nothing. And just had each other. Reporter: With an almost instant connection the trans-atlantic couple cleared their schedules to spend as much time together as possible. And at that time she was telling her agent don't book me any more gigs because I won't be able to do them. So even after four months of that relationship Meghan was looking to the future. Reporter: That future begins Saturday. The kitchens at Windsor palace already testing the top secret menu. The royal couple tasting everything. On top of every detail from the seasonal vegetables to the milk chocolate truffles. Despite having given up her acting career and shutting down her social media presence, all a part of becoming a princess, those who know her say it appears she's right in her element with royal duties that will include the kind of humanitarian work she's enjoyed for years. I have never seen her laugh more. She sent me this video of the two of them doing something, I don't even know, rolling down a snow-covered mountain. They're so happy. Reporter: For "Nightline" I'm Adrienne Bankert in London.

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{"id":55168629,"title":"What Meghan Markle's life was like before meeting her future husband Prince Harry","duration":"7:42","description":"And just days before the wedding, Markle's father apparently told TMZ that he is no longer attending the wedding.","url":"/Nightline/video/meghan-markles-life-meeting-future-husband-prince-harry-55168629","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}