Mia Farrow's Bombshell: Son's Father 'Possibly' Frank Sinatra

Vanity Fair's Maureen Orth talks about her conversation with the usually private actress.
8:18 | 10/03/13

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Transcript for Mia Farrow's Bombshell: Son's Father 'Possibly' Frank Sinatra
Tonight, new questions about one of hollywood's most famous and famously fractured families. Is the young man that oscar winning director woody allen believed for 25 years to be his son really the biological child of frank sinatra. Maybe according to his mother, actress mia farrow is an explosive vanity fair interview out today. Is this handsome 25-year-old frank sinatra's love child, the paternity guessing game that has everyone doing a double take. Rowan farrow looks like his mother, mia farrow. Very much mia, porcelain skin, blond hair. Reporter: Not the spitting image of woody allen the man they thought was his father until today. With one word in a bombshell van team fair interview, farrow unleashed a tidal wave of speculation. I asked mia point blank is rowan frank sinatra's son. Reporter: What was her answer, face to face? Possibly. Reporter: Heap does bear more than a passing resemblance to old blue eyes, frank sinatra and goes beyond his looks. He was singing a song, it was just, the way he moved, the way he sort of was at ease and the way he sort of threw the phrases out there. I thought, wow. You know, this is pretty professional sounding and it- it isn't that far away. Reporter: Like a naturally gifted, genetically gifted singer. Sinatra, the man farrow calls the love of her life was one of the glamorous stars of his day, behind some of the most iconic songs of his generation. ♪ ♪ I did it my way ♪ Reporter: When they melt, mia was the 19-year-old star of peyton place. You make it sound so casual. Reporter: And he was 30 years her elder. After a year and a half of marriage, sinatra served farrow divorce papers while she was shooting "rosemary's baby." But the love affair report lead didn't end there. She and frank had never completely broken up. They had remained close throughout the years on and off. And that I asked her, is he the great love of your life? She said, yes. Reporter: They were so close that rowan was treated like family by the sinatras. I also did e-mail nancy sinatra jr. And she was very forthcoming in how much they love rowan and kid himconsider him a member of the family. He told me that nancy sinatra sr. Cooked for him and fussed over him they really do kid him a member of their family. Reporter: Woody allen the other legendary man in miaa love life. Over 12 years they raised a brood of children together. Only one rowan was thought to be his biological child. She was his artistic muse in a dozen films including "hannah and her sisters." That collaboration came crashing down during the filming of "husbands and wives." I thought it was a good idea to have a baby. I don't think it is such a good idea. Reporter: When mia discovered lewd polaroids of her adopted daughter on allen's mantle. It became a prolonged tabloid obsession. In the midst of the storm, mia went on the set of "husbands and wives" to film the final scene. You were so beautiful in the black dress, really. Didn't do that. Reporter: The breakup hit the entire family hard. Farrow had raised nine biological and adopted children. Many with severe disabilities, who according to orth were affected. The soon-yi revelations were devastating, not a single one said it was anything less than utterly shocking. Here he was the de facto dad in the family for a long, long time. The fact that suddenly their sister was sort of betrayed the mother and rand off with woody and he didn't act like anything had gone wrong. Reporter: Rowan was 4 years old at the time and always had a difficult relationship with his father. Rowan and woody were oil and water. Reporter: A highly gifted prodigy. Rowan went to college at 11 years old. Mia drove him every day, 90 minutes each way. And she told me that she herself got a college education because he was so excited about going to school that he would tell her the whole everything that he had learned during the day on the way home. Reporter: He went on to graduate yale law school at 21. And won ape prestigious rhode scholarship. 20 years after mia discovered woody's relationship with soon-yi, rowan is estranged from woody who married his sister. Last year, rowan tweeted happy father's day, or in my family, happy brother-in-law's day. And mia retweeted with a simple word, boom. Orth interviewed another of their children, adopted daughter dylan. Now 28, dylan speaks about allegations that woody allen sexually abused her in their attic when she was 7. Allegations that led to a heated custody battle and allen's strong denial. This is totally false and out rain just allegations have sickened me so that I felt that for sake of all three children, I must try to remove them from an atmosphere so unhealthy it can surely leave irreparable scars. According to what dylan told me she is terrified of woody allen to this day and can't bear to look at one of his pictures in a magazine. Reporter: Did she tell you she was molested in the atattic. She told me she remembers what happened in the attic, what she was wearing when she got there and what wasn't on when she left. She told me my advice to the 7-year-old dylan today would be, be brave, testify. Reporter: She told you explicitly she had been mope le -- molested, not just to feel uncomfortable. Told me, very uncomfortable. He continues to categorically deny the charges and point out at the time, the doctors at sexual abuse clinic at yale, conducted an investigation, interviewing dylan, parents and nannies and concluded in their opinion, dylan was not sexually abused. Is there a chance that dylan was a confused child? Two people know what happened in the attic. Woody allen and dylan, the only two. I don't know. I wasn't there. Reporter: Criminal charges were never filed against woody allen. The state's attorney issued a statement saying he did not want to risk exposing dylan who he called the child victim to the process. Allen did lose his custody battle. And was allowed supervised visits with his kids. Woody went through four legal proceedings to get visitation rights. And more visitation rights with both rowan and dylan. Rowan did not want to have anything to do with it. Reporter: We may never know of what happened between woody allen and his kids. What we do know they are seemingly devoted to their mother. Mia did a very unusual thing. She took four biological children and 10 adopted children some with very severe physical and emotional difficulties and she was able to meld them into a whole family. Of at eight that I talked to, they all said that they were very proud to be part of that family. Thaty considered themselves cool and unique. Rowan and mia are in fact extremely close and travel the globe to crusade for humanitarian causes together. As to the identity of his father. Rowan responded to the van team fair article today with a wink. Listen, he wrote, we are all possibly frank sinatra's son.

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{"id":20453964,"title":"Mia Farrow's Bombshell: Son's Father 'Possibly' Frank Sinatra","duration":"8:18","description":"Vanity Fair's Maureen Orth talks about her conversation with the usually private actress.","url":"/Nightline/video/mia-farrows-bombshell-sons-father-possibly-frank-sinatra-20453964","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}